100 DAILY DOGECOINS GIVEAWAY - AltCoins4U™ Contest #40

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This is a daily contest.

100 Dogecoins are given to daily winners.
Winners will be selected based on how much I like their answers with me being the judge for now, OR using random.org depending on the nature of the contest.

How to participate

  • Have a DOGECOIN wallet

  • Follow (Not compulsory - But you would not like to miss the future daily contests would you?)

  • Resteem this post (I need the free publicity)

  • Upvote (Not Compulsory)

  • There will be a daily question to answer or a task to do.

Today's Question

What is your best movie of all time and why do you like it?

  • Add your DOGECOIN wallet address to the comment you've made.

  • If I like more than one comment, prize will be split between them or one winner selected with random.org

The Altcoin4U™ GIVEAWAY will now hold daily with different tasks and different coin giveaways. The Prize Reward will increase with growing sponsors.
Thank you again @pjay96 for adding to this contest's prize pool. New sponsors are welcomed and highly appreciated.

If interested in being a sponsor, simply comment below or send me a message on discord.

Username: gamsam#5973


So many options to choose from. I would have to say that my best movie of all time would have to be Apollo 13. Mostly because it has a great cast, a great score and was revolutionary for its time.

I really like Tom and Jerry movies, until now, because the films are funny, sometimes they are friends, sometimes they fight until they break all the houses of the employer ...


I think the best movie is yet to come and I am going to like it because it will be epic! :D

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Nice project and vision hope this will have a good future

"The man from nowhere " I like this movie

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My favorite movie of all time, is "Titanic". I really like that movie for all the drama and passion that the protagonists handle. The romanticism that manages that movie with the actors I like, since they are known in the same boat and there is same fight for their love until nature separates them (Cold Waters). I characterize myself a lot with that movie, since I fight for that woman that I like until the end and against anything and against anyone. God bless me all and may the best one win. My dogecoin portfolio is the following:


That seems like an interesting option to earn online

The Angry Birds is my all time favourite movie.
Because of its story and comedy i like it.
Also i like it because its make me laugh and happy.

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My favorite movie is The Matrix
I like it because it shows a display of mind blasting effects, philosophy and a post era plot.
There is a difference between knowing the way and walking on it


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My favorite movie is the Pacific Warrior ... I teach many things ... from losing the personal importance to letting everything flow ... has many philosophical and poetic messages ... and my 2nd option is Deadpool 2 hahahaha ... too good and breaks all the schemes of superhero movies ... health brother ... I congratulate you for the initiative


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There are so many options...

I love Her... because I love AI and my computer and the voice of Scarlett Johansson