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Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona: Messi Finally Bobol The Blues Wicket

Lionel Messi finally managed to score his first goal against Chelsea and bring Barcelona withheld the draw Blues with a score of 1-1 in the first leg match of the last 16 of the Champions League held at Stamford Bridge. Willian broke the deadlock of the hosts in the 62nd minute after his previous two chances on the goalpost. However, Barca able to take advantage of feedback bait Andreas Christensen to facilitate Andres Iniesta send feedback to Messi, who immediately fired accurately into Thibaut Courtois goalkeeper.

Chelsea 1- Barca4
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How I wish I had chosen Chelsea 1 - Barcelona 1

you almost achieve it

Chelsea 4 - 2 Barcelona

It's not what I think but what I predict here :)

Chelsea vs Barcelona
1: 3
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chelsea vs barca

Chelsea 2 - 3 Barcelona

Chelsea 3 - 3 Barcelona

Chelsea out played Barca today, hopefully Barca brings their A game at home for Game 2.

Chelsea 1 - 3 Barcelona

Hope I'm not too late, had a bandwidth limit issue.

Think Chelsea 0:3 Barca.

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