Steem4STEM Official Writing Contest 1 - Enter by 6/14

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Hey Everyone,
I've been looking at ways to help promote good content on Steem for a while. Thanks to some great suggestions, I have decided to host a contest. Official entry details are below.


Any topic in a STEM Area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) or a related area (ex: Health). Does not have to be technical, can be a point of view article on a STEM-related topic


1st - 10 SBD
2nd - 5 SBD
3rd - 3 SBD


  1. Must upvote and resteem this post
  2. Entries should be posted as comments below
  3. Multiple submissions are allowed
  4. Any plagiarism or excessive paraphrasing of existing content (on Steem or any other media) will not be eligible for any prizes. I reserve the right to run any entries through a plagiarism service. Disqualification will be determined at my own discretion.
  5. All entries must be made by Thursday 6/14 at Midnight EST. The winners will be selected by Monday 6/18

Judging Criteria

In determining the winners, I will look for the following

  1. Creativity and Uniqueness of Topic
  2. Interest of Subject/Content
  3. Quality of Writing


Please post any questions related to this contest in the link below. I would like to keep this post clean so it is easy to find entries.


I am self funding this contest at a considerable expense. I would like to make a weekly, self-sustaining contest. We are looking for sponsors for future contests. Please comment below if you are interested.

In addition to helping support this contest, please support fellow contestants by reading their entries and upvoting their posts if you enjoy them. Everyone is investing a considerable amount of time to come up with a topic and post quality content.



Here os my entry....

Try this with optimism and i promise you a fit , healthy and sound life.

Update 6/15 - Looks like we only had 4 entries.
Unfortunately, only 1 entry (@outofsteem) followed the contest rules and upvoted & resteemed this post so @outofsteem is our sole winner for this contest. I liked all of the submissions and did not want anyone to leave empty-handed since time and effort went into the submission, so I provided upvotes to our contestants.

Oh , i forgot to resteem and upvote ,please send me some SBD i really have put my mind on it , look at the stress i undergo before i got my post done please , use this as warning against next time sir..

I appreciate your submission and participation in the contest but it wouldn't be fair to send you some SBD as there were other submissions who I'd also have to send SBD. Also, the purpose of the resteem is to increase awareness of the contest. By not resteeming, you give yourself an unfair advantage because it limits the pool of contestants. I did upvote your post, which will give you a payout in a few days. If I host another contest, I will allow you to resubmit this submission as entry into that contest. I think this is the only way to be fair to everyone who participated.

Thanks man. , waiting on your next contest..

Hey @danvillani , you can share the remaining. SBD amongst the remaining contestants...thats fair enough

Introduction to Master Data Management

What is "master data management?

Master data management is essentially a method of centralization for a system of data. What does this mean? Think of it like an effort to unite all the people under one king. Essentially, all data serves under one authority of organization. This technology is a vital tool for managing a system. Master data management seeks to standardize all data in the system for the master file. This master file is like the "king" of all the data in the system. The technology is great for market analytics; centralizing data will allow you to make more effective decisions.

Why do people use it? What problems does it address?

This method of organizing data is useful because it performs very vital operations for organization. It is best for large scale companies who need to organize a vast amount of files, particularly for analytics. Having all data centralized under an authoritative unit allows analytics that view data in not just the abstract but in the specific. This analysis, as stated above, is the core of master data management's application. When there is an excessive amount of data, an MDM solution is what is often desired.

Key considerations for master data solutions

MDM, as a burgeoning technology, needs important considerations. If you're going to use it, you need a plan to consolidate the data. Make sure not to arbitrarily delete files from the master data system, as it might lose you very important data. Make a centralized plan to consolidate the data. You really have to make sure you have an amazing IT dept, as they are now the arbiters of the data.

cAn i take part in it?

Can i write about health-related home remedies?

Sure, that works!

Well thank you for assistance :)

is it allowed medical related post dear?

Yes, medical is allowed

Good to see this initiative and i hope that many authors will participate, it's not my niche otherwise i would participate but i want to appreciate your work because you are giving others an opportunity of exposure. Now great to see that we are watching many healthy contests and also many awesome content creators are joining and we can see the positive results on this platform.

And productive point is you are encouraging STEM subject so it's really appreciable and i hope that people will going to share effective Opinionated posts.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback!

Welcome and thank you. 🙂

Hi, my friend. thanks for this post. Please help me to make progress.wink

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