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At the end of 2017, Facebook had over two billion active personal accounts. Newer platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are catching up, but Facebook remains the most popular social network world like. However, reports of misuse of Facebook users' data by Cambridge Analytica have raised public concerns over security. Is it time to delete your Facebook account?

It's hard for many people to imagine life without social media. As well as personal use of Facebook to keep up with friends and family, businesses, community groups, and sports clubs use the platform for marketing and communication.

Just imagine a world of social media that is how we will continue to interact with in the coming years. There have been many stories coming out about users finding out what has Facebook been saving about the. You might want to do the same. Is Facebook of the most innovated company we have, Will this company soon start creating a dystopia by doing exactly what it is doing now but in a much bigger scale? Again Social media will soon be like a cellphone pay in credits.

Facebook just became the ultimate dystopia


When constructing a dystopia, it takes some doing to be both Orwellian and Huxleyan at the same time. But with the changes he just announced to the Facebook News Feed, Mark Zuckerberg seems to have managed this extraordinary feat.

Glad you got all the way to the end.

Now for the contest

Contest Rules:

1: Follow @chronocrypto on Steemit.
2: You must Comment and Resteem this post.
3: You must Follow if you are not already.
4: You must guess the correct "Price of FB" will be exactly at 12:00 PM PST, April 3rd!
5: The Last Guess Stops at 10:00 A.M. PST. April 3rd!
6: One (1) WINNER without going over or under wins, The cents do not matter. As long as you hit the Whole Numbers correctly. No Edited Posts!
7: The Winner will win 50 STEEM!

The current price of FB is 159.79 USD. 📈
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 5.09.51 PM.png

  • For the contest all you have to do is "Comment" your prediction below and "Resteem" just once to qualify. You have til' 10:00 A.M. PST April 3rd to lock in your "FB price Prediction".

  • Do not edit your prediction before the deadline, Simple.

  • One prediction per human, no multiple accounts.

Most recent Post on Bots here on steemit for you to read.
So This is how I see Steemit Still after a week of posting the first part.

This is all I see, We might be heading Steemit to a Dystopia (Which If you Follow me, you would know I write about that on here.. a lot, which I have been writing bout recently, and still am.

Witnesses or (Whales) or who ever listens and have not given up hopes for this platform.

Surely you must all have some remedy before we have an AI bidet infestation. Might consider a meeting? A-anim.108.jpg

Past Contests

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You have won the contest, The price of FB was at $155.82 Congratulations.

You followed all the rules and guessed the correct whole number.
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.56.22 PM.png

Your 50 STEEM has been sent.

Thank you so much


Who agrees?


It will be 149 dollars.

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You will be so lucky if you can predict the right price of FB to its decimal point. 😄

Maybe its 153.50

Problem is, Most people use facebook. Also those I last saw in the 90s so it's the only platform I can get a hold of them

My prediction is : 155,24

The price will be 155.50

155 $

155.89 US Dollars.

155.79 US Dollars.

155.69 USDollars

Maybe its 155.50 $.

My guess is 155.31 US$

My prediction is: 155,63 $

will be the same as today's last price since market is closed tomorrow.

April 3rd is Tuesday.

Hi everybody here,

My prediction is 162.22

Good luck for everyone!

Hi steemit’s freinds!
My prediction for the facebook’s price is: 159.83 usd

FB price will be 156 USD.

steemit is the futur

I guessed

My prediction for the FB price is : 147,12

"One (1) WINNER without going over or under wins, The cents do not matter. As long as you hit the Whole Numbers correctly." What does it mean? Do we have to guess whole price, like 159.79? Or if we guess 159.35 and it is 159.59, is it correct? If we have to guess whole numbers including cents, it is impossible, waste of time

  • It clearly states "The cents do not matter"

159.35 and it is 159.59 Would be correct. since again "The cents do not matter"

Ok, i was confused when i saw "whole", if the cents do not matter, it is good :)

Wow @chronocrypto I like your style! Lol quite a wager of Steem on this hot topic. Follow, upvote, resteem! There will probably be a tie, still not too shabby.


The price will be $159.79 US.

The cents don't matter right? I'm going to say $153.

random guess

100 usd! facebook is and has been getting alot of bad press. Deserved i might add. Price shall fall

I think a majority of FB users are of an older crowd, which could have more of an effect in regards to this privacy issue. However, it will take some time for the die off.

My guess $166.8

May be it around $169.59

Good contest 😊
My guess is $165.4

My prediction is $168.24

PRICE = $163.42

Price is 160

Your image not good

my prediction is : USD 153,88

161.80 I guess

I think the price will be $159,32

157.4 USD

El precio estimado por mi sera de 160.00

The price is gonna be 160.05 ..

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My guess will be 158.8

Facebook price will be 160.4 USD.

Who is last contest winner, you don't announce the winner, pls announce

Oh okay very sad

138.65 I predict.....0 would be ideal....

154 USD! :D

154 USD! :D

mmmm i dont under stand all conditions to win i want to win

Guess the right price of FB whats not to understand?

Facebook now has reached 1.55 billion more users.
And hopefully facebook still survive though esteem is now growing rapidly

The price is 157.49

The price will be $157.27 US.

I think it could easily be around 128.79

@chronocrypto, your instructions are confusing. Is the deadline April 3rd or March 30th 10 AM PST?



It will be $159.

Fb stakes will increase by 160$

i hope i still qualify...i'm guessing it'll be 152 by then @chronocrypto..😊

144.70 USD

$164.56 USD

Price $163

$161.09 is my guess :D

162 will be the price :)

the winner is
Price as of 12:00 PM PST Was at $xxx.xx

No one Guessed it Right, See you all on the next contest.
The cents do not matter. As long as you hit the Whole Numbers correctly.


Price will be $ 162.5

151.7 USD

My entry:
Although it is in dystopia, I think that because it is one of the best known and most extended social networks, MY PREDICTION is that it will close at 163.78

the price 140.0