Promote and Earn - First post - 🏆 The Ninth Winner 🏆

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So I announce the Ninth Winner who asked to promote this post : Healthy Life

The winner is @bcrafts I've sent him 0.03 steem dollar and upvoted by me ( my upvote now worth 0.03 ).

And the post was also promoted in the group with more than 19000 memebers : Resteem to post !

Let's keep looking for more people who want to promote their posts, be the next on the train, just upvote and resteem this post and write the title of your post in comments and you will be promoted !

We need just one person to promote in the second round ( I will: upvote, resteem, and promote in two groups ).

Thanks for following, upvoting, resteeming and commenting @Clixmoney. ☺

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If you want you can give me upvote as a wittness here :

Please resteem to help more people grow and use my tips, here are THE BEST TIPS FOR STEEMIT USERS !

Donation adresses :

BTC : 1KnRSD9PuAHkLGaUrZn8nDkyFkkDAc9FeS

ETH : 0x5888a634FE4F65a1104E2dA6FBaC11Ff2A640f98

Steem : clixmoney


Hey @clixmoney been a while i love this please continue the good work
Upvoted and resteemed
Title: nigerians and upnepa

I have a post for you the title is The first chapter of my story The order of the dragon

Ps I gave you an upvote and a resteem I think that this is a great idea you have here

ok I will promote it very soon, thanks for sharing.

do you want to promote a post ?

Yes I have resteemed your post and upvoted
My post name is Egypt announces discovery of 3,500-year-old Luxor tomb

Upvoted your post mypost name is Egypt announces discovery of 3,500-year-old Luxor tomb

Thanks @Clixmoney

love your work

You are very welcome. ☺

Did I ask for a link ? if you don't remove the link and don't write just the title of the post I will not promote !

also if you want to promote something you need to write a post not share just a video, especially if it's not in English, please write a good post with pictures in English, my followers will upvote just that kind of posts !

So only one person needed. Did I miss the train?

not yet, just write the title of your post, we will have the second round also.

But what's the criteria of your selection in case of more than one entry?

one round = 10 winners, you can participate just in one round once, when we will have the second round you can participate more.

But what's the criteria of your selection in case of more than 10 entries?

no limits, you enter one round and wait for the next to entre again

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Upvoted and resteemed.
Very helpful post.. But are there fees?
This is the title of my post
The 10 most beautiful tourist places you can visit in China- 您可以在中国访问的10个最美丽的旅游景点- أجمل 10 أماكن سياحية يمكنك زيارتها في الصين

There are not fees, but if you want to donate from the earning I will be very happy, you can send me some steem dollar if you want. ☺

I will promote your post tomorrow, thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for support and help dear :-)
Yes, I will send you donate from the earning of this post.

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