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In case any of you are struggling with writer's block, here's a little writing challenge to get your creative juices flowing.

The challenge:

Continue this story:

She closed the door gently, but couldn't lift her hand from the knob. She leaned against the wall, frozen, with the confused expression of someone who forgot why they walked into a room. She pushed the door back in slowly, careful not to make any noise, held it there for a few seconds, and closed it again. No! she thought. Go, please go! Her legs started moving awkwardly, like they had forgotten how to walk. She pressed the button for the lift, but couldn't get in when the doors opened, and stood there motionless until the doors closed again. A note! Maybe I should go back and write a note! She started walking back quickly, so that reason wouldn't catch up with her.

(the above text is free to copy/use)



  1. Write a separate post with your story starting with the above paragraph.

  2. Leave a comment on this post with the link to your entry, as well as the first paragraph YOU wrote.

  3. Stories must be at least 300 words and in English.

  4. You can use any title/ tags you like.

  5. No plagiarism, photos must be sourced.

Entries closed on 4th June at 19:00 GMT


My favorite story will receive a 5 SBD Prize. The comment with the most number of upvotes will also receive 5 SBD.

Good luck and Happy Steeming!



Sofia had made the decision to leave the city to fulfill her dream of being a dancer, she loved ballet and as a child she had strived to be the best of her group in the academy. Thanks to her work and perseverance she had obtained a scholarship in an important academy and could not miss this long-awaited opportunity, even if that meant having to be separated from her beloved Alberto.

Beautiful story, luck.

Waoo friend, an interesting story. regards...

An amazing story

Everybody have the commitment to look for the dream that impulse life. Love and courage are the essentials drivers. I enjoyed your approach. "...Quid pro quo Clarice..."

An amazing story

mucha suerte amiga!!!

Excelent story!

Excellent!. Regards.

Nice story! Good luck

success in your post.

Muy buena...

Trembling with fear, and with feelings confused by the strange love I felt; he took his lipstick and wrote on the wall "I must go, our love became an obsession and so it is very difficult to be free". Her husband, Jhon, was of strong character and uncontrolled jealousy, had taken him to beat her to release the hatred he felt when his wife talked and went for a walk with his friends; her behavior was silent, but capable of assassinating him without any compassion, all this combined, those that are leading to a predictable destiny, death.

My entry: Psychopaths in a relationship
This story becomes sinister starring two psychopaths.
I invite you to read it, greetings and good vibes. Good luck for all of you!

You were inspired friend. You complemented the story well.

I loved. The end has been crazy.

Amazing history and better ending. A quality reading.

I would love to see more works like this!

Excelente hermano. Suerte!!

Genial amigo @josecarrasquero. Suerte.

Muy bien logrado Amigo. Espectacular final. Suerte!!!!

Excelente amigo @josecarrasquero. Te adentraste e hilvanaste muy bien la historia. Saludos!!

Éxitos, mi estimado @josecarrasquero!!
She forgot the reason she was in the room as shivers ran down her spine, driving it from her every vein and causing her thinking to go hay-wire. She managed to get herself into the lift, but was still pondering.
"Should i have shouted, should i have given a signal, have i done the right thing?"

The thought that kept coming each time she managed to get herself was where she was going from here; was she going to walk like she never saw what Donald had done. The battle was not an easy one to fight.

Your first really grabbed me. Such a nice twist

Amanda had gone to the hospital to see Erick, but fear seized her. Erick was his fiancé an athletic and handsome man he met about 2 years ago.

My entry:

But at that moment he remembered when looking through his boyfriend's belongings he found those horrible tests that showed him the terrible mental illness that he suffered: he was pedophile. It was then that she decided to leave and abandon him. She went out and on the outskirts of the hotel I take a taxi back to her house. For Sabrina, Carlos was her love at first sight. She was 21 years old when she met him and fell in love with Carlos, a young man of 24 years old who presented himself as a retailer. Since they met, he was friendly and charming but also warm. He was a very handsome man, a true gentleman who treated her like a queen, so much so, that she came to feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

by @norkamoran

very good!

But it was not the reason that persecuted her, that memory of the past was frequently made, a message maybe she wanted to say, the truth is that that night her life would change. When Rachel woke up in the middle of the dream, a strange smell was felt between the four walls; small instants returned to his memory as if the past wanted something from her. She looked through the window at the drops of rain falling nonstop, Rachel could not To fall asleep this time, at the side of his bed his husband slept quietly, a light illuminated for a moment the darkness and a strange shape was projected on the glass of that window.

Very interesting, I will follow the link to see everything. Thank you for posting it.

uy! this is good

It had been a long and exciting night, Anna and Victor had made love until dawn, "he must be sound asleep," she thought as she stealthily pulled a pen out of her purse, took a napkin and wrote under the motel letterhead: " It was a wonderful night". She left it on the bedside table in the dim light of a lamp, looked again at his lover and was about to throw herself into the bed to give in to him once more, she took a deep breath and exhaled softly through her mouth as if expelling the desire of her interior, she took her purse and left.


Juan turned out to be the man silently in love with victory, sneaking into his room when she was not there. Here is my entry to the contest I hope it's from your grade.

I like it ! Eventhough english is not my language I will try ....
What's the deadline?

My entry

I never expected your love for me would fade and that too for no fault of mine. Is it my fault to suffer from cancer?. I knew this disease has deformed my physique. I lost eye brows, my hair turned gray, my skin has wrinkled. I look like a ghost now. You knew I was a guest in this world still you could not persuade your heart to wait till my death.Your love faded long way before.

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Very intriguing start!) I wonder what kind of stories the participants will have?)))

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Wow! This is nice! Is there like a deadline for submission of entries?

Hi @romeskie, It's 4th of June.

Hey dear @corina, here's my entry.

As she got to the door, she jerrked backwards as if she had lost her mind so soon again, she knew she had to do this. She had to let go of this love, this love she was holding unto so dear, despite all the times it had shown her it's other side.

Wow! Thanks for this another exciting contest @corina,Hope to submit my entries ASAP!

Here's my entry:

As quietly as she closed the door, she turned the knob once again and slowly pushed it open. The lights are still dim. He hasn't woken. She looked at the man slumbering peacefully on the soft round-shaped floating bed. She still can't believe she will be entrusting her son, the sole heir to the throne, to this person. He abandoned them. She could not understand why but he left her. She knows he loved her, still love her, but it's already too late. She had to go back to her kingdom before the trackers find them and kill her son.
Amidst the anxiety she slipped to the floor, getting her white gown stained with dust from the floor that has been deserted by cleaners over the weeks. Oh! What has come over me? She thought aloud to herself, if she had known, she would never have said no to him, the Love of her dreams! What really lifted her tongue to Betray her feelings? Possibly voodoo! Or maybe it was too good to be True! She lifted herself from the ground, I can still correct this wrong, I can still tell him my true feelings, she encouraged herself. She pressed the button for the lift, totally oblivious about everyone around her, only to find herself in the toilet instead of the hallway, she cried silently and quickly find her route back to the hallway and in no time hit the road to Victor's house.

I'm so not good at creatibe writing.
That even if I did want to continue with what you've dropped above....

I'd end up telling a bad ... or uninteresting story 😣😭😭

Deadline? Contest is interesting!

It's 4th of June. Look forward to reading your entry :)

Excellent, I like this type of contests, although I'm not so good at writing. Thanks @corina

Steemians never say "NO" to a challenge ... ACCEPTED

What a great idea for a contest!! :)