Blue Monday Contest Week #1

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Blue Mondays

Don't you just ever wonder why you even bothered to get up on a Monday? Mondays just seem to be the worst sometimes, everything that can go wrong just seems to go wrong and at the worst of times. In moments like those you just want to bury your face in your hands and give up on the day.

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What inspired this

My Monday wasn't that bad at least, but it could have gone way better. It started out with me arriving at a site ready for a meeting that never existed. Then I had to deal with the Construction Manger, an approximately 60 year old male, having a mental breakdown because the company wants to hold him liable for things that he has no control over.

After the first catastrophic site I had to sit through three meetings where I had to fight with people easily 20 or 30 years my senior about areas that are not really their expertise. Finally having finished the meetings I thought that I would have a bit of peace on my drive back home. But alas, Monday was not done punishing me for something that I must have done in a previous life.

There was a big accident goodness knows where and I had to drive through one of the most congested cities in the Western Cape. A trip that would usually take me 50min took me 1 hour and 40 minutes and on this long and slow drive back home I had a long think.

Somewhere out there, there must be someone that has had it worse than me, someone that is more miserable than me on this LITERALLY blue Monday. Couldn't even see the sun but it was still 33 Degrees Celsius outside.


The Competition

So, what I want to know is what spoiled your Monday, what made you regret the fact that you woke up? This is a safe space to rant in the form of a comment, the comment with the most upvotes (not most $) will win the SBD payout for the post.

This, being the first in what I hope will be a weekly event, will most likely not have a huge payout. Buy I hope that as it gains traction it will make it worth your while. As you can see from the majority of my posts, I usually get about $3 in upvotes, which means an approximate 1.5 SBD payout. If it does not reach that amount I will pay it out of my wallet.

There is no resteem or subscribe requirements, but the more upvotes the better the payout will be. I just did this for the heck of it, I wanted a safe space for everyone to rant and I wanted to feel a bit better about my day xD.

So have at it! The winner will be announced when the post pays out and the next weeks' event starts.

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Sorry for your Blue Monday @chr7is.

Your Monday could be said to be quite bad but I don't think it was as bad as mine. Have you ever been received a message at 11am for an interview slated for 12:30pm that same day? If you have, then you will have an idea of how frustrated I was today.

I applied for a job with one of the leading banks in my country, Nigeria. I had previously been invited a week ago for a computer based interview at the bank's headquarter. Luckily, my result was shown at once and it turned out that I aced the exam. I was told that they would keep in touch with me.

Now, before I applied for this job, I had a Java SE programme I was attending everyday of the week except Saturday and Sunday. Whenever I have something to do, I call my instructor and tell him I'm not coming.

I had waited for the bank's call or message for several days and it wasn't forthcoming. Normally, if you apply for jobs in Nigeria, do not put all your hopes in it as you may never get a call from the organization. Thus, I continued my Java classes with zeal.

This morning, I left for my Java class as early as 8am, wearing a T-shirt and jean trousers as is normal with programmers and IT guys. I got to school around 9am and began my lectures in the company of my colleagues.

By 11am, there was a prompt on my phone showing that I had a message. Checking, I realized that it was the bank asking me to come for the oral interview with my certificates, while corporately dressed. This means I'd have to go back home, begin put on the appropriate attire and then go to the bank for the interview.

Now it is pertinent to note that my house is very far from where I study Java, no less than a 50 minute journey. And the bank sent me a message by 11am asking me to come for an interview holding by 12:30pm. Like the bank was giving me an hour and 30 minutes to go back home, dress properly and then find my way to their office, a distance of not less than 2 hours from my home.

In summary, I get to the bank's HQ around 3pm, when candidates have already been briefed and some have even finished their own interview. One of the HR guys receiving us asked why I came late. I was a bit irked by his question and replied in a demeaning tone that they had sent the message late and I was already out of the house.

This guy had the guts to further irk me by asking me if I didn't know I was supposed to be prepared for the interview. I wanted to shoot a sarcastic remark but I cautioned myself. Then I apologized for coming late and he asked me to join up with the rest of the guys waiting for the interview.

At the end of the day, I go in for the interview very flustered and unprepared. I sit in front of 3 interviewers shooting me questions from left, right and center. At the end of it all, I come out after about 20 minutes having flopped heavily in the interview. I simply pick up my portfolio and head home. I cannot come and kill myself.

Yep, that is pretty bad.. But chin up, having a bad Monday only means that the week can get better from there.

Yeah... Tuesday's looking so great yet. At school already and ready to continue my Java GUI classes.

Life is what it is. You sound very capable. The circumstances weren't fair, nor was their lack of understanding for what they asked of you. Keep up the good work because it seems good things will be happening for you if you do. Best wishes!

Thank you Sir... I never let things weigh me down and this is no exception.

We must NEVER give up!

Blue Monday... I grew up in a city called Ibadan in Oyo State in Nigeria where things are a bit calmer, traffic is way lesser compared to the busy city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. Upon finishing my national service, I got a job to as a marketing executive for a private business.
So I was never used to living in Lagos. In Ibadan, no matter how far where you stay is from work, you're likely to get to work on time if you give an allowance of 1 hour. I thought that was the case in Lagos...

