Steemit Zoo Contest #6 Will you be my valentine! Win 10 SBD every Sunday

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Hi Steemians

In three days we will celebrate Valentine's Day and be with our loved ones. Your lovely pets share love moments too. Whether with you or other pets. Take a nice photo and share it. You can use roses, a special outfit, hearts etc.... Anything related to Valentine's Day
You have a chance to win!

Cats, dogs and other animals are accepted in this contest. And PLEASE only ORIGINAL photos. I dont want to ignore any user and I dont want to see anybody upset. So lets follow the rules. Only photos related to the topic will have a chance to win.

I wont choose any photos not related to the topic even if they have a high number of upvotes.

Source of this Image

The rules

  • Share a photo of your pet in a reply to this post
  • Use only your original photos
  • One entry per person
  • Upvote this post


The winners

We will have 3 winners.

  • First winner 10 SBD
  • Second winner 5 SBD
  • Third winner 2 SBD

It is very easy. All you need to do is reply to this post with your pet's photo.
Please upvote your favorite photo in the comments below.
The winner is the one with the highest number of upvotes. So you have a chance to determine who will be the winner.

If you want to support the challenge:

  • upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Participate in the contest
  • Donate to make it possible every week and better in the future


  • I will announce the winners on the next Sunday, so please submit your entries till Saturday midnight. I am already excited to see your pets photos and wish you good luck :)

  • I will announce the winners of Steemit Zoo Contest #5 very soon, so wait for the results and enjoy your weekend


Hey guys, give it up for Freddie as he wishes you all a happy valentine as he holds tightly to his mascot.


Freddie, my fav

Happy Valentines Day to the cute Freddie :)

Wow! Freddie is stunning. Happy Valentine's day to you and dorth💕

Lovely photo :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Cute pictures, wish you good luck dear

Good luck sweetie

Wow this is so beautiful and amazing picture thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

Good luck

Nice content
Good luck for u r post

Wow so lovely a picture, the dog i so cute.

Good luck with the contest. She really looks cute. Whats her name?

Shenzi habbi

Shenzi habbi

Awwn so cute

gudluck girls

Not bad cute pet

Bella foto, linda mascota y tu @hellenajhon eres muy hermosa

Looking good girl.

Hi Hellena your pet is cute.

You look beautiful @hellena. Your dog is cute too😊. Upvoted.

This is my entry His name is Jack and a senior to Smart.
He is always shine and not photogenic like smart.


Nice pet.

Q ella mascota, hay que quererlos mucho

@juliusjame is cheating in this contest.he sent 1sbd to steempioneers to get more than 50votes from the bot...
@hanen please look into this...these competition needs to be a fair one...

Steempioneers is not a bot but a community that support minnows, the 1sbd i sent to @steempioneers is my part of the donation to the project which i should have paid since but i went offline for sometimes.
Below is the screenshortScreenshot_2018-02-13-23-45-24.png


finally @hanen this account that make this negative comment was created on 11/02/2018 by @vickyrich in order to tanish any leading competitor's reputation. Below is the proofScreenshot_2018-02-14-00-02-06.png
@gabbynege upvoted this my entry, also upvoted @hellenna and vickyrich but the strange thing is @gabbynege removed his upvote from me and also removed from @hellenna's upvote but left only @vickyrich
Below is the proofScreenshot_2018-02-14-00-11-22.png

Please do not get me wrong...i voted for you,thats true but i became suspicious when someone reply you on your comment with#steempioneers and i wait ahead to check it and i saw thisScreenshot_20180213-231046.png
I want ahead and check your wallet and i found out that you sent 1sbd to @steempioneers.
From these i had to remove my upvote because i am not in support of it...
What you screen shot is not a proof beacause you sent 1sbd to @steempioneers 2 days ago and i am very sure that the whatsapp group was created yertarday @10pm .

good luck buddy!

