Tell Bunnypuncher a secret contest and ..... Win SBD!!!

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Tell me a secret and win maybe win some SBD.

It can be a little secret (ie you told small white lie that dress looks good when it doesn't). Could be a big one like my brother is from another mother but the family doesn't talk about. Maybe like cheating to pass a school test but never got caught. Could be confession or not it is up to you what to share. Let's make it interesting getting to know each other of course use good judgement please.



#1) Leave a comment with at least one secret that you don't tell people normally. Nothing too intimate since this is a public forum use your judgement.

I want you to resteemed this to spread the word. I'd be appreciative but won't make it a rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

Lastly, it is your upvotes that will make the contests happen and grow in size if you want bigger prizes and more contests then upvoting posts from BunnyPuncher will make that happen.


Contests payouts:

The payout will be as follows for this contest.
1st place - $10 SBD
2nd place - $5 SBD
3rd place - $2.5 SBD

Cut off time for entry will be: Sunday 5th 11:59pm.
At which time I'll pull the list of names after which entries won’t be added.


My secret is don't want your SBD (RIGHT NOW AT LEAST)
I have a nefarious purpose.... I really don't care about what people write only that it is contebt that others will find useful and want to read....So I can make some sheckles off it!

So, I'm only upvoting you and putting this PRETTY THUMB UP i CREATED to get your attention.
And going to appeal to your appetite to fleece money off others.

I want you to cross promote your contest by participating as a judge in my
"SteemIt Decathlon"

Contact me through private chat on on discord channel: Steeminati
I'm the @HumanEmotican

Oh and give me some of winningsd for weaponing my inner lying secret!


I won't even give you any details. It's humiliating.
When I was 6, I ate poo

Wow! That's AMAZING! Hahaha

Just strolling by and I see this. Haha. Give this man number 1.

I can not swim at all because I've drowned a few times when swimming .. now I do not want to swim anymore, I'm afraid to die drowning ..

When I was in high school, i had a super nice friend that became one of my best friends. (I never told anyone about this, just for the sake of this contest. But i know past is past) Back to the story. This best friend of mine got really intimate and confessed feelings to me. As time passed by, I too fell in love. This person had been partnered with another person in which i became confused about us. I just thought that this person was unsure from the beginning and we were too young for it to handle. Until a month after our graduation, this person died after being literally electrified by holding a live wire while he was up on a tree cutting down excessive branches. :( that was really heartbreaking. Really heartbreaking for me. We all didn’t expect that to happen to him.

I know he’s in good hands after what happened...

Our love story ended that way and no one knew about it. No one knew about it because he’s a guy. :3 Yes, you heard it right. That was the time when I realized I was indeed bisexual. We were too young that time to share it to our friends. :3 Until now no one has an idea about it. .......

I could still remeber those times when we had to secretly be with each other. Hehe He was kind and the nicest person i know.

That’s it! I hope this wins because this is the biggest secret i have. thank you for reading! :)

Thank you for sharing your story. So sad and beautiful at the same time.

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Hello @bunnypuncher!
I had lots of secrets and most of them are embarrassing.
One of these secrets was I still pee on my bed when I had a very active or tiring day. I hope you can keep it. Shhhh..😜🙊

Hello @bunnypuncher, what I am going to share is not just a small secret to me that I tried to hide to people. I am actually afraid of balloons that get close to me. I love watching them in far but never near me. It started from my experience when I was a kid, that the balloon inside the tricycle suddenly broke infront of my face. And it all started then.


Before dying, I have a desire to see the development of a sentient world without any more chaos, that is my secret.

My secret is to say that I am fine, although I feel very bad, due to a condition that I have, the pains in my body I can not stand it; but when I say that I feel good I improve my discomfort. I suffer from fibromyalgia.

I really like a someone, but I do not dare to approach him because he already has a wife ..😁

I have no secrets this is called a secret @bunnypuncher

It was the day, i steal my uncle money up to 25k naira. I kept silent like a river when they were looking for the money

Hi mr. @bunnypuncher
I want to tell you how my daily life works.
I work at home in the city of lhokseumawe, I really hate when the employees of the office to eat because they are very frenetic to ask for this, ask it, it must be fast not pakek long lah.
But all I do is try my best so that my boss is not disappointed image

Back in school, I was one of the laziest students doing homework, I always gave excuses when the teacher collected his students' homework to get rid of the punishment, but one day I hardly knew what to give when my teacher asked my homework..

