WIN Prize Pool 25 SBD + 5 STEEM - Cool Curator Contest #14 - Plus Winner from Week #13

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I'm loving the participation in this contest! 44 players!


Each week Community members can donate to the prize pool for this contest to make it bigger!. I'm so excited to see the community coming together to make this contest much more rewarding.

Please consider following our donors!

@hanshotfirst donated 5 STEEM (20 STEEM donated that will be spread out over 4 contests)
@donkeypong donated 10 SBD (30 SBD donated that will be spread out over 3 contests)

If you choose to donate for next week's prize please submit either STEEM or SBD to my wallet with a memo stating "Donation For Cool Curator Contest Prize Pool". Your name will be listed at the top of the next contest just like this. Thank you.

Base prize is now $15 SBD!

When this contest becomes self-sustaining I'll up the base prize to $20 SBD. So enter and share the contest so this contest post can earn enough to cover the prize reward. Good luck!

How To Enter this contest

Create a post of your own (on your own Steemit blog) sharing a Daddykirbs YouTube Channel video (any video you like).
Step 1. - Title your post "Daddykirbs Cool Curators Contest Entry - @yourusername"

Step 2. - Embed a video that you like from the Daddykirbs YouTube Channel and share a short story (a few sentences or more) why that is one of your favorite videos. (paste the url of the YouTube video into the post. Steemit does the rest)

Step 3. - Tag 2 Steemit friends in your post (simply insert their usernames in the post with the @ symbol like - @username )

Step 4. - Paste a link to your post in the comments of this Contest Post below

Get 1 BONUS ENTRY simply by resteeming this contest!

It would be very helpful to let me know in your comment that you did resteem this contest post. With your entry post and a resteem you can get a total of 2 entries. When I make the list of participants I'll put your name on the list twice once your post and the resteem are confirmed.

Screenshot_20180426-220523_Adobe Comp.jpg

Picking a Winner For Last Week!

The Contestants For Last Weeks Drawing


Being only on my phone right now I could not produce the winners video. Here are some snapshots of the winner being selected.



Congratulations to


Thank you for sharing this time with me!

Participate each week for more chances to win!

Please consider donating to the prize pool! This will be more fun as we make it bigger and bigger.

Your name will be listed at the top of the post just like @hanshotfirst @donkeypong is this week. This may help you gain followers :)


Gané el concurso. Otra vez. Gracias a los que me felicitaron. Y suerte a todos para esta nueva edición del concurso.


Buenisimo y suertudo a disfrutarlo @amaponian

  1. Mi Participación Aquí
  2. Votada esta publicación.
  3. Resteemiada esta publicación.
  4. Reglas del concurso traducidas al español Aquí.

¡Buena suerte a todos los participantes!

¡Saludos desde Venezuela!

Thank you! You are entered x2

Greetings @daddykirbs, this is my entry ... thanks for the contest

by the way, I resteem this publication ... Regards

Thank you! You are entered x2

Thank you so much for constest.
I've upvoted and resteemed this post.

here is my entry:

Thank you! You are entered x2

all the rules met, my entry here

Thank you! You are entered x2

Ayyyy! yo no entiendo el ingles muy bien, no me quiero equivocar. pero me gustaria participar :(

es muy sencillo @heidiwo, en mi entrada esta la explicación en español, guiate de allí para participar! y cualquier duda puedes preguntarme :-)

Thank you @inspiracion for helping @heidiwo with the contest!

you are welcome! :D

Hola sr. [email protected] daddykirbs ya vote por el post.
Ya le di restemer
aquí esta mi publicación. Saludos Sr. daddykirbs

Thank you! You are entered x2

Saludos hola esta es mi entrada para el concurso:

Esperando que luke se mejore pronto @daddykirbs

waiting and praying for Luke to improve soon @daddykirbs

Thank you! You are entered x2

Felicidades a el ganador 🙌

Felicitaciones al ganador de esta semana, @amaponian

Thank you very much, @daddykirbs, for helping the entire Steem community with this wonderful contest that, week after week, helps someone who needs it and in an altruistic and disinterested way. Here is my entry for week # 13:

Upvoted, Follow and Reesteem.
Greetings from Venezuela.

Thank you! You are entered x2

Felicitaciones por fin te toco @amaponian nos hiciste llegar el concurso a muchos, yo fui una ganadora y por fin te toco Yupi como dijo el amigo y profe @lanzjoseg tu te lo mereces.
Esperando que Luke mejore y orando por su recuperación.

Esta es mi participación para el concurso. Le deseo suerte a todos los participantes!

Thank you! You are entered x2

Tag a couple of steemit friends in your post for the entry :)

Happy Sunday! This comment is to inform you that your contest has been mentioned in the most recent Weekly Homesteading Newsletter! Thanks and have a great day!

Thank you! I'm so grateful that you want to help share this contest. It's growing :)

Thank you! You are entered. Resteem the contest for that bonus entry! :)

Thank you! You are entered x2

Thank you! You are entered x2

Listo amigo Daddykirbs @daddykirbs , ya vote,
ya le di restemer
esta es mi entrada al concurso. Espero que su hijo este mucho mejor.

Felicitaciones amigo @amaponian usted se lo merece. Saludos a toda la Familia.

Thank you! You are entered x2

Hi @isabelpena ! Thank you for entering the contest. Paste a Daddykirbs video into your post for an official entry. :)

Thank you, done. I am sick and I am lost.

Thank you! You are entered x2

Entry post

Resteemed and upvoted, greetings

Thank you! You are entered x2

Also reestemed and upvoted @daddykirbs :-)


Also resteemed and upvoted dear friend

Hola Daddy, te di mi voto e hice resteem a esta publicación, muchas gracias por el concurso... esta es mi entrada.

Saludos...Por aca les dejo mi participación:

Vota y reesteemea esta publicación...Suerte para todos...

Thank you! You are entered x2

HI my friend, this is my post link:

I reesteem your post and upvoted too! Blessings from Venezuela.
By the way very cool videos ;) i like more than one lml

Hi !! this is my entry. Good luck everybody !

already upvoted & resteemed

all the rules met, my entry here

Glad to participate once again. Post upvoted. Here is my entry: Good luck everbody!!!!

I did it 7 days ago, but I forgot to hang it here. I hope to be on time

Genial @amaponian. Felicidades. Un fuerte abrazo.


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