Comment Chain Contest with @ceepee; 10sbd Giveaway

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In the spirit of giving and keeping consistency on steemit, I welcome everyone to this episode of; Comment Chain with @ceepee; Q&A.

Comment Chain: Q & A; Episode 5

As I stated before!! the giveaway has its aims, which are:
◾Having fun while steeming
◾Ensuring Consistency on steemit
◾Rewarding/encouraging Interactions, ideas and creativity.
◾Appreciating and spreading the importance in the act of giving.

This is because, steemit should be fun and an addiction you can't do without.

"A comment chain contest."

It means only the first person to comment is allowed to reply to the post directly, other subsequent comments come under a previous comment(as a reply) until the contest is announced closed.

Lets get started:

We will continue with Q$A today.

Todays specific kind of questin ;

Question about what is on your mind?

How it works:

The first person to start the comment chain answers my question and ask any question of choice(any question is allowed). Next comment answers and ask his/her questions of choice.. Meaning every comment answers a question and ask a question.

How to participate:

REPLY to a previous comment(means your comment must be under the last comment on the chain). Questions should be as much fun/creative as possible.


◾Entry(comment) must not be more than two sentences.
◾Entry must be related to topic of discussion
◾Entry outside the chain is considered invalid
◾Multiple comments will be considered invalid.

Entry/Winning Criteria:

◾Must be my follower
◾There must be consistency on your blog.
◾No restrictions to reputation:

Who Wins?

There will be a random selection of numbers from the entry chain. You are a winner if your entry falls on that number.
Note that, selection of number will be based on quality of content and contest rule/entry requirements.

Winning Prize:

A total of 10sbd is up for grabs. 2 winners with 4sbd each and 2sbd to the first to start the comment chain.

My Question:

Do you want SBD price go higher than steem/why?

Get in here and get the fun started. Make steemit a fun place to be!!!

Thank you for participating.

Stay connected always.

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Contact me on!!

Let us discuss about your favorite singer/band. Mine is The Beatles, "Hey Jude".

You're the first person to comment but you didn't follow the rules....

You didn't answer the question and you didn't resteem either(as at the time of making this comment)
Perhaps you didn't read the rule of the game.

I hope @ceepee understand why I didn't continue from your comment chain

Great classic song, one of my favorite bands is Switchfoot.

We all get sbd more than steem and there is more sbd available for me to sell.

Why should we learn to power up ??

Comment does not answer the question/replies on not on the chain either, hence entries are invalid.

Yes i want Sdb to go higer than steem because SBD has a lot to offer in terms of help to all steemians.

#Question: how has SBD affected your life here?

SBD has actually affected my life. Because I don't lack provisions in school

#question how high do you think SBD will get in the next 4 months??

SBD would get to $7, i believe so much in steem
Question: Would you remain in steemit if there were no rewards.

Yeah. I will. There is so much connection here. Where else do you see more original content
How long would you be on steemit?

I intend to remain here and support the community for as long as possible.
What do you hate about steemit?

I hate the use of bots to boost useless posts.

Who was your first friend on the steem platform?

my first friend is my beloved husband @blog-beginner
Will SBD rise back to $22

I wish it does. Holding some SBDs
Why is SBD lower than Steem past few days ?

Probably increase by $0.5 😀

Q. Which is better to have SBD or Steem? Why?

I think because apart from its value/rate being higher than SBD, steem is better than SBD as its enables one gain more over curation rewards and makes you a greater influencer here on Steemit.
What have you achieved today?

I think sbd should increase as we get payouts from sbd and it will be easier for newer people like us in cryptos to sell in market.. Quite amount of sbds are lying idle for many people in wallet for the sbd to rise so that they can encash. I have learnt to rebounce in life.. If that's the achievement.. As for me achievement means learning and improving our selves as our attitude determines our altitude..
Question :What's the meaning of success for you?? Thanx @ceepee for this.. And for your support.. Thanks a million

Getting what you desired is success.

Have you failed before?

Yes, i have. Everyone fails but realizing your failure and learning from it is the key to success

#Question. What's your biggest accomplishment??

We are following a wrong thread.

SBD has affected my life in so many ways, albeit positively....I got a guitar, a laptop too....Thanks to Steem

What do you think is the future for Steem?

I think the future of steem is really bright, hopefully smts get launched real soon
what do you think about the use of voting bots?

Using voting bot is not bad , but I don't recommend it for newbies with little sbd or steem.

What is your highest payout so far on steemit?

Highest payout was 150 usd.

Have you attended any steemit based meetup?

Not yet but looking at potential of steemit iam planning to have one meetup in india next weak.. I have invited 5 people.. Soon they will b part of steemit...
Why sbd price falling down?

Cos the price of btc is falling once btc falls every other cryptos also falls as well

What do you find as fun about steemit?

The fun about steemit is
Getting paid for having fun..

Do you believe in getting paid upvotes
I mean whats your view on the steemit bots
R they useful to the community?

Yes, I will want SBD to go higher so as to cover for some of the expenses I have incurred and for many others too who very well depend on Steem for many things.

Do you have an idea when Steem will eventually pump/go higher?

Hey @julietisrael you have to wait till December, I'm guessing around that time
Who is your best steemian ?

@surpassinggoogle, he's a great steemit promoter here in the Philippines.

Q. How can you invest your coins on the platform itself?

Please join the chain. @bosscharlze comment is the first and valid entry on the chain.

Well i believe the value of steem increases in sync with the rise of bitcoin, so whenever we experience a favorable rise in the value of bitcoin, i believe it will reflect on the value of steem.

What causes the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market?

No I want steem to remain higher cos steem determines post payout once it decreases payout decreases and if it increases pay out also increases and it also determines one's account value
What meal did you had last?

You are not on the chain. Your entry is invalid. Please join the chain. @bosscharlze is the first on the chain.

The meal i had last was "jollof rice"
What is the important of sbd in your life

Yes, I will want SBD to go higher so as to cover for some of the expenses I have incurred and for many others too who very well depend on Steem for many things.

@ceepee, I'd actually upvoted and resteemed until I realised there were so many threads.

Not sure which is valid

Well u must reply to comment which was just before you as i did..
Hey can you plzz explain whats mean by iamthegray?

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