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The Thank You Economy - Week 3

Back for another Week of Awesomeness 

The Thank You Economy has turned into a fun project I'm meeting tons of new people, finding new communities and awesome ways to participate and connect with other Steem users.  Last weeks contest was totally awesome with 100 total comments.  I was also introduced to @crosheille and #NeedleworkMonday, you know the world has come full circle when you have an old fashioned Knitting Circle or Quilting Bee hosted on a  blockchain

I just want to thank everyone again who has been participating.  Also be on the lookout, a couple people have said they are going to be doing their own version of The Thank You Economy.  This week we have a couple sponsors and a couple twists to include in the contest.  So a huge thank you goes out to @ecoinstant for sponsoring 2 shares  and to @freedomshift from the Curation Circle Creed (#ccc) for sponsoring one and maybe more.  

What is The Thank You Economy contest all about?

An Attitude of Gratitude - The Thank You Economy is simply a way to say thank you to someone who has helped you, influenced you or blessed you in some way in the Steem community.  It can be tough getting started on Steemit, and the people who have been here for a while realize that.  After all they were new at one time as well.  What I realized about the Steemit community was there are people helping us new guys all over the place, but what can we really do to show our appreciation back?  Not much....

When you are new about all you can do is say "Thank You," maybe give a post a resteem to the 100 followers who are not bots, and a small dust vote.  Those things can add up especially if they have a lot of followers.  That's where the idea for the Thank You Economy contest arose from I wanted to do more to say thank you.  

Maybe I can do more.  It might help to give them a little added exposure in a contest and possibly a share of Steem Basic Income, which will pay them over and over as long as they are posting content.  I thought there might be other who wanted to do the same, not to mention it's fun.  

Just saying thank you to someone opens up all kinds of opportunities to interact with each other.  YOU CAN THANK ANYONE, anyone who has helped you and made a difference in your life, you could even thank @ned for helping develop the steemit platform, now if he won it would probably be a waste of a good SBI share, because he usually declines payment for his posts.  


On to the Contest Rules - read carefully there are additional twists this week.

The Base Contest - We'll keep this simple.  

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • In the comment tag someone who has helped you or influenced you the most on Steemit use the @coinsandchains format.
  • Then briefly tell us why you chose them.

That's all you have to do.  (upvotes, restreems and follows are appreciated though)

One thing, please do not tag bots or alt accounts.

The Prizes and Winner Selection: Here's where some twists happen

  • One comment will be randomly selected by the amazing prize wheel I found. The account making the comment and the account tagged in the comment will receive one SBI share each.  
  • I will also give an upvote to each valid entry, but that does not amount to much.  Upvote your own comment if you would like, or if you have a @dustsweeper account it might help.  
  • @ecoinstant will also select the most interesting or heart-felt or well thought out or most engaging, thank you note for one SBI share to a recommender and a recommended .   

Bonus Round: Another twist and chance to win SBI

@freedomshift has generously added a participation bonus, one SBI share for 6 entries that qualify. 

@freedomshift: To encourage people to join #ccc, I'll offer additional SBI shares for those who enter the contest or other contests in #ccc based on 1 SBI for every 6 valid entries (200+ words, use of #ccc, reference to the creed).

Here's what you need to do to Qualify:

  • Create a post for your entry,  200+ words following the #ccc guidelines found here
  • Be sure to use #ccc as one of your tags and include the reference to the #ccc
  • Please include a link back to this contest as well.
  • Comment on this post with the name of the person you want to thank and a link to your post
  • This comment/post will count as your entry into the main contest also.

This is an awesome bonus, and it adds a chance for you to earn a little on your post as well.  Thank you @freedomshift for doing this.

Just Incase You Don't Know What SBI Is.

In the interest of saving space you can learn more by visiting @steembasicincome.  It seems like a pretty cool project with several people working on it. One of the main sponsors is @josephsavage #steembasicincome 


@ecoinstant  -  The Daily Sneak

Do you enjoy being on steem but don't know what to post?   Curation might be the solution for you!  At @thedailysneak, you can get paid to curate high quality articles - 1 SBD per high quality articles with engaging commentary, just  click here and fill out this webform to submit your selections! 

Selected authors get nominated for a share of SBI, so come and join this win-win-win initiative!