Thank you @gabbynege for your help :) I will check the three winners before announcing and choose 3 photos that are related to the topic. Because many photos are not related to the topic :(

That will be better @hanen because if you announce someone who uses a bot on steemit to promote his or her own comment on a contest as the winner, it won't be fair(that person as already cheated on the other contestants)....I am saying NO to the use of @steempioneers bot for 50or more upvote.

Please take Note that @gabbynege was created 2 days ago by my competitors and its aim is to bring me down because i was leading before.Screenshot_2018-02-14-06-58-31.png

@gabbynege also went ahead and promise people 0.2sbd to withdraw their votes fron me, which I lost about 15 votes. Below is the screenshort

Their mission is to tarnish my reputation

Why will i do such(i just hate when people cheat on others and think they are smart with passion) are accusing me of sending 0.2sbd to people to withdraw their vote,thats cannot be possible.....please send a proof

This is the proof from someone you promised 0.2sbd if withdraw his votes

OK dont worry guys. The contest is running until Sunday and we dont know who is the Winner. Will check everything again.

I did not do this my name is Gabriel, you want ahead to get someone to help you do this to accuse me,its a chat i am very sure you manipulated all these(any1 can do that) have no proof.please dont take me as your enemy...Good luck first time to hear that animals are shy.

charming cute dog won my vote courtesy @steempioneers

that is a really cute dog

Jack don't be shy o! You know men don't shy! Nice photo @juliusjamex. My regards to jack

Thanks you Sir... He doesnt like take pictures.

He looks adorable.. Looks more like a female..
Nice pet

all the best

Cute dog. What breed is this?

Awesome 😍

hello @hanen
I just took a photo of malia now...i hv two cats but the other cat, bruno isnt around...happy valentine's day in advance


The paws look so homely. Beautiful feline!


Bruno as in mars? Joking tho

You're really taking good care of your cat, looks neat.

Malia is prettye and clean. U r taking good care of her.

Malia is Georgeous. 💯✔

A cat Bruno? Lol, that's my friend's name.

My Cat's name is Fred. I guess that's Someone's name too ... lolz

beautiful cat there...i wish I saw Bruno too

I love your cats COLOUR... It's valentine and the other isn't around? Malia must be feeling lonely :(.... Lovely cat you got

Thank you, same to you :) Malia is beautiful as usual :)

yes ma...indeed,hp valentines day will go fine

i'm in Love with your 🐱

Looks like he's saying durrrrr!!!!! Beautiful pet

Nice name :) My favorite movie is Rambo :)
Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Here’s my entry @hanen.
Meet my dog, Timmy! We want to wish you Happy Valentine's day ♥ Much love ♥


Thank you, I wish you too a Happy Valentine's day in advance :)
Cute Timmy! Thank you for joining :)

Happy Valentine's Day beautiful friends on STEEMIT.
Let me introduce you to my small but mighty dog (Lecho), he's super playful,active and smart. It took a while to get him to settle down to take . Don't we look so cute. We had a lovely walk on Valentine's Day before settling down for the photo. Lecho say helloooo and happy Valentine's Day to @hanen and the whole STEEMIT community.



Waooooooooooo this is beautiful thank you for understanding the contest and I love your entry @Lizbethk, most entries that I have been seeing that have e high upvote are nonsense because they are not related to the topic. many photos are not original content, most are downloaded from internet
But this entry @lizbethk boldly show us it Originality and related to the Topic.

So therefore I nominate and vote @lizbethk

@sandrazeal thank you for your comments, I was simply celebrating a beautiful val with my dog. Thank you dear

Oh thank you my Dear. I am glad you enjoyed the day and you look very beautiful. Lovely photo and Lecho is very cute. Good luck in the contest :)

Thank you ma'am. I'm hoping for the best.

Best entry so far. I like your pet. He actually look unserious and playful. Best of luck. #voted

Uhnnnn thanks friend... he is very playful indeed

nice pet...........

Lecho looks cute and your teddy bear too is lovely. I wish you win the contest

Thank you so much @youngajii

Beautiful white dog, representing the white and purity in the love shared on Valentine's Day. Plus the red teddy bear 🐻.
Hope you win.

