hello my dear Steemian Friends, I like my crew they are awesome and I love 5 star dining
Buy at the dip folks, buy at the dip

LOL @battleaxe omg

Someone help me here - I don't know anything about the woman in this pic!
Is this a meme or something?


She's a steem user that used to trend every day, in part to Ned's vote. There is a lot of Steem History in that photo. :)

No WAY! lol

Thanks for that info, @whatsup!

Might have to take a peek at the blockchain from early on hehe

you have a great name,

Why, thank-you, @battleaxe!

used to... quietly goes off to sip Agave sweetened tea and tend to the garden a bit before starting to cook a super posh meal

is she dead yet?

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