Blue Monday Contest Week #2

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Blue Monday Contest Week #2

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Week One Results

To those of you that participated, thanks for the support and comments. It wasn't a bad turnout for the first week, but I didn't think that there was so little people that had a bad Monday. Most of the people bragged about their awesome Monday.. The payout on the other hand was great! So congratulations to @curtwriter for having the worst Monday of all, hopefully the SBD will put a smile back on your face.

So My Monday

My Monday wasn't as bad as last Monday but it was still quite frustrating. I had to take my car in for a service so the drop off and the pickup was a bit of a pain. After the drop off I had to wait a bit for my lift and when I had collect it in the afternoon they misplaced my key. So there I stood waiting for them for about 15 minutes until they found it and I could be on my merry way, right in peak traffic once again.

I had a very boring day filled with emails and reports that I didn't get to because there is always something new that pops up when I'm at the office. I was summoned to fix the one printer, which had me running back and forth between the two printers for 30 minutes until I finally gave up and left defeated.

The Competition

So, what I want to know is what spoiled your Monday, what made you regret the fact that you woke up? This is a safe space to rant in the form of a comment, the comment with the most upvotes (not most $) will win the SBD payout for the post.

This, being the second in the weekly event, will most likely not have a huge payout (the first one was quite lucky). Buy I hope that as it gains traction it will make it worth your while. As you can see from the majority of my posts, I usually get about $3 in upvotes, which means an approximate 1.5 SBD payout. If it does not reach that amount I will pay it out of my wallet.

There is no resteem or subscribe requirements, but the more upvotes the better the payout will be. I just did this for the heck of it, I wanted a safe space for everyone to rant and I wanted to feel a bit better about my day xD.

So have at it! The winner will be announced when the post pays out and the next weeks' event starts.

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So I said I was going to say a bit about my Monday. It wasn't bad, just there and quite lovely.

I have a friend of mine who is a teacher. The school where she teaches had begun its mid term break, starting from Thursday of the previous week to this Monday. So she was going to stay at home and rest. She therefore asked me to come over.

However, I had my Java classes to attend that same Monday. So which one was more important to me... Java or her? I chose her and as early as 9am, I was on my way to her house!!

There's this kind of chemistry between us but she's older so I kinda give her that respect. Well, I went over that day, spent time with her, while she also prepared a meal of porridge yam for me which was lovely.

Also, she had a small project which she was supposed to do in readiness of the school's resumption. So I helped her get it done and we went out to print it at a business centre.

Now, my younger bro is also her friend and he had promised to take her out that evening to the Pleasure Park in Port Harcourt. She had begged me the previous day to go with them but I said no.

But that Monday evening as she prepared to go out, she held my hands, looked into my eyes and appealed softly once again. Such attitude melts me and I had no option than to say yes.

It was all fun finally, we went to the park, spent some time there and at the end of the day, we left to a big eatery around the area too.

So that was how my Monday went, no stress, no kill-joy and no headaches.

@chopelina, sorry about your own Blue Monday... I hope the rest of the week gets better for you.

Thank you @curtwriter. I didn't think that it could get any worse than it already was. My mother broke some really startling news today and now I have to work through it somehow. Your friend sounds like she really enjoy's your company :) I'm really glad your Monday was more pleasant than mine! I wouldn't wish anyone to have a blue Monday at all.

Congrats to @curtwriter! A worthy winner!

Thanks @matbaker!! No blue Monday for you today?

Well, I have manflu! And I really upset a gun nut on Steemit! Apart from that, not too shabby.

Sorry man... Luckily, Tuesday was bright for you, yes?

Upvote me :) thanks

Yaay!! Thank you so much @chr7is. I'm happy to be the winner of the maiden edition. Will await my prize.

Did I have a blue Monday today? I don't think so but hopefully, I can brag about a better Monday today just like others did last week.

Kudos in advance to the winner of this week's contest.

Yaay!! I've gotten my prize. Thank you very much @chr7is

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Fun contest! Hope you will get more people on here :D.

Feel free to come by the community!

Sorry no blue Monday also not too cheerful, just the normal everyday stuff. This is a nice initiative!