Results 10K challenge 24th Sept: + 1.495 pts

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Hi guys,

My first day of the 10K challenge was a successful one; 3 winners. Only the Swedish game came in easily. The other 2 had some late goals. As I will describe in the summary, I decided to trade out of the KuPS game as I wanted to secure the profit on the day. It's always my aim to make an overall profit, rather than risking to waste the already made profit.  I traded the following selections:

 12:00 (CEST): V-Varen Nagasaki vs Chiba. V-Varen Nagasaki to win 0.5 pts (€5) @2.9 (William Hill)
Nagasaki took an early lead (6th minute) and I traded out right away. I made sure of at least a scratch by  laying the home team @1.79. It then went 1-1 and Nagasaki managed to score the winning goal in the 90+7th minute. We did get a little lucky there, didn't we? Final result: 2-1. Profit: €5.56 (0.556 pts)   

17:30 (CEST): Hacken vs AIK. AIK to win 0.5 pts (€5) @3.1 (Betfair Exchange)
This one was the easiest out of my 3 selections. AIK went ahead in the 25th minute and I decided to secure my stake by laying the away team @1.48. Within 10 minutes AIK were leading by 3 goals and the game finished 1-6 after all. Profit: €7.57 (0.757 pts)

17:30 (CEST): KuPS vs HIFK. Over 2.5 goals 0.7 pts (€7) @1.93 (Betfair Exchange)
Even though the pre-match stats were fantastic on this game, we had troubles finding some goals here. The final result shows how important a first goal is. It gets the game going and this time in our favor as the underdogs went ahead in the 66th minute. Right after (67th minute) KuPS scored the 1-1. Had I left the bet run, I would have made another big profit on this selection too. Though I decided to trade out to ensure at least a scratch by laying over 2.5 @1.67. After all the other selections  had given me a nice profit and I didn't want to risk losing a good part of it. It's all about making that daily bit of profit! The overs came in easily in the end and gave me a nice little extra profit on top of the other selections. Result: 3-2. Profit: €1.82 (0.182 pts)

Total points staked today: 1.7
Total points profit today: 1.495
Today’s ROI: 87.94%

A very good first day for the 10K Challenge! If I can find any interesting trades for tomorrow, I'll post them soon after.

P.S. could you give me some suggestions on which tags I should use? I'd like to promote my channel, but I still have to get used to Steemit. 

Thank you and have a good evening!