Until I had to give a stupid reason to the teacher when he asked me why I did not do homework.
I replied that when I went to school I was stolen, my PR book was lost stolen .. at that time I was detached again from punishment .. that's my secret.

Nobody in my family know that I use all my pocket money to buy cryptos.
I am waiting this thing to go to moon and share with them.

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As this is so embarrassing to even think about, I'll be typing this without even thinking.😂😂
So uhmm, straight to the point. When I was in high school, I peed my pants. Don't blame me, it was a really mean teacher who doesn't allow anyone step out of his class even if were gonna poop there.
I held as long as I could, trust me. When I couldn't hold it in no more, I just let it all flow......

...... Then I opened my water bottle and intentionally tripped it on the floor so everyone thought it was water😂😂.
Of course I didn't leave my seat till everyone went home😁

I know how much wood a woodchcuk could chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood. (Kinda one of those useless facts that you never can do anything productive with)

I was a playing a black jack as a dealer I have extra all the four Aces and never lost I will used my very last trick to win the big bet when the players get drunk lol

I am always fascinated by your contests, apart from the prizes up for grab, i learn new thing.

Shhhhhh!! Please don't tell anyone.My little secret which i am making public the first time was that i have phbia for birds, unfortunately i visted my uncle who has a poultry farm.

While leaving ome that day, he asked me to help feed the birds and remove their eggs, oh my! i couldn't say no, since he is someone i respect alot.

In short, i had to go pay some kids in the neighbourhood to help me d the job. Till today he thinks i did it myself.

That must have been very scary to face your fear head on at the farm.

Recollecting the scenario alone is scary :))

I used to always get first rank, ranging from first grade to sixth grade no one can skipp me ..
but that I can get because in the class there are only 14 students ..LoL

While I was in class 5, my school teacher who was like 20 yrs old girl kissed me in my lips and cheek because I was too cute. That's my deep secret.

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That marks on my forearm: my little secret:

I am from Nepal and education here is considered very important. I got full scholarship for my undergraduate study from Nepal Government. It was matter of pride for my family and everyone. But you know how we teenagers are. I felt like I won the world when I got the full scholarship, and there was nothing more to achieve. I was good student too back in high school, and I was over confidence that I will easily pass this exam. I used to bunk the classes and hang out with friends. I was losing my attention to my study. Time was going by and then it was exam time. I was in pressure of getting good marks to maintain my scholarship. I was so nervous and was regretting about why I wasted my entire semester.
I studied whole day and whole night and went for the exam. It was my ill luck that I ruined my exam, and it made me so sad. I felt like crying going back home. I had no answer to give to my family. I went into my room and reviewed the questions. I did so bad, I will certainly fail. I sat for long time inside my room with tears in my eyes I was more worried that my scholarship will go away. I felt so useless of myself, and I won’t be continuing my education. Being from the middle class, it was almost impossible for my parents to pay for my tuition, if I could not maintain my scholarship. After all this, I started thinking, its not worth showing my face to my parents who trusted me so much and working hard for my food, clothes and everything. I didn’t know what stroke in my mind, I wanted to die. I went to bathroom and got the blade from there. I can’t explain, I harshly cut my forearm. Blood was all there, I was bleeding badly and soon was unconscious.
Luckily my younger brother saw me, he called my parents. They stopped the bleeding and took me to the hospital. I was conscious after some time and was embarrassed with myself. I just wanted to die, I was like why you saved me to my brother after knowing what happened. Then, I told all my story to my parents, and they were very supportive. They calmed me and said me to they will support for my education at any cost. We went home, I didn’t speak with anyone for many days. I dropped rest of the exam too. Nobody in my friends know what really happened. My parents told them I was sick and won’t attend the exam.
With continuous support of my family, I was recovering. I failed that exam and others which I didn’t attend. I passed all of them in chance exam. I lost the scholarship, and my parents loaned some money for my tuition. And the next semester, I was different, I studied hard from throughout the semester. I got good marks and got the scholarship after that semester during all semester of undergraduate study.
Also, I had mark in my hand. Nobody except my family knows about it. I always wore full sleeves in Summer and in Winter. I didn’t want anyone to see that marks.
Now, I am in USA doing my MS in Electrical Engineering. That day really changed my life and that mark in my hand is my biggest secret. I am thankful for my family who supported me all along and gave me new life.