Please take good care of lecho for me, he look very cute and your teddy bear......i like your entry, best of luck in the contest

This is my beautiful cat. Her name is Rufina and she really loves chicken. She is really eager to win this contest so that her owner can buy her a lot of more chicken :3

Hhhh the cutest chicken lover :)
Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

OMG, so cut!! i had a cat too, but last november died, it was 8 years of full love!!

Thanks! I'm sorry for your loss :( cats are love at it's finest.

Cat looks like he wants to jump off the!

very nice cat

Wow so cuteeee rufina i hope your owner can buy you tons of chicken ..

so cute.
hope u will win

en venezuela muere de hambre de seguro... jjjajaja

She is adorable!!

I want you to win @ralk98

Cute catty. She should come and marry my Freddie.

Hi there :) I am glad I found this interesting and original contest, thans for organizing it @hanen!

I believe most entries here will feature doggies and kitties so let me come up with something a bit less usual :) This is my pet blue crayfish Claude :)) Its pretty hard to arrange anything St. Valentine Day related into the fish tank but hopefully, this close-up of him will make a nice entry too :)


Yes sure! Nice shot :) Claude has very nice colors :)
Thank you for joining and good luck in the contest :)

Nice closeup photograph.

It's interesting. Tell me more about how you keep him? What do you feed him? And how?

I keep him in my fish tank (120 liters) and feed him many things... older crayfish prefer vegetable while younger like meat more. They make awesome pets, very interesting to watch :)

Awesome! For the longest time, I've stuck with dogs and birds as pets. Lately, me and my wife have been into Tarantulas. Like your crayfish, they too are very interesting to watch. I didn't know then that they molt to grow. It's nice to have different pets. It makes you know more about how fascinating animal kingdom is.

Absolutely :) I have had many different pets in my life... as for Claude, I dedicated a post to him some time ago, you can learn a bit more here

Here’s my entry @hanen. Our dog 🐕 MJ welcoming our visitors joy and Paul.

Wow thats cute :) Nice outfit :)

I think Mj is saying “thank you” to them. Her out fit is their gift 🎁 to mj.

MJ is a cutie. Oh! I just hope my cat Freddie can receive visotors like this too... He would always run away..

Thank you @dorth. Mj so friendly she always welcome our visitors jumping until she get the attention.

My little sphinx kitten!

and his mother - Varvara

Oh they are very cute. The mother is very beautiful. Nice shot with the strawberry :)

Thank for your great contest @hanen!

You welcome :) I always thought that animals and pets nee more attention here !

Me and my pet called Chris(Samoyed breed)

Lovely photo and cute Doggy :) Thank you for joining and good luck in the contest :)

He is my love! He is my valentine, true and pure love.
He is hachi (already they have seen it before) and he is my faithful companion.



And please choose your the winner or put a juror! This of the votes already is not reliable.

Yes I am thinking about it for the next contest to make it more fair.
Very lovely photos. A real valentines Doggy :)

My entry is our family dog. Her name is Khaw, it's Thai and means white.
Now she is a mother of five cute puppies.

For full view, please click on the image!

Wow thats cute :) You have a family now !

Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Now we're all actually sad, one puppy is already dead. Killed by a car. 😒

Thank you @hanen for this contest. This is my entry: cutie Billy and Jean. Jean is always on low key

Interesting entry. You have my vote.

Hhhh but they are cute puppies :) Thank you for joining :)


He is the love of my life, he is called bobby. Nothing makes me happier than sharing this Valentine's day with my baby.

Oh thats a cute Baby :) Lovely photo!
Thank you for joining and good luck in the contest :)

Thank you for this opportunity ;)

With my little daughter

Looks like a very shy doggy :) And your daughter is very cute :)

Happy Valentine's Day ... From Hatchi!!

Hatchi i a cute Doggy! Thank you for joining :)

Oh they are very cute. You can join the next contest :)

My best buddy Bobby shows his love for his cute hamster friend :-)

Happy Valentine, @Finance2Nomad