Win 5 SBD By Writing A Funny Comment On What You'll Do If The World Ends In An Hour

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Hello, fellow Steemers! It is time for another "win that 5 SBD contest"!

Heaven forbid if the world is ending soon. But what would you do if you know it is going to end in an hour?

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As for me, I think I would grab, hold and kiss the nearest hot, sexiest babe I could find and shout to the world, "If I'm gonna die, then I'm dying here happy!!!".

That funny thought inspired me to post a contest that lets you win easily 5 SBD! Yes, you read that right! You win 5 SBD by writing a funny comment on what you'll do if the world supposedly ends in an hour.

Great, so what are the rules?

  1. Upvote and resteem this post first. I need to have the free publicity.
  2. Write a funny comment on what you'll do if the world supposedly ends in an hour and have it judged by me. Anything goes as long as its funny.
  3. Only one entry per Steem username account to be fair.
  4. The entry that I choose as the funniest by the time of this post's payout will win 5 SBD.
  5. Entries without following the 4 rules will not be eligible to win.

Please read the rules well before submitting your entry! No more upvotes by bots this time to be fair to others as I'll be the one to judge!

5 SBD means really it's worth about 30 USD or more in today's current prices! Great! So what are you waiting for? Post your entry in the comments below now!


Backup my steemit keys.

Watch star wars by watching only 1 minute of every 3.

mangita na kog laki kay NBSB pa tawn ko. 🤣🤣🤣
please bitaw ni haahahhaha

wahhhh hahaha mangita njud ka ana mam 60 minutes left nlng hhahha

haahaahah uo oi . ipa wanted pangga or ipa bombo radyo or ipa worlwide telecast dayun para madali. hahahaah

I know just what i would do. First I'd cook up something super delicious and share it with all my 14 pets then try to reply to all my replies on steemit. Then find something super brainy on you tube unless the lady wants to watch something else on regular tv. I'd rather watch poop get cold. Basically the same thing I do everyday except I'd hope the world ends before her shows come on.

i am going to collect all the 7 dragon ball and make a wish, i will transfer everyone to mars including me. hehehe that gonna ruin the plan of everyone, after that i will laugh as hard as i can because i sabotage all you . but because it take 1 hour to make this comment i think i don't have time to do that anymore hehehe

hahaha umpisahan na natinmaghanap ng dragon balls.,

ahahah oo pwedi na yan kaso 1 hour lang naubos na ung oras pag comment ko palang eh

hahaha patay na.,

thank you very much .


I'll go back to my home planet. The world is not enough.

I think I would grab, hold all my haters and die with me..hahhahaha


I'll preach Jesus to everyone I meet and keep smiling because my Saviour is coming for me...

I would run round the blocks naked screaming at the top of my voice shouting The World Is About To End.

Wow, you must be Bill Gates

I dream to be him

First on my list is Ned scott

Then i aim higher

I will sing the hell out of "its the final countdown!". lol :D


Im happy because my depth die together and the people who i lend money we're sad. We're too many barrower.

I will surely go to the finest restaurants and order the most expensive food in their menu then paid them a coin and then run to be chased until they realized that the world will be end pursuing and wasting their time on me.wahahahahahaha.

Great , but this contest is over.

Well if he world come end an hour and hey I know I was a sinner and if the end comes I will surely on the hell and that was my goal in life to be in hell because I will change Lucifer in hell whahaha and i will cut his tail make his tail as my reliever on my drinking whisky BWAHAHAHAHAHAHa

hahaha tuba nlang.,

Whaha mas masarap whisky gagawin ko sisig buntot ni lucifer hahahahha

I will exchange all my Cryptos 😁😁

I will go to Elon Musk and we both will take off to Mars in a SpaceX satellite and without wasting any time, I will start earning more SBD using NASA's internet service on Mars ;)

If the world ends in an hr...
Oh c'mon! I've been thinking for a nice joke for an hr now! hr? Oh fvxk good bye world!


Take a nude picture, upload it with the caption "for all those who never got a chance"..tho my parents would see those...lmaooooo

i want to drive an furious car in full speed and firing with my gun on every building and shout again and again comone comone with me

i broke my computer with the sadness of my crypto lost and after i only laugh again and again

wow i will suppose that time and i think i have lot of money and i will throw all the money on roads and on people

I would rush around the city and scream: "Everything is lost! We will all perish!" And kicked all who did not want to run away.

For me, if the last hour in the world I will going to tie my family in the wall and kiss them and hug them until the last minute drop.

Am gonna release all the prisoners and ask them to join forces with me to steal money in the bank!

hahaha nice i comeout on the road and hug and kiss every sexy lady and eat every thing which i like from shops like as a mad

..if the world ends in an hour,I would eat the tastiest lechon,smoke weed and get high and be drunk til I can't stand,so I wont notice how it would end.
..Happy New Year sir @darthnava 😊

PS;never done that drinking hard and smoking weed before but eating lechon is a previleged you get when living in Cebu

I would check for the last price of SBD, incase i would be asked as a test in heaven.

pray to god to end the world.

@darthnava I upvoted and resteemed this post just now.

If I only had an hour, I would rush to Kroger and buy my most favorite ice-cream of all time and eat it all in the parking lot. As a diabetic, it would probably kill me first and my death would be copacetic.