@freedonshift  - A Bit about the #ccc

#ccc stands for Curation Circle Creed.
The "Curation Circle Creed", the "honor code":

I will post original contents of original writing.
I will clearly and properly source references, text and other media, abiding by copyrights.
I will respect other people's opinion, nationality, religious belief, language, and culture.
I will abide by rules laid out in the FAQ and generally accepted by the community.

You can learn more about the #ccc in this post : The Honor Code - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)  


Like maybe our sponsors...  drop by their latest post and give them a little support to say thank you.  

@ecoinstant   and  @freedomshift

or our previous sponsors

@cicisaja  and  @freedomshift 

Good Luck To the Steemit Community

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LinkedIn  Yes I'm a super-nerd computer geek who likes nature and gardening.

Twitter   Mainly use this for airdrops and other things I enjoy scoping out.


My thanks goes to


As they supported me here on different ways. Appreciate it. Thanks, guys! #ccc

I hope I can pay it forward to other young Steemians!

Those all are great picks, we'll call it @oldtimer he's a funny old codger anyway, I've seen him around quite a bit.

Thanks, I appreciate the mention 😀

Ok, let's change that since you replied. Besides I found a new platform because of your post of scorum, we put out some similar content, and I'm an IT nerd as well.

Thanks :)

I am glad that you decided to join Scorum.

See you there too :)

@ervin-lemark, I joined but have no idea what I will post there.... I don't typically follow pro sports, and haven't truly worked out in almost 5 years. Now my daughter graduated, and is taking a break from soccer, I literally have no sports interaction. Maybe I need to do a fatboy to slim and trim series. I will continue to think about it.

I have had your tab open since yesterday just so I wouldn't forget. There are never too many opportunities to thank all the helpful people on the platform. First of all thanks to you for giving another opportunity this week.
I want to choose someone who I will never be able to thank enough. It is @simplymike for giving me my first ever delegated SP. That truly makes a world of difference in being able to go out and connect with more people each day. I have been able to visit more of the features in the @pifc each week leading to new friendships. Also it has given me a few extra votes to use in exploring new communities. Not to mention being able to return some of the support I was given by truly big hearted people in the past.
It really is amazing what a little bit extra can accomplish on Steemit.
This has motivated me even more to get to the magic 500 sp one day. Then I will be able to follow her example and help out someone myself.

Thanks for the nomination, @headchange.
I'm glad to hezr you are determined to make the most out of your delegation - even if it was only a small one. You doing that, means the world to me.
Keep on Steeming, my friend :0)

You are most welcome. A small amount can have a huge impact for a tiny account like mine. Growth is happening slow but sure. One day I will for sure pay it forward and help grow another small account. Don't worry I have a few weeks left on my delegation. Plan to Steem every free moment and get the most out of it.

Good to hear you've acquired the 'pay it forward' mentality already. That's what will make sure SteemIt will survive (at least, that's what I hope, lol)

Pay it forward has been a part of IRL as well as online activities for a while now. There was actually a very active pay it forward community on Etsy where I have had shop for several years. Probably why I was so drawn to the pifc right off the bat.
I think you are right about the survival of the platform. I have spent the last couple of months reading and learning as much as possible about Steemit. Still not sure where is my place here. I figure I may as well do what ever I can to be helpful while I figure it out.
The bottom heavy revolving door seems unsustainable to me. But maybe I am missing something.

Don't worry, I haven't really figured out what my exact place on Steemit is either. I guess time will tell, and we have to be the best version of ourselves: be fair, be faitfull, be honest... we just have to be patience and stray true to ourselves.

@simplymike is a great choice, Was that through a contest? I think she is also sponsoring the RedFish league put on by @paulag, so I need to say thank you as well..

I was in the top 10 on there a couple times. It's a great initiative and was pushing me, I just don't think mathematically I can make the #1 spot, I would literally have to increase by at least 85,000 steem to hit it. Which is a little demotivating, but as Dory would say "just keep swimming"
I did almost fall over when I saw my open mic entry was over $10. that should help with the redfish and was rather motivating.

Yes it was a contest the funny thing is I passed up her contest when I first arrived here. At the time I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to Steemit. Then the same contest rolled around and I was all in.
She is all over the place doing good deeds and helping out the little fish. Has been ever since I arrived here. There are a few people like that. They literally keep the platform alive. But thats another story.
Congratulations!! I just went to check out your open mic. That is fantastic. maybe do more music?
I am a huge fan of Paulag and am in the redfish leagues. That one is not one I click with as much because it is beyond my control. I do better with performance measure initiatives. That one is entirely money based. So basically I am just going to have to creep along in that league unless I can buy in. It is still nice for tracking progress. Also there is a random pick each week for a sbi.
I think you are doing great!

