WIN Prize Pool 15 SBD - Cool Curator Contest #15 - Plus Winner from Week #14

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60 Players this past week! Wow this is getting big!

My apologies for taking so long to get this contest published. Life got crazy and my computer hard drive failed.


Each week Community members can donate to the prize pool for this contest to make it bigger!. I'm so excited to see the community coming together to make this contest much more rewarding.

There are no additional donors for this week, so this contest is for the base prize of $15 SBD.

If you choose to donate for next week's prize please submit either STEEM or SBD to my wallet with a memo stating "Donation For Cool Curator Contest Prize Pool". Your name will be listed at the top of the next contest just like this. Thank you.

Base prize is now $15 SBD!

When this contest becomes self-sustaining I'll up the base prize to $20 SBD. So enter and share the contest so this contest post can earn enough to cover the prize reward. Good luck!

How To Enter this contest

Create a post of your own (on your own Steemit blog) sharing a Daddykirbs YouTube Channel video (any video you like).
Step 1. - Title your post "Daddykirbs Cool Curators Contest Entry - @yourusername"

Step 2. - Embed a video that you like from the Daddykirbs YouTube Channel and share a short story (a few sentences or more) why that is one of your favorite videos. (paste the url of the YouTube video into the post. Steemit does the rest)

Step 3. - Tag 2 Steemit friends in your post (simply insert their usernames in the post with the @ symbol like - @username )

Step 4. - Paste a link to your post in the comments of this Contest Post below

Get 1 BONUS ENTRY simply by resteeming this contest!

It would be very helpful to let me know in your comment that you did resteem this contest post. With your entry post and a resteem you can get a total of 2 entries. When I make the list of participants I'll put your name on the list twice once your post and the resteem are confirmed.

Traducción en español proporcionada por @amaponian (taken from his post)

Gánate 15 SBD en este concurso. Se gana por sorteo, así que no importa mucho si escribes bonito o feo. Son 15 SBD por semana. Puedes escribir en inglés, español o cualquier otro idioma. El ganador lo decide el azar y la suerte.

Está en inglés, pero las bases son simples:

  1. Crea un post llamado "Daddykirbs Cool Curators Contest Entry - @TuNombreDeUsuario"
  2. Escoge un video cualquiera del Canal de daddykirbs en YouTube y pega el link en tu post.
  3. Describe por qué te gustó ese video.
  4. Menciona a dos amigos de steemit para que se agreguen (si quieren) al concurso.
  5. Vota la convocatoria al concurso.
  6. Pega un comentario con el link a tu post en la convocatoria al concurso.
  7. Restimea la convocatoria (opcional). El restimeo recibe un ticket adicional en el sorteo.

Picking a Winner For Last Week!

The Contestants For Last Weeks Drawing

@lunalozada is down at the time of the drawing so I used a different picker.

Here is the video showing the winner being drawn by

Congratulations to @cordovat !

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

Participate each week for more chances to win!

Please consider donating to the prize pool! This will be more fun as we make it bigger and bigger.

Thank you to @hanshotfirst @donkeypong for donating last week!


WOW I cannot believe my eyes! Thanks @daddykirbs, @hanshotfirst, @donkeypong and all donors.

It's good news for anyone but for a Venezuelan you cannot begin to imagine what a blessing this prize is. And it's been two weeks almost in a row! How cool is that?

This contest is bringing joy, emotion and a much needed help to many Venezuelan families.

God bless you and good luck for everyone next week.

I'm so happy to hear that the contest has blessed you!

I meant two weeks almost in a row. Thank you very much.

Congratulations to the winner! But considering @daddykirbs is the one doing this while we are having the fun and seeing it grow the Congratulations goes to him as well!
My entry:

Thank you @weetreebonsai ! You are entered x2

Thank you! You are entered x2

Hello @daddykirbs. Here is my entry, sorry for delay

Thanks for making this possible... I give you my upvote and resteemed this post... Regards

Thank you! You are entered x2

Count on my participation

Saludos, @daddykirbs. Dejo mi entrada para participar en el concurso:

Votado y reesteemeado. Suerte para todos.

Thank you! You are entered x2

Felicitaciones @cordovat espero que todos sigan participando por que es cuestiòn de suerte, yo gane ya hace unas rifas atras posiblemente vuelva a tentar mi suerte màs adelante, hay que darle oportunidad a otros ja ja ja.

@daddykirbs, @hanshotfirst, @donkeypong Thank you

Congratulations @cordovat I hope everyone continues to participate because it is a matter of luck, I win and makes a few raffles later I may try my luck again later, we must give opportunity to others ha ha ha.