I have a phobia in dogs. It was since i was 8 yrs old when i got bitten by a strange dog. That was a tragic part of my life since it left me with a long scar in my right leg. Since then, i always carry a few of stone in my pocket whenever i go outside the house. I dont know why my neighbors love to free their dogs and not putting them inside their houses or put them in a cage or tie them, without knowing that it can harm others. Well, i guess its a lesson for me to be careful alwys and be attentive and sensitive hahahuhu.

My secret is that when I was a kid I threw dirt very often in my pants ..xixixi

I met my best friend in January 2009,and I've been in love with him ever since.

At a point I stopped feeding the love, for my own peace of mind, and so it doesn't negatively affect our friendship. But a part of me still hoped I'd be his last girlfriend and only wife.

He would be getting married soon, but not to me. I have to be ecstatic for him; I'm his best friend, aren't I?

Reminds me of some lines I read in a book, The Lady On My Left, by Catherine Cookson.

His heart is a musical box.
I lost the key;
It was found by another.
He bids 'Come Joy with me.'

I have a secret that can not be revealed to the public, only I who know the secret.
this is my secret.😊

I like most red and white, but I'm afraid to wear them at the same time because it will be similar to the flag of my country,Indonesia.

I was in college when I banged my first degree cousin. XD

My secret is ..
I once hit my younger brother with wood because he often cry, please do not tell him because I do not want him to hit me back when he's big ..😁

I have a tattoo. I don't really talked about where it is and why I did it in the first place.

My secret is not a secret to my hubby but a secret to all and now revealing for some sbd lol... I hate this, but I'm an alien or I might say above normal having a four breast...shhhhh now two people know my secret @bunnypuncher and my husband!😂

I have a secret that I always hide, that is to express love to ex-boyfriend Ronaldo, Irina Shayk.


Haha! I'm shy to tell at least one of my secret haha!

Please, for those who are reading this comment, please! Don't tell anybody...

I am Spiderman! Hahaha. Just kidding :D

Anyway... My one secret is:

I'm not that good at spelling, I'm having a hard time on it.

My secret is that in the university when I had to present an exhibition and had not studied anything, I recorded on my cellphone the audio of the subject that corresponded to me, then I placed the headset connected to my cell phone and hid it inside my uniform and at the of the exhibition when turning off the lights to turn on the projector I placed the earphone in my ear and repeated the subject step by step and never realized it and in this way I got good grades in the exhibitions. haha a good school experience.

Well, it's a secret I don't want to unveil but you know what? the reward is more tempting to me.

I'm a thief .................

Lol! I used to steal hearts of people.

When I was in high school, I remember, my hot teacher called me to see my grade. However, I unintentionally saw and watched her boobs and her tits instead of my grade first. Though I had a low grade, in my amazement, I just smiled.

in a travel i get drunk, and i pee myself in a hotel room, when i wake up i leaved before the waitress come to cleam xD

My big secret is one that could break my parents heart if they get to find out. I know they will find out someday and I just hope they have the capacity to take it.
My Big Secret
I got admitted into a state university few years back and I was not happy because it was always my dream to attend a federal university, so I travelled down to the school, rented a house close by and stayed for a year meanwhile I had applied for a Federal University and got admitted a year after.
This is my 3rd year in school (the federal university) but to the best of my parent's knowledge they think I'm in my fourth year in the state university. They've not found out because I prevent them from visiting and try to divert any question about school when it comes up during our conversations.
I know they'll find out one day, I'm just scared they won't forgive me if they do.

Hello everyone i come from aceh, back to my past, i am a shy person once, everyday girls in school implements me because girls in school know i am shy and scared the same woman, so its every school room all pr the mother of teacher love always me doing girls work in school, this is my secret first hope you like it, thank you

My secrets is i love natasha malkova (porn star)😜
Nobody knows about secrets.

My secret is that I am afraid of all dogs. Even the chiguaguas.

Dogs hate me. I try and like them, but they just hate me for some reason.

how dirty my room is when girlfriend aint visiting

This is my mom's secret that used to be my own secret, I am the youngest and only daughter. When my mom has me in her womb she always cravings to eat soap. Yeah! I dont understand why! She smelled vary shower soaps and collected it secretly from family and ate it little by little like a creep. She blames it cause of the baby that was literally me! that's why I am little bit weirdo now -_-

Don't tell mom that i stole her money.