Well, I can't buy in unless I want a divorce... lol

My wife is not real fond of my crypto adventures, I have quite a few ventures going right now. Some of which are only sweat equity in the companies, that only cost me my time but have some potentially large payouts.

Plus, I'm hoping it will make a great story building a sizable steemit account without investing anything other than time and knowledge.

Watch out those crypto adventures can be addictive :)
It is a whole other level of satisfaction that comes from the points that are earned. Then again I always did rosebud my Simms game

Guard your marriage, but I bet you'll win her over with time!

I've been searching for loose chain recently with the prices so low!

lol, always do. Yep, I've been hitting a bunch of bitcoin faucets on a daily basis, they are just a few cents, but if you hit enough of them it adds up. I've managed to buy about 20 steem over the last couple of weeks that cost me less than an hour a day.

I certainly hope I win her over, I have a couple pretty big payouts that are vested, that could actually create financial freedom if all the stars aline properly. One just started a Regulation D offering, which is SEC regulated, so I have to use caution when discussing.

Caution Will Robinson, Freedom lies ahead!

Thanks for the kind words, @coinsandchains.
Don't focus on that number 1 spot in the red fish leagues too hard. Everybody grows at his own pace, that is how it is and how it should be. So, instead you'd better make sure your accounts keeps growing steadily.

By the way, congrats on that great reward on your open mic entry.

This has motivated me even more to get to the magic 500 sp one day. Then I will be able to follow her example and help out someone myself.

Do you know anyone who might do that (delegate SP to you to 500 SP)?

How would you propose to do with it?

I am sorry I am not understanding the first question at all, you know how I am :D
As to wanting to reach the 500. That just gives the ability to broaden my circle. I try to keep up with the pifc features because my vote alone is tiny but coming in as a group the pif community can give a decent boost to a post.
Once my account is larger I feel I will be able to offer a more consistent and meaningful support to some of these blogs on my own instead of just the one time boost they get from being featured.
I see the same in some of the aspers features. Some great blogs but they aren't getting a lot in the way of even comments and enteractions.
I suppose I want to do with it the same as everyone else. Vote as much as possible especially where it seems to be most needed. Where else can I actually give away money and still keep it to give away again tomorrow?
I encountered a boy in Nigeria who climbs a tree to get a signal so he can do a post. A lady in Venezuela who used her payout to make a dinner for her children. I could go on and on.
"If You Were A Whale" is starting to sound like a great post topic.
Anyway I have a long way to go so plenty of time to think about.

Think about how pifc gained delegations and powered up to a high SP.
Propose a use that others would support or sponsor. That will take a lot less time than growing organically.
Having said that, even my SP is not enough to impact most people or posts to make a difference. I can't even give away SBI with my easy contests.
But, do think of a cause that many might support.

boy in Nigeria who climbs a tree to get a signal so he can do a post. A lady in Venezuela who used her payout to make a dinner for her children.

How do you encapsulate that?

At one time, I thought it was the mission of pifc (before there was a pifc) ...

You know I never thought about it that way. That is really something to mull over a bit. Thanks for offering up a different perspective.

I like your spirit and energy - "spunk", perhaps ...


  1. informal
    courage and determination.
    synonyms: courage, bravery, valor, nerve, confidence, daring, audacity, pluck, spirit, grit, mettle, spine, backbone;

You are unique at the very least. I know that you'll do great things if given the power.
And I have been watching you (in a good way) - I am sure that you know (the first part - watching).

Thanks so much! A complement always makes the day a bit brighter.
I don't think it takes much bravery to sit behind a keyboard. The really spunky ones are the ones living out there in challenging circumstances.
I think Steemit has the power to change lives for the better. The trick is in harnessing that power.
watching = steemit is a great place for people watching. Everything is so transparent here.

public speaking is the number 1 fear of many or most people ...

The Thing We Fear More Than Death | Psychology Today
Humans evolved as social animals to defend themselves from predators and other threats. ... We fear public speaking because we fear rejection, equating this on a primal level with the ... The fear is not just about public speaking, but is also faced my many others who are faced .... When Experience Is Not the Best Teacher.

