Soccer trading selections Monday 2 October. 10K Challenge day 9

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 19.00 (CEST) Trelleborg vs Varberg: Trelleborg to win @1.91 Betfair Exchange for 1 (€10) pts.

Trelleborg have won 67% of their home games, while Varberg have lost 67% of their away games. Furthermore Trelleberg scored in 11/12 home games while Varberg only managed to put in a goal in 6/12 away matches. Varberg conceded at least one goal in 10/12 aways and 9/12 they went 1-0 behind. That's perfect for trading as you now I'd make scratch after the Trelleborg scoring. Trelleborg went ahead in 8/12 home games. Fully confident Trelleborg will beat Varberg tonight. Sorry for the short notice.

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