Though reality is we can't get rid of this "stress"... but there are ways to lessen the impact of this to our lives.... It's all up to us on how a we adapts to the requests of regular day to day existence.
I appreciate your post

my secret is i want to buy dslr camera if i have enough money from steemit, because i love photography so much.

I try not to get too excited before sex , that's how i last longer.....

I have this secret way back in high school when we have a junior-senior prom that I get a chance to bang one of our hottest student teacher in the principal's office, after that we didnt talk to each other and she transfer to other school but the memory still remains.

I have this secret when I got unexpected stomach ache in my way to the office then suddenly the air in my stomach need to go out and happens to have a poop on it. In short I sh*t on my undies. So embarrasing.

I have this secret that I always ask money from parents because we have school activity or we have a project that need to be buy immediately but the truth is I just spend all the money for food and luxurious thing.. Remembering it now like a slap on my face. Sorry Mom and Dad.

My secret is that I borrow a money from my parents savings account without asking for their permission just to play on a casino game. Fortunately I win enought to pay for it and buy something for myself for a little gift, after that I didn't do it again because I'm afraid and a little bit conscience.

I have this secret way back when I'm still working as part time in a coffee shop in our place. I have this one rude customer that yell at me because I didn't deliver his order in time, he order again the next day then that's the time I decided for a pay back. I put a toilet water in his coffee and deliver it to him with a smile on my face. Evil laugh

I once dropped pennies into the ciggarette lighter and burned out the battery, my little brother @jobinism took the fall. Sorry bro. My bad.

Wow, that a nice contest. It was a that very fateful day i was peeping and snitching my brother dick

My secret @bunnypuncher is I have a herpes in my thigh. You're the first person I told Hehe

My secret: I like capitalism.

Scary i know. . (I live on the west coast where everyone believes in equality of outcome no matter the effort.)

I don't know if it will be allowed here. But this is not an usual secret like others.
My father is suffering from Chronic Liver Disease and its in very bad stage. He can go to hepatic coma anytime.
This news is only known me and the doctor. I keep it hide from my family and relatives.

Back when I was in school, we held contests, guesses in women's underpants, and I won the most, my secret is to use a mirror in my shoes.

My younger sister and I saw a snake in my room, i was too terrified to even move. She killed the snake somehow and i claimed the heroic, it was too embarrassing not to.

And she dare not speak of it as she was willing to let go of her 'heroine' status for the safety of her own secrets.

And don't tell anyone.

My secrets:
I am a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, but I hate him because when he came to Aceh Ronaldo never took the time to meet me, when I had set up T-shirts and balls to be signed by him ,,
When I went to the hotel where he was staying, I peed on his car .. haha.

Do not tell anyone yes?

On campus, I'm a very smart student, when the lecturer was busy explaining the lesson I even fell asleep in the campus room, but I can answer all the questions the ask to me ...I can answer for being told by a friend who is beside me, nobody else knows, they think i'm smart ..😁😁😁😁😁

I am a naughty child, I love to steal fruits from neighbor's trees, every night I often steal his fruit secretly, if only he knew I would be punished, but my actions never caught by him ..

I am ashamed to tell my secret , but I'm afraid he's suing me, hope you will replace all that I have taken from the neighboring tree .. please keep my secret well until I can pay it ..

This is my secret, hopefully you guys want to hide it ...

I often dream of sleeping with a man who has become a husband of people, he was my ex-boyfriend, but we parted because he preferred other women ,, I do not know why until now the man is still present in my dream ..😢

At school I often cheat my teacher by hiding notes in the desk drawer so I can cheat when the exam, always I can answer the problem because I see it without the knowledge of the teacher..

I once leaked my master's car my teacher,because he likes to punish me.

I've fallen in love with my teacher's daughter, but I decided her because he's more stupid than me.

I used to be afraid of hens.

my secret its gods but don't tell it to anyones i trust you :P

For a long time, I felt I couldn't be happy. I thought I was incapable of being okay. I took care of people around me and made them smile but I was feeding off my pain. I didn't know how to feel anything else and I was so scared to try. I dealt with it, or rather thought I could deal with it by writing sad stories and poems. Then, I saw this quote by rumi:


That was when I realised that I had to leave myself inorder to find myself again. I never told anyone about this, never thought about it until now.

