"Can you fill it?" contest - 20 CCC for the winner!

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I don't do it often (but I might), but...
I have a competition for you today!

I was messing with a new drawing app and out of a sudden I saw those two birds standing in water. I just have no idea what they are talking about....
That is where YOU come in! :)

birds in water.jpg

What you have to do

Think of something short and funny to fill up those balloons.
Any word game will get extra points. And if you manage to do all three (short, funny word game) and make me laugh until I spit my coffee - YOU ARE THE WINNER!

You can download the image and type the text yourself if you want and post it as a comment in this post, or just write it down in a comment section. Whatever you prefer.
The contest ends when the post reaches payout, so you have exactly 7 days to think of something really cool!

Since this is more of a creative contest and my Steem upvote is pretty useless, I will give 20 CCC tokens (Creative Coin) to the winner.
There might be a consolation prize for someone who will make me laugh too but my coffee stays in a cup... we will see :)

That's all! Hope you all enjoy it and most of all have fun :)

All graphics and text are my own.



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Says birdie on the left: "C'mon in, the water's nice..."
Birdie on right says: "You want to drown me, don't you?! You know I can't swim... and with my weight, I'll just sink like a stone!" 😒

hahhaha he's not fat, he's fluffly!

Fluffy floats.... (that's no fun...) lol...

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I told you the swamp ...
Is he:
-Eeeee ...
-you kept saying, let’s fly to the sea!

  • Whould you take a dip?
  • Noway.
  • I'll give you 20 CCC.
  • Why not?..


🐥 Don't twitter in the water you might get shocked!!
I'm Steeming, it's safer! 🐤

🐥 Splish splash I was taking a bath did you bring a towel?
Towel? Do i look like a towel bird? 🐤

🐥 I wonder what @ewkaw will draw next?
I don't know but this made me laugh so much I laid a egg! 🐤


Delightful drawing! Great job!


Hahahaha, this made me lol.... 😂