SOCCER FANTASY #29 Leganés vs Real Sociedad

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--> Upvote this post and Upvote the comment with the winning team for the game (or if it ends in a draw).

--> All SBD (Steem Dollars) from this post will be equally distributed among the users with the correct result of the match.
--> Send your bets before game starts.
--> The rewards will be sent to the winners 7 to 14 days after the game.

Spanish League:

Leganés vs Real Sociedad

07/01/2018 11:00 (West time)

ODDS: Leganés wins 33%; Real Sociedad wins 37%; game ends in a draw 30%

Good luck and have fun! ;)
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Game ends in a Draw

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Real Sociedad wins the game

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Leganés wins the game

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