And good news, I haven't had an episode ever since. Hope it stays that way.

I think I just told two secrets ahaha.

Great post! 👍
You got an upvote, you need to follow this account for more upvotes in the future 👊🏼

Another great contest bunnypuncher. I've got a lot of secrets, here's one:
I'm afraid of big dishwashers, escalators, and wood chippers. Pretty much any machine that I could be tossed into. Think I died in one in a previous life. Have to always take the stairs or the elevator, never the escalator.

That is kind of spooky so I think you have the right idea to just stay away. My past life had something to do with bunnies I think. I dunno I just keep hopping along trying to figure it out.

Hello, secrets what a funny thing when everyone can read it.

Well, a secret not so secret: Because of my age and as he commented in my publications before, I did not know how to use the computer, until I met Steemit.

I got to high school when I was very young because I liked to do homework. All my new friends were older than me for almost 3 years, and they had started dating by thad a boyfriend, and I hat time. I still played with dolls because my young age, still a little kid. So, asI was the only one without boyfriend, they desperately tryed to got me a boyfriend or a date, at the time I found it annoying, so I invented one, I looked for photos in my sister's albums, I gave him a name, a face, an address, phone number and even a car... that's how my friends stopped looking a boyfriend for me. They never discovered the truth, it was easy back then as there was no internet or steemit challenges to make you reveal your secrets

Hahaha dear me, I don't think I'd like to share any secret secret. What can I say but that I "secretly" like it better in another earn-to-post site than here.

I confess that one day while I was in an operation, I lost a regret inside the patient, with luck the patient became conditioned to the object and did not pass to greater

My secret (which is now not so secret) is that ... My boyfriend and I had sex in the bathroom, while my parents watched television in the room

Once, when I was about 6 years old, I told my mother that she was a whore, I did not know what that word meant, I just heard it somewhere and I repeated it. 😅😅😅

it is really amazing contest, to know about people top secret is when i was 11, i changed my mathematics text score in the staff room without my teacher knowing, although i was very bad at mathematics.

I keep my boyfriend awake at night because I sound like I am sawing a whole wood at night. I snore loud, no really loud.. and its embarrassing..

there you go.. please sssssssssht :)

My greatest secret that I am really embarrassed to tell others is ...

It took me a very long time to stop bed wetting. I was already in my 4th year in high school when I stopped. I was 17 that time. LOL :D My mom would really get mad at me every time I pee on the bed. :D

Once when I was 15 and in highschool, my best friend and I pretended to go to class but we actually never made it. We got into her car while our teachers were screaming at us, and we drove out of the city. She took me to another city (we had never been there) to meet an online-love. It was a 3 hours drive. We had a flat tire and had to ask for help on the road to change it because we were two little girls, obviously. We got there, ate ice cream, I met the person, and we were back to our houses in the afternoon, like nothing ever happened. Best friend ever. I never saw that person again. Best adventure I ever had in highschool.

At school I hate Maths, because Math causes my head ill to think about it ..
Even though my dreams is to be an entrepreneur, I do not care if my Mathematics value is so bad, because later I want to recruit an assistant who will be in charge of calculating all my business assets ..😄

When i was a kid, i ever ate my own shit because i thought it was a cake, do not ask how it feels because after that i throw up ...haha

Wow, it was a day i where condom to school (Js3)

If I reaveal my secret you will pinch your nose. I fart secretly anywhere. I hold it as much as possible to make quiet. And the smell is always terrific.

Oh that was you! I knew it ... lol


I had a secret, well actually its kinda mean and I know its awful. During my college years when we're having our ojt, I have one classmate who annoys me so much. She's talking bad stuff behind my back so to make revenge, since we're sleeping in one apartment, I grab her toothbrush and scrub it in my rubber shoes then returned it again to her toiletries. One day I saw her brushing her teeth and I was laughing so hard. Though, it made me feel guilty too but thinking about how she pissed me, nah she deserves it! I know its wrong but sometimes you just need to deal with it in different level. 😁😁😁

Peace folks!✌️

peanut butter and fidget spinners , also dogecoin

I had my first kiss in kindergarten. :P

I have a dirty secret that would repulse some; I eat oranges with the peel on.

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Thanks bunnypuncher!

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