CONTEST! We're giving away a Monero 'Black Marble' Art Metal Panel, valued at a whopping 5.75 XMR!

in #contest3 years ago

Dej0RSaW4AAQgf5.jpg large.jpeg

This metal panel is available to one lucky winner! It is limited to 10 and we're giving away #10 of 10!! Valued at $900! :O

To enter the contest, follow this Twitter link:

  1. follow us on twitter, at the above link
  2. retweet the above twitter link
  3. comment the above twitter link

That's IT! We'll be drawing the winner in the coming days.

Good luck!


If you donate 1 SBD or STEEM to @a-a-a I will resteem your last post to over 72,500 followers on my 2 accounts @a-a-a and @a-0-0

Woah I just replied to your earlier comment and then I see you posted this. This is really cool! I'll resteem it

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