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Great, so happy to see you getting involved again @cherryng ;) I am a little late running the contest this week with a lot going on, I had to take a quick trip for immigration but I'll be posting the winners today =D

Thanks @heart-to-heart. I just see the winner posting.. I'm very surprising to get 1st price!! 1000 thanks for promoting me..
I wish vegan community will grow and more members will join us to promote vegan eating and life.
Thanks my dear @heart-to-heart for sponsoring the contest. I will contribute more nice vegan meals to share with you all in coming days.

Hi @cherryng you are so welcome, I loved your recipes- thank you for sharing =D

I hope so too and that is my goal of the contest, it has been growing since it started so hopefully it'll continue :)

Since you are the winner, you get to choose the winner for the next week! Actually since it's Wednesday can you check the entries we have now and let me know 2 winners? :) Thank you! (vegan burger) and birdsinparadise (chocolate almond dessert)

Perfect :) Thank you! They've been rewarded! =D

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