So on my resumption morning, 2nd June, 2014..I left my uncle's place where I was staying at Alimosho to go to Alausa...this journey I thought would only take about an hour.
The first magic happened when the bus driver of the first bus I took decided to stop halfway through the journey..he just said he wasn't going any longer and asked all passengers to alight from the bus...
Wow..I was running late on my first day at was tug of war to get another bus that morning...
As if that wasn't enough, when we got to a place known as Ikeja-along, there was crazy traffic..apparently, some truck had fallen on the main road. It was a stand-still. Again all passengers had to come down and walk the rest of the distance to the next stop to get another bus..

As a JJC (Jolly Just Come), a newbie that is, I didn't really know my way and if you know Lagos, it could even be more dangerous to ask anybody for directions..
Before I found my way to wrok, it was 10:30am...
Wow!!! The HR manager that received me gave me the lash of my life..asked me if I was ready for the job...

This experience really destabilized me for most of the day...

Guess what, at the end of the month, #500 was deducted from my salary for each day I came late to work, this day inclusive...

That day was kinda harsh..

That's my Blue Monday experience


Ooh not nice, at least you got the job, so one positive in between all the negative!

Yea...some positive..thanks!

ok my entry will sound ridiculous...but my day started with a cockroach running over my foot. I hate cockroaches...they disgust me and scare me like nothing else on this planet. I'm still thinking about it and this was 3 hours ago...LOL (PS: today is my Monday technically since Monday and Tuesday were public holidays here)

Haha that happens to me from time to time.. They also turn me into an instant ninja, moving faster than ever before, just to get away.. Unfortunately for them I have to kill them afterwards, can't have them spreading the word that I got a fright.

LOL I do the same....I throw my flip flop across the room, and hope to not crush it to the point where yellow liquid starts oozing out of it urgh


So sorry about your blue monday @chr7is.
My blue monday...
On this great, a fresh graduate in search of employment. I got an sms on my phone from an unknown source that I had been invited for an interview for a job. The excited me jumped up and started preparing for the interview. Searched for some Gmath questions and selected the kind of clothes I wanted to wear to the place.
The day of the interview came and I left for the venue. On getting there, I met alot of people outside the venue compound conversing. They were asking themselves ridiculous kind of questions like

Did you get the sms too? Did you apply for any job? What's the name of the company?

Some where even like,

I think this is a scam, I've got to be on my way.

The "desperate me" that wanted a job didn't care about all they were saying, I just wanted to get into the hall and do the interview.
After like 2 hours, we were allowed into the compound and told to queue up. We did, attendance was taken. This lasted for another hour. We eventually got into the hall. Told to sit for few minutes. Some left during the registration, while some others did after we were seated and then another level of drama started.
The "interview" kick-started with a seminar. I was like;

What kind of job interview is this?

After the seminar, we were given some questions to answer and after then told to pay some amount of money to start the "job". It was then, I realised I had wasted my time and my day.
What I met wasn't what i was expecting. I felt so terrible that day.
A friend sometime later told me most of these guys that send such messages get the numbers from recruiting firms' websites.

Here is my blue Monday story.


That is not nice.. I sometimes hear about those scams here, a terrible way to make money out of someone that is looking for a job. Good luck with looking for a job.

Blue Mondays are the worst.

When I was still studying classical music I was part of an orchestra.
Every year we had to re-audition to be part of this orchestra.
One Monday as I was walking to my next class and the audition panel caught me in the hallway and asked me why I haven't auditioned yet.
This casught me completely offgaurd as I didn't know the audition would be held THAT day.
I of course freaked out and in a panic state prepared for the audition in less than half an hour.

Needless to say I bombed my audition.
I got bumped down a seat in the orchestra for that year.
One single Monday seemed to screw up my year.
how nice..

That sucks.. One day deciding your position for a year. Oh well it is all in the past now at least.

One tiresome Monday afternoon I got home , tried to enter the house and then came to a shocking realization that the keys were inside the house and that I was locked out (I usually exit through the garage door by closing it from the inside and then exit before the door shuts) . spent the rest of the day trying to get inside , I went from picking the front door lock to force opening windows with a random, rusty old metal piece I found in our backyard . eventually after 4 hours I managed to force my way inside through one of the windows , only to discover that the backdoor was unlocked the entire time .....

I'm pretty lucky, because the worst part of my Monday was having to get up early. It's been a while since I've had a good Monday though, so yay me :)

Somewhere out there, there must be someone that has had it worse than me, someone that is more miserable than me on this LITERALLY blue Monday. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Wonderful.

I don't regret waking up any day. I just do everything joyfully and lovingly because if other people aren't going to happy atleast let me be happy and enjoy my work. Lolllllllllll.

Good idea @Chr7is, I had a good Monday but I'm looking forward to reading the comments!

I can't top @chr7is. Monday kinda made you it's b*tch, mate.

Well I'm not in the running, curtwriter in the one to beat. Even if you are not going to win you can still share.

Very creative approach, @chr7is :)

Thanks, I want to give back a bit and create a safe space to share.

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Fun contest!

Lately I have nothing to rant about, now I'm working on Steemit. :P

Haha lucky.. Thanks for the support, I'm hoping I can make someone's Monday a bit better with this.

Same @Olufisayo. But I didn't wait for them to finish. I just walked out of the Venue.