Is Public Speaking The Number 1 Fear? – Public Speaking Power
Dec 31, 2013 - Pubic speaking is commonly stated as the number one fear, above everything ... More people are now afraid of running out of money in their old age, ... There are a lot of different studies out there, so if you really want to know ...
Public speaking is No. 1 fear of many Americans - Midland Reporter ...
Mar 27, 2018 - According to most studies, public speaking is the No. 1 fear for ... What is it about public speaking that makes so many people uncomfortable?

I am sorry I am not understanding the first question at all, you know how I am

IF you knew me, and I think that you do, you would understand ...

Oh sorry just caught that. No I do not. I won 200sp for 1 week that was nice and I have 75sp for a few more weeks from Simplymikes contest.

Could the question be rhetorical?

yeah I am slow on the uptake most days 😎

no, you are not slow, you just have a very strong sense of self and new ideas have trouble to sink in, sometimes or often times.

Great entry, I too was helped along by a delegation when I got started, and it made me work even harder to get a slider!

Thanks it really has been a huge help. Sadly I am more of a reader than a writer. That translates to I better scape up some money to buy Steem if I want to do all that voting. My one "good" post a month puts that slider about 5 years out. The one week expiration date makes the really good postings kind of sad. Putting the best stuff on Steemit makes no sense for what could be evergreen content.

Well, I think you are thinking of it the wrong way.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of people do. Steem is a revolutionary ecosystem, and it is not always immediately clear why certain things are so different from the way other sites work.

Here is an article I would recommend, from a different user, about the 7 day pay out period. After you read it, I would love to discuss it with you!


Today, I want to say thank you to @denmarkguy. Here is a guy who not only produces entertaining, insightful, and thought-provoking content, but who also takes the time to read and reply to the comments he gets. To top it all off, he even leaves upvotes very frequently on the replies to his posts. Class act all around!

Yes, I can see that he is very active in his conversations, very good choice. I just went through a couple of his posts, he's a pretty funny guy as well.

Thanks for the shoutout @dollarsandsense; appreciate your kind words!

I try to keep firmly in mind that I came here because this is a Social Content Site. Of course, we all like rewards, but that was primarily a fringe benefit. And "social" means interact and engage.


@freedomshift if you will please sponsor @denmarkguy

0eeac7a4 Freedomshift
freedomshift transfer 1 STEEM to steembasicincome @denmarkguy

I am glad to see this contest going into week #3!

I have updated the Open Contest Post to include this contest.

About what I am offering:

I have an Open Offer to sponsor or co-sponsor Contests in #ccc and I'll work out the details with you IF you have an idea for one!
  • My basic offer is 1SBI co-sponsorship for a contest in #ccc (a post that is following #ccc rules) to invite and welcome people to check out #ccc
  • If an entry to a #ccc contest is a #ccc qualified post, then, I am offering 1 additional SBI for every 6 qualified entries to welcome new members

The decision on who wins is entirely by the contest and not by me in any way.

But, again, I am open to suggestions and this is what I think could get some great contests started.

I would be happy to have you as a co-sponsor of my Punday Monday contests. I read the creed, and I think I qualify. Am I right in thinking, just tagging #ccc and including some infor about you is all that would need to change for next week's contest for it to be able to offer your SBI as well? Here's a link to this past week's:

I'll be happy to sponsor or co-sponsor contests at 1 SBI (base or minimum) IF the contest post is a #ccc qualified post:

  • use #ccc tag
  • include a reference to the creed - invitation or support

For higher levels of sponsorships, the entries themselves needs to be #ccc qualified:

  • 1 additional SBI for up to 6 #ccc qualified entries
  • 1 additional SBI for every 6 additional #ccc qualified entries

To start - just post your #ccc qualified post and I'll come to confirm my support, sponsorship and co-sponsorship.

Additional benefits - I'll upvote new #ccc members, if their posts are qualified posts, as much as my SP will allow me to.

Yes! Pun support!

@fibra59 has influenced me with the #memechallenge as it was that challenge that got me to dive into meme creation which has become a very handy tool for me in my post creation and for recreational fun.

Awesome choice, Everybody loves a good meme. The photo-bomb challenge is the bomb too. I was going through it laughing my butt off.

