Tell A Story To Me, And Win 5 SBD! Writing Contest #2 & Winners – Poetry/Prose – Theme Overpopulation

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Tell A Story To Me,
Oh The Endless Possibility,
Let Your Imagination Run Free
And Maybe Win Some SBD!

Welcome to Tell Me A Story I was so blown away by the amazing quality of stories in the first contest, some astounding stories, and I can't wait to see what you have for me this time. Thank you all so much! Please upvote and resteem to get the word out there!

The Winners

In some ways, this was nearly an impossible choice, such heartfelt, elaborate stories, I feel so honoured you all took the time to tell them to me. So without further ado

First Place - Winning 5 SBD - @tygertyger

A truly breath taking start to what could only be an epic. Reading this, I couldn't help but think of the Stainless Steel Rat, a character who started in a small story like this, and rapidly grew in to a series. The world created here feels real, there is sincere depth and consideration for detail that makes the story a delight to read. I can't wait until the book comes out!

Second Place - Winning 3 SBD - @dirge

This is such a well constructed and skilled piece, I loved the concept of Utopia being a planet where the dead live out their days in joy, and I really loved where you went with it. The use of repetition was fantastic, and I loved the tag line for this story - It didn't matter, so long as he was dead...

Third Place - Winning 2 SBD - @surelyyoujesst

This tale of a young girl, growing up to follow in her fathers footsteps, to Utopia is incredible. This really had me hooked, it was very well put together, and I really loved the ending, and the way the story unfolded getting there.

Honourable Mentions

I really wish I could have given out more prizes, there were so many amazing stories, this was the only way I could chose three! So in no particular order:
@laurentiu.negrea with This amazing concept of how you get to Utopia
@mervin-gil with This incredible exploration of the multiverse and the subjectivity of Utopia
@iamthegray with This fantastic write about the subjectivity of Utopia
I also really appreciated these two, This by @cheekah and This by @jacksondavies - some really impressive stories, I loved the added aspects of realism
Finally we had some amazing poems, but these two really stood out, This more experiential poem by @ini-martin and This wonderfully write by @neenarose

Round Two


1. One Entry Per Person
2. Prose, poetry, any form of fiction is accepted, as long as you tell me a story
3. Your opening line or title must incorporate the prompt
4. Entries must be submitted by the time this post pays out (7 days from now - the winner will be announced a few days later)
5. Work must be your own
6. One picture only please, additional images of text are fine, but I want you to tell me a story with words, so only one actual image
7. First Place wins 5SBD (If we get enough entries, there will also be a second and third place, currently at 2 and 1 SBD)
8. Upvote this post, and resteem (not resteeming won't get your entry disqualified, but resteeming is very much appreciated to help get the word out there)
9. I don’t really want to specify a length, aim for under 3,000 but if it goes a little over, don't worry
10. Post a link to your tale in the description

The Prompt

You must incorporate the prompt in either your opening line, or title. It must be featured in it's entirety, although you can make this part of a longer sentence.

“They thought they had found the solution to overpopulation…”

This is another favorite scifi topic of mine, and I am very excited to read the next set of entries. Some of my favorite tales on this topic are 2 B R 0 2 B by Kurt Vonnegut, This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch and Soylent Green by Harry Harrison.

I am looking to hear the tale of a state, country, planet or organisation, who believes, or believed, they have found a reasonable way to keep the population at a steady level.

If you are looking for more ideas, some of the questions I have pondered on, that you may want to answer include:
- How did over crowding become such a problem?
- Does everyone agree this is a solution?
- Does it require enforcing?
- Who came up with the solution? Are they still around?
- Why is your character telling the story?

I am really looking forward to reading your entries.Good luck, and don't forget to include a link in the comments!

Hi girl. Here is my entry... :)

This is a beautiful contest, yet, not so many participants....
I helped resteem though, so others could be more aware of it...

Here's my entry...hope you like it

A very good story, exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for :)

I had thought about updating it, but I was worried it wouldn't be fair to anyone who had already started writing it. I have been thinking about updating it to say it doesn't have to be word for word, just inspired by, but extra points if it word for word is the first line or title, would you be ok with that? If I do it again, I may just say what sort of story I am looking for instead of specifying a line :) still so new to running contests, it is all a learning curve for me!

Oh my, that is a good idea! I need to add it to my list of possibilities!

Do you think I am best leaving the prompt as word for word this round and updating it next time? :)

Hah. I meant, it's your contest so it's entirely up to you. I've already submitted so it doesn't matter to me. If you want to change your rules, go ahead. You won't hurt my feelings.

I just don't want it to be too hard and therefore off putting :) I feel like, really, it is unfair to change the rules after it has been posted, so I have just added some examples of stories on this topic in the hopes it may make it a bit easier.

Although I may still ask for stories about me one time lol!

Difficulty is a good thing. Change the rules all you want. It's your contest.

I changed mine several times to accommodate entries to my first contest. :D

hello, this is a lovely story but please can I check it is the one you wanted to enter? It doesn't use the prompt so sadly I can't accept it as an entry.

Another great contest!

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Thanks for the opportunity. Congratulations to @tygertyger

Your entry was so well put together, and seemed like a perfect complete story, I didn't see the twist coming either, it was a pleasure to read! I really hope to see another entry from you in this round 😊

ditto dear :)

Thank you so much :D <3 i will come back and upvote once my voting power has recoverd it is in a coma right now :P

I knew when this line came to me, it was the start of a story that was not mine to tell, and I when I saw you had been looking for the right way to open yours, it felt like the zeitgeist at work! I can't wait to see more of your writings 😊

oh i like this... hopefully i can join. :)

The deadline is tomorrow so a bit of time left still :)

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