A very good story, exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for :)

I had thought about updating it, but I was worried it wouldn't be fair to anyone who had already started writing it. I have been thinking about updating it to say it doesn't have to be word for word, just inspired by, but extra points if it word for word is the first line or title, would you be ok with that? If I do it again, I may just say what sort of story I am looking for instead of specifying a line :) still so new to running contests, it is all a learning curve for me!

Oh my, that is a good idea! I need to add it to my list of possibilities!

Do you think I am best leaving the prompt as word for word this round and updating it next time? :)

Hah. I meant, it's your contest so it's entirely up to you. I've already submitted so it doesn't matter to me. If you want to change your rules, go ahead. You won't hurt my feelings.

I just don't want it to be too hard and therefore off putting :) I feel like, really, it is unfair to change the rules after it has been posted, so I have just added some examples of stories on this topic in the hopes it may make it a bit easier.

Although I may still ask for stories about me one time lol!

Difficulty is a good thing. Change the rules all you want. It's your contest.

I changed mine several times to accommodate entries to my first contest. :D