Thank you! you are entered. RESTEEM the contest post for that BONUS ENTRY :)


thank you I had forgotten, learning to do fun and different things

Thank you! You are entered x2

Thank you! You are entered x2

Entry post

Resteemed and upvoted

Thank you! You are entered x2

It is a pleasure to participate in your contest, @daddykirbs. Here's the link to my participation. I hope meet the requirements. Greetings

Thank you! You are entered x2

Felicitaciones a @cordovat . Gracias, @daddykirbs por esta oportunidad semanal en este estupendo concurso.

que son muy bienvenidos

Does that mean "You are very welcome"? or does "De nada" do better in this case?

Both are valid, I think the most important thing is that you, @daddykirbs, bless many people with this contest and this generous prize. For me, as a Venezuelan, I suffer and suffer what many every day in our country because of the current situation, it is a great help. Thank you for that and for providing us with your videos the vision of a quiet life full of spiritual and emotional values, enjoying the love of family and neighbor in each of your posts, as it should be. Saludos desde Venezuela.

I'm still participating, here's my ticket for week # 15. Voted and reesteem. Thanks for this new opportunity! Greetings from Venezuela :

Thank you! You are entered x2

This contest is fun and productive! Thank you! I already shared in my blogs, here is my post

Thank you! You are entered x2

Congratulations to the winner!

Good job friend greetings!

The contest this week is for $15 SBD. Thank you! you are entered x2

Here is my entry and I thank you in advance for that video and those tips which will help me to improve a bit the crisis in my country Venezuela a big hug for you

Thank you! You are entered x2

You are entered. RESTEEM for that bonus entry.

Thank you! You are entered x2

If you had links to your YouTube channel, it would have been very beneficial if I could easily find any of your videos if I used to say how to find your YouTube channel

Thank you one of my questions. I could not understand your three rules. I just can not understand what I would use tag here

Tagging two people that you know on Steemit simply by mentioning them in your post like this @weetreebonsai @amaponian . Many people write a sentence inviting their steemit friends to participate in the contest.

Thanks and resteem the contents

You did it! Thank you. You are now entered x2

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Thank you! you are entered x2

Thank you! You are entered. Now you can RESTEEM this post for that bonus entry :)


Resteemed and upvoted :-)

Thank you! you are entered x2

My post

Also resteemed and upvoted

Thank you! you are entered x2

Thank you! You are entered. Now you can RESTEEM this post for that bonus entry :)

Thank you! you are entered x2

Thank you! you are entered x2

Thank you! you are entered x2

Gracias por la oportunidad que nos das y la invitación de @nellita66 esta es mi entrada al concurso :

Thank you! you are entered x2

Hi to al!!! blessings, my contest post is there:

Hi, @daddykirbs ;) lml
thanks a lot for this contest, im from Venezuela too, here we get a loot of farms and places just like you there, the beautiful nature and cowboy´s or farms work too, when i was a little child my family had a country farm,
they pass away but when i watched your videos i really remember a lot those times, so, for me, watch your videos give me awesomes memories into my mind, so i am a real winner because this memories comes to me and make´s me happy, so i only wanna say than thanks a lot for create your cool videos. really,by the way and i upvoted and reestem this post too :)

I'm very happy to hear that my posts and videos give you joy :)

;D thanks for your words, yes, if you wanna take a quickly look about this post, its an old one, i write a little bit about my family farm times too: - simon diaz its a venezuela singer, very cool one, his most famous hit its called old horse (ray conniff cover that song) and its a country music popular from here, he its the most famous singer here, very lovely music, this chant its about cowboy that wake up 4am for get the milk to the cows, its a slow song for the cows, cabrestero its the name of that kind of worker so, i really like the farm life, brings me a lot of memories, blessings my friend :)

Thank you! You are entered x2

You almost got it! Now edit your post with two names of people you admire and follow on Steemit :)

Also once you edit your post with the tagged friends you can RESTEEM the contest for a bonus entry.

Did you see that I did the post that was okay to sticky my post because I have never posted a contest before. If there is a mistake, I can tell that I am correcting it and that you are saying that my post is about to resteem my friends

I see now that you have added tags. Thank you. You are now entered into the contest. By RESTEEMing the contest you will have 2 entries.

Thank you! You are entered x2

Hola @daddykirbs
Gracias por la oportunidad y gracias a @marybellrg. Por la invitación.
Esta es mi entrada al concurso:

Resteemed y upvoted

Thank you! You are entered x2

Hello Daddy! Here my entry! thank you for the opportunity.

Upvoted & Resteem 😀😁

Thank you! You are entered x2

Saludos. Mi participación. Gracias por esta excelente iniciativa.

Thank you! You are entered

Thank you! You are entered x2

Felicitaciones para @cordovat

Mi participación de esta semana aquí

Thank you! You are entered x2

Thank you! You are entered x2

I'm supporting this great contest. The more the merrier.

This is my entry:

Upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you! you are entered x2

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