800+ Followers ,10 SBD Giveaway.

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Hi All, Crypto Sludge here.

I have been away so we missed a couple giveaways, but here we go, just broke 800! so time to give something back to you!


Since i am bit low on SBD, i am changing the rules a bit, 3 names from my followers lists will be chosen in 4 days (instead of 48 hours) being away have it's price, feel free to help and spread the word as you see fit.

1st place : 5SBD
2nd place: 3SBD
3rd place : 2SBD

Good luck to all!

Trade ON!

Crypto Sludge.


Hi congratulations for your achievement, best of luck

Great achievement mate @cryptosludge! I have recently passed 1000 followers.

Congrats bro...for your achievement...@cryptosludge
Glad that i am also your one of those follower..

Thanks for the support!

Great followers.. Hope u dont get much fake bots as followers..
Nice to see giveaway.. Resteemed

I am sure some are, not much i can do about it, but those who talk to me like you, i know for sure are not. thanks!

Haha i have 500 followers... But dont receive any upvote or comment on my blog from them.. Thats sad part.. Btw iam not bot😄

Congrats on your 800 followers @cryptosludge wohoo
thank you for your support
cheers o/

Hi dear congratulation for your 800 followers :)

Congrats, Bro...

Congratulations! it's nice to hear that you got 800 followers. I wish you'll get 1k soon.

Congratulations :)

Wow! congratz Bro! And may the odds be ever in my favor this time... :D

Wow. We won't be required to do anything to earn the SBD?

Required? nope, never. If you are on my followers list you are in the lottery.

Oh. Ok. That's great. Luck to us.

thank you so much for your kindness

My pleasure :)

Thanks for sbd in advance

hehehe, good luck :)

😁😁😁Thank you

Congrats @cryptosludge on the landmark 800 followers. I believe this is just the beginning for you and am glad to be part of the journey with you. Take it to the moon.

Excellent initiative friend, congratulations for your 800 followers, I hope you continue to increase and soon overcome the barrier of 1000!

Congratulations on your growing number of followers more power to you

good initiative

Welcome back and congrats on your achievement. It's so cool what you're doing here. Giving minnows something to look forward to. Kudos

Congratulations! great achievement I hope you can share with your followers the ways you used to call the attention of people and most importantly how to stay updated, again congratulations

Congratulations :)

Congrats on 800 @cryptosludge, well done!!!!

Congratulations on your achievement sir

Congrats for 800+ followers and wish me luck I am in

Congratulations @cryptosludge, for having climbed a new stage, now the new goal is 1000

Congratulation ! I wish I could get this achievement as your

congratulation for reaching a milestone. I just added to your followers list.

What a milestone reached , congratulations man , i wish you more and more sucess on this platform and in life...more greese to your elbow

Congratulations on your achievement more to come

Happy to hear about your number of followers

Nice to see you back and congratulations


Congratulations! I'm in. :)

Congratulation on your 800 followers
i hope to be lucky o/
have a great night

Felicidades :)

Top gesture

congrats for 800
it is nice way to celebrate by giveing away something back to community

Congratulations for your 800 followers, you really deserve it! This is a very good initiative and sure you can get many followers more!