I am still a newbie, but when i was fresh off the boat i found @mountainjewel and quickly realized we were on similar path in life. I bugged them on Steem Chat and they were kind enough to give me a detailed reply and some feedback for my early posts, letting me in on how one should go about writing decent material and even excellent material on the steem platform. I am grateful for their patronage, their advice, their openness, and camaraderie! Thank you!

Awesome pick, and you both write great content. I thought about you yesterday, as I found out I have to go to Little Brasstown for a friends mother's funeral this afternoon.
Thanks for entering I have an article I've been working on (never enough time) that you will probably enjoy, if I ever get it finished.

thanks for honoring us @wildlocusthoney! we appreciate your kind words and are happy to pass on advice to talented newbies like yourself. happy you're here with us on the blockchain! much love!


I am going to go with another big helper of my account @thedarkhorse Helped me get started in writing contest. I don't win those but have fun doing them. Also he is very much a helper of steemit growth as he does a lot of contest and other just fun things on here.

Sorry for the late reply, I missed this one somehow. Great to see you back, I could not agree more on the @thedarkhourse I'm definitely a fan of the PIFC. I saw you had a contest for SBI shares going as well. I may have to enter....

Don't worry glad to know you also know him. Ya not that many in it pretty good odds. There is a lot of time left so who knows how many will enter. Not a huge prize but I thought it would be fun to try one.

I'm having fun with this one, lol one day it might pay for itself. I just had another idea for a contest this morning. I just don't know if anyone would be interested, I'm going to do a post today or tomorrow to see if anyone is interested.

Hi @coinsandchains! For this round, since you are not going to be the one selecting the winner, I would like to follow @ecoinstant's nomination and nominate you too! :) (you don't have to give me the SBI share since I won the last round, many thanks to you and @cicisaja :)
Although I only knew you very, very recently through this contest, I think what you do is really awesome. Saying thanks is most commonly forgotten through everyone's busy life. And you selflessly brought this initiative here, giving away SBIs to help the community. And you take the time and effort to read through everyone's post, to comment with heart and encouraging the community. So, this round of thanks is for you :)

Thank you, I'm honored by your kind words. It was really just an accident, that happened because I wanted to say thank you to a few people.
Plus, I really enjoy it, and it's a great way to meet more interesting people.

This week I am nominating @coinsandchains! I have just met this user not to long ago, and he is quite new, but I can already see that he has what it takes to get along in this crazy community of steemians. Apart from hosting the increasingly successful Thank You Economy contest, he also interacts with many users from all over the world, especially new users. He uses his resteems to find great new contests, programs and schemes that could help new and growing users like himself, and is always willing to spark up a conversation no matter how goofy. He has also shown himself to be quite prone to collaboration, and loves to participate in various contests across the blockchain.

rofl, thank you, you are so funny. I'm flattered, but I'm just the new guy trying to interact and grow. I like to have fun, a lot of people on here are way too serious.

Agreed! Humor is the best way to have a good time :)

I have a nice big list of great users that have helped me and others have a great time while here on steem, but I thought this week to start 'bottom-up'.


Fun is the most important. Speaking of fun, here's a music video I love that your handle makes me think of:

Ok, I about choked to death watching that. It looked like they were having a lot of fun with the cars. That would be a blast.

And also political! I love the combination of fun and activism

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I thought you would, they are classic pun books. He does it so masterfully too. The whole time I'm reading one, all the irony and puns just keep spinning around in my head. I've even been to the magic kingdom and the ogre-chobie swamp.

Have you read Robert Aspirin's M.Y.T.H. series?

I have 4 of them with a couple in the middle missing, so I've only read 2 of them. I haven't been book hunting in a long while, I used to carry looking for book lists in my wallet... Never enough time any more.

I'm a very silly person who doesn't always notice when the people around me are enjoying or not enjoying my silliness, but I'd like to nominate @paul.atreides for always going above and beyond to welcome silly people and help them feel comfortable. I run a pun contest, and ever since he started punning with us, he's always taken the time to chat with the other punsters about their puns, engage in some silliness, and send them some POCKET to both give them the means to vote for their favorite puns and to vote for his favorite puns using the POCKET. So, a huge thanks to @paul.atreides for always having a ready laugh and a friendly smile (I assume his smile is friendly. I haven't met him in person, so it could be full of sharp teeth. Not that sharp-teethed critters aren't friendly, but sometimes they're scary-friendly or scendly, and that's just a different look... @paul.atreides can be relied upon to snicker at this silliness, and that's why I feel okay being me on the blockchain. People like Paul.)