Death by Chocolate deluxe.jpg

1 hour left? The world must be in chaotic
the first 5 minutes I'd go to the sex toy and try the sex doll
the next 5 minutes I'd try to slit someone's throat on purpose so I can see they say "why would you do thhhha.. akhhh.. akhh...?"
20 minutes I'd go to the games store and try any portable games
10 minutes I'd try to drive the Lamborghini
4 minutes I'd tell the deaf with body language that people are panicking because the banks give free money.
5 minutes I'd steal Eminem's casio watches and nike shoes
10 minutes Get drunk and smoke weed
1 minutes left, I'd sleep unconscious
and the world ends, please wake me up when i'm sober

I'm going to feed psychedelics to alligators while listening to Monty Python's 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'.

Just because I can.

I would finally admit that I enjoy watching "My Little Pony".

If the World was going to end in an hour, i would call 911😁.

I will hook myself to a beautiful girl in Tindr!Oh my I can't die a virgin🤤🤣

I hope di nako pumalya nito. If the world ends in an hour, I would definitely the funniest videos on and youtube while sitting next to the person I hate the most in the world. It would be a great idea to make friends with someone you hate before the world ends right? Money has no value anyway since the world is going to end.

hahaha what if sabyagan nlng nato sila ug hinugas mam? wahhahha

Di ta maghinugawan hahaha

hahaha aw bitaw kay manimaho ta didto.,

"No big deal, I'll go to my room..shots the door, then I dance and sing a song."
Why? Oh yes, at last I don't need to use a rope!

Just for fun-xd

wahhhh hhaha nice idea.

Haha a brilliant idea, save my penny to buy a rope lol

Hehehehe just jocky post..I smile now..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

I will prepare the list of girls to take my sweet revenge on them in my style😎and I will have peaceful journey.

I think Im gonna go to the nearest fancy restaurant and devour all the delicious food until I die. Atleast Im going to die with a full tummy :D

wahhh dapat nga nmn busog bka walang pagkain doon., haha

I'll beep @darthnava and tell him, "The world ends in an hour, our souls need to perform some good works - share me some SDB's!"

I would drive my car as fast as I could, burn the tires and probably die with a big smile before the end of that hour.

As I never have enough gasoline, in case that I survive my mad car race, I would just sit on some high ground and enjoy the scene. Last time it happened 65 million years ago, and I want to be as brave as the T-Rex

I will review my nakedness before it reviews itself but won't show up my karot ...😂😂😂

I would love to catch up on some sleep.

I walk to church naked in freezing Siberia.

If I know it is going to end in an hour?
I will break all the clicks and live like 10 years ;)

Hei, I resteemed this post even before reading the rules, I found it funny enough to do that which I need on my blog aince my posts lately were kind of sad. To answer the question, I think I have tried to imagine how these thinks would happen. Here is what I concluded: I would panic! I would start crying and praying to god. I would hug people random laughing and crying. I would go into a jewery shop and take grab all the jewers I could take only to hold them in my hands and admire their shining. Then in the last few minutes I would lay on the ground and watch the sky. If I could find a hod lady to do that with me, that would make my last hour happier, but if not, that's okay.

PS: I would drink one coffe too, even though my body does not appreciates it that much :)

Procrastinate .. because if the world would end in an hour I won’t have to do it..hehe :))

Try to get the best seat possible so i can watch it happen

then first i cry and after i broke my everything from my house and then met all my friends and enjoy on sea and make a large shout all together

I will be sad that my cryptos never made it to the moon. At least they could have been safe.

There isn't one thing I would do different if my time was short or long.

I would go to my enemy sit in front of her and laugh maniacally and shout tonight we dine in hell!!! Then rip her throat out and piss on her corpse.
She can prepare hell for me first.

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Play the R.E.M. song on continual repeat.

Im going to smoke up all the blunts in my custody for real and start laughing

Okay here it goes...i am gonna sex with Megan fox....LOL

I will loot all stores and take all the designer clothing and accessories, walk through the last hour of dooms day fabulously, "crazy in love" by beyonce playing in the background.

The pinkey and the brain watchen.... und die weltherrschaft an uns reißen 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Excellent article, very well chosen, my friend I always follow you and support you

I'll sleep in peace.😂

I'd kidnap my crush and go fuck

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i Would Die Single.. Shit 😂

Lolz... Lets hook up now if you don't mind... Follow me @motivatorjoshua and i will do likewise.

I would spend the remaining hour giving my wife a back rub.

I have to marry my lover for less than an hour so we could both die happy :D

I'm gonna' go have that extra donut!!

I will like be with a hot babe ......haha lol @darthnava ..... #Menwillbemen

Well i will took my wife and have an hour of sex, with her no more.
It would nice and funny to me.

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I've completed BBA & MBA on Accounting from a Medical College!! @darthnava

I should get that 5 sbd before the last 1 hour ...
I wrote a surprise letter but it is still not the end of the world

did i know? :)

I should get popcorn now


Finally I would say my goodbyes and asked forgiveness to my family and close friends and spend my last hours with them.

I will just kill myself and go meet baba God, then myself, Jesus and the archangels will come to judge you guys that are left behind. Lolz

I will rob a bank, get all the money i couldn't get, beat up the president and ask God to forgive me so i would make heaven. Lol

I would save the nearest hot girl from that creepy guy trying to kiss her so she could enjoy her last hour alive 😬

I'd roll up the biggest blunt ever using all the weed in my house in the result making a rocket and leaving the earth.

What makes us more funny to see , All steemians are sitting in front of a idiot box and try to earn money without any effort.

I would backup all the cat memes in 2000 terabytes hard drive and bury it under my garden.

Honestly Id just upload some of my projects to steemit and spend our last hour together with my bros on here.

i'll fuck a pussy :) because its a work which i never done before and wishes

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