Football trading challange: from 1k to 10k.

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 Hi guys,I've been successfully trading football (soccer) for quiet some time now and I set myself a challenge to trade € 1k  (100 points) into a €10k bankroll. My goal is to get there within 2 years time and so I need to make a monthly 10% profit with compound staking. If I don't get there on time, I'll try my best to achieve it as quickly as possible.

I'm curious to see if there are any sports traders (Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook etc.) on Steemit that would like to follow me during my challenge. I'm going to post around 2-4 selections  a day which I'll then trade in play.  That means that if things go according to plan, I might ensure scratch. E.g. if I backed over 2.5 (3 or more) at Spurs vs Arsenal and there were 2 early goals, I'd lay over 2.5 to make sure that I'd have at least break even on that particular bet. All my selections are based on statistical research and will hopefully result in a steady bankroll growth. You can expect the following types of selections: 

  • Over 2.5 / under 2.5
  • Home or away win
  • Both teams to score / or not
  • Some in play picks

There might be a few different types, but this will be the majority. You can follow my in play moves on twitter:, so make sure you switch on the notifications. I enter, unless mentioned, my selections pre-match and will post my exact moves as Tweets. Every trade is unique, so there is no set way of trading them. If you decide to follow me, you'll be responsible for your own results. You can find my results in a Excel sheet which will be shared Steemit. What do you need?

  1. An account on a betting exchange (e.g.,, Matchbook etc)
  2. A bankroll. You could of course start with a lower amount. I use a 100 pts bankroll, so that it'll be easy to adjust.
  3. Twitter + follow / notifications:
  4. Steemit subscription:

Please let me know what you think and good luck! 


Welcome to Steem @football-trader I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Nice to meet you, @football-trader! Welcome to the Steemit Community, wish you good luck and a good start, ive send you a small tip and followed you, hope you have an amazing day! :)

Thank you. I'm about to post my first ever selections. Hopefully it'll be a profitable day tomorrow!