Well, I have to say that is probably the most Puntastic choice we have had so far. I am going to have to check out your pun contest, I have a tendency to be a bit silly myself. LOL, my spell checker even has Puntastic added to the dictionary.
Speaking of puns, One author in that arena that I enjoy is Piers Anthony and his Xanth series. They are some of the most pun-filled books I have ever read.

I grew up on Xanth! He collaborated with Mercedes Lackey on some books, too, and she is magnificent. I recommend "If I Pay Thee Not in Gold'

Posted using Partiko Android

Cheers for Piers!


Ahaha! Keep doing you because laugh or groan we are loving it! A user that helps us feel comfortable in our own skin, (or 'bytes' in this case) is to be cherished indeed :)

Yay for cherishing! And for cheer-ish-ing. And for chair-ish-ing!

How did you know I was sitting in a chair?!

I can sea-t you.

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I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity.

And I want to say thank you to @surpassinggoogle he has been so kind and supportive in this platform. He has been helping many people especially the people who posts about Ulogs! My account grew because of Him. Sir Terry if you read this may God continue to bless you for the rest of your life!

Truly an exceptional user that we can all learn something from.

Superb choice. He had built quiet a following and a reputation for being very wise and generous.

I agree with you guys!

I've learned a great deal from people here on Steemit in the short time that I've been here. A significant part of succeeding is the own personal hard work and dedication you put in but the other people of the puzzle is learning from those who have come before you and already have in depth knowledge of Steemit and all the services out there that can help you to succeed. I'd say my biggest influencers are people like @yabapmatt who you look to to see what they're doing or what they're using to achieve great success. There's a million other people I could list here too or course, all you have to do is look around enough and you're bound to find people like this that can help.

I would have to agree with you @yabapmatt is an awesome choice. He always has something going on from coding bots, to @steemmonsters, to witness projects. In the couple of interviews I've seen, he appears to be a pretty down-to-earth guy as well.

well then @coinsandchains, lucky me you just won a vote so i'll use the opportunity to enter with @ubasti

assuming i wont mention the same one as before i would have to say @lemouth because i have always lacked someone who understands physics at high level and can talk to normal people in my circles ... doing great work here with #steemstem

That's a great pick, I love @lemouth's articles as well. Very insightful, always loaded with information and @lemouth is always very engaged in the ensuing conversations and questions.

yes, truly an asset to the community, cleared up quite a few things for me so far, its not like i have physics professors lying around here up for grabs and free and online fora are usually full of rtfm's and people who don't even speak normalpeople peoplespeak :)
one of the best discoveries here so far, if not THE, since i'm interested in the matter ofcourse , lol

to each its own as long as no one tells me what mine is :p

Thanks to you for the nice words as well ^^

well, google says : 别担心;没什么要紧的

but i cant read that lol

I can't read it too :D

i must have mistaken you for someone else then :D

A Chinese mammoth?

@ubasti: thanks a lot for picking me up! And apologies for the late thanking. I was in offline vacation ^^

lol, better late than never. Man, that was a long vacation. south-pole? Did you do any awesome research while you were off?

I was offline in the US canyons, camping and hiking (and thus no computer). Sometimes, a good break is in order ^^

Sounds like fun. I just wander around it the woods here....

I am planning to write reports on the trip on @lesmouths-travel (in English). I just don't know when :D

Oh, didn't know you had that as well. I was poking around the Utopian discord and I think someone posted a cartoon of you and techslut. She seems rather interesting...

Thank you so much for this contest!! My influencer would be @rentmoney ! They are always posting great content and contests with the purpose of promoting other SteemIt Users or giving away free SBD!

Great choice, @rentmoney helped me win with a Pay It Forward Contest entry that I featured him in. He has some great contest and games, I try to hit most of them when I can. I dropped a crazy comment in the crazy comment contest last night, those are always fun.

I am just seeing this now. Thanks for your nomination. Since your comment is past the seven day threshold I will be over to visit your blog shortly to hand you out some upvotes :)

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Beautiful initiative @coinsandchains! I like that you're promoting SBI (one of my favorite initiatives!) and the whole gratitude and gift economy principle.

Much luck to all the participants!

If you want to give a shout out, feel free.