My submission to Contest fun community ! (Stone as Art)

in #contest9 months ago

You who know @kus-knee knows that he likes to run creative competition. Well, now that the communities have launched guess what ? He has made a new community: contest fun ! For this contest the topic is “Stone as art”. I made this post once already but I apparently only posted it into the community and didn’t share it with my standard feed so I will post it here again to spread the word. I guess I haven’t figured out cross posting yet, anyone want to give any pointers how to do that ?

So for my submission I have chosen to share the Stone path that lead to my house. I don’t know the name of the stone that has been used to make it but I sure find it beautiful. The random shaped stones combined with the surrounding glass makes for a nice mosaic pattern. Here are my photos:






Hope you liked the photos and wish you an awesome weekend !


What a lovely path! And, a fun contest. When you figure this community posting/ blog stuff out please let me know! I have a hard time fining my posts and stuff sometimes LOL.

Yea it will definitely take some time figuring it out. In the same time it’s a nice challenge to keep updated here and be in the forefront of innovation

Pretty colors, I almost thought that the path was water and moss.

Thanks :) it has been raining a lot here lately. There are actually flood warnings all over the place, so in a way you are right, because the path is drenched in water and I also think the color and reflections remind of water.

I have a small creek in my backyard and I have never seen it been more than a few decimeters of water ( I guess two feet). But now it’s more than twice that. Soon my backyard is gonna be flooded as well I guess


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