Celebrating 300 followers + Give away

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300 followers-01.jpg
father2b today reached 300 followers after just 5 weeks and we are ever so grateful to each and everyone

So as thank you we are going to do a give away.

Thats right, to celebrate 300 followers to our channel i'm going to giveaway 50% SBD of this post to one lucky person.
After 7 days when this post pays out i will randomly choose one person to win 50% SBD.


. Firstly you must upvote this post to help increase reward

. Then resteem so we can share far and wide

. Comment done on this post so i can validate

. After 7 days i will use a random name picker in which all names that have followed the rules will be entered into https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker

. The winner will get 50% SBD from this post only

giphy (4).gif

This is my first give away and i hope the post reaches a good amount.
If you want to upvote and/or resteem but do not wish to be included in the draw please state in the comment section and i will leave you out.
you do not have to be a follower to enter but please feel free to follow me as we head towards the 500 mark.

good luck everyone

Keep Steeming


A fab initiative!

The brightest people here realised early on that those who arrive here and give to the community receive rewards over the longterm...

Those who enter with an outstretched hand and an entitlement mentality, disappear into the ether toot-suite!

300 happy followers in such a short time is a cool achievement, well done, more power to you...

Full Steem ahead :D

Good luck building your followers... Long may it continue.

Thank you and good luck to you too
Don’t forget to resteem this post and comment done to be entered In The give away

hey rich, I sent you a message through your other blog mate :)
Good to stumble across you again btw :)

Hello bud. Other blog? Haven't been as active on here for a couple of weeks. That's about to change though! Good to see you too.

Please read the rules
Don’t forget to upvote
And comment done
Only when all three of these are complete can I validate an entry. Thank you and good luck

Great stuff m8 :)
It's giving back that will make steemit the best platform ever

upvoted n resteemed

Thanks mate thought it was the right time to give it go

Congratulations you have been randomly chosen and have won 50% of the SBD reward for this post. Thank you for your participation

Done all! Thank you for this chance!

Just need to upvote the post and your in

It was 3 hours to the post's payout when I tried upvoting and I was told I can't upvote when it's between that time for payout

Oh that’s such a shame you didn’t reply this earlier then I could of included you in the draw. But do keep a watch for future giveaways I have planned and feel free to enter them. Good luck and keep steeming

Thank you. I will do as you have said. Thanks