Yaay...I secretly wished that someone would make a goldfish one :P
Thank you for entering!

Great fun doing this, I like this idea of yours, get to see a variety of art from all over. keep them coming.

Very creative! The plant makes a very nice hat. :)

)))))It's true, @jayna!

That is very creative! Thank you for entering! >3

I am very glad to hear it!

Dear all. I want to be part of this great contest too! Hope you like it:


Great work! Thank you so much for entering! <3

Great work! Thank you so much for entering! <3

I glitched mine! @creativesteem Do you want to use this as a template for the winner? You (or I) could pit the winner in the middle photo, with their @ name in the headlines!
CS Newspaper.jpg

Love that idea! We should totally do that!
The winner will be announced on Wednesday afternoon :)
Oh...and if you decide to make a post with this...I can add you to the showcase.

I had to take it a few steps further for my Madlib News Week 2...
Check out my end result! LOLOL!!!
MadLib News copy.jpg

Ahaha! Very funny! :)

I love this!!!!!

Sounds great! I am also looking forward to it! <3

I've decided to start working on this. I just noticed the deadline. LOL

Great work! This was my second secret wish that someone would make :)
A little person! For some reason...I have always liked to think of the world from this perspective.
Thank you so much for entering! <3

Oh man I missed the deadline for this one.. followed your new account!!!!!!!

Thank you for the follow! <3
There will be a new contest up tonight! :)

Thanks.. I will be waiting and looking.. I enjoy these as it gives me content and different creative ideas!!! Keep it up!

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