100% SBD Give-Away Contest 0035. (Over 101 SBD and 350 Pocket tokens awarded already!)

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Note the new requirement and that 4 weeks of rewards have piled up!


Since the original idea behind these giveaways was to help redfish and minnows, and with the proliferation of autobots in the system, I believe we need a method of building REAL community. As long as I have enough Steem Power, I will be up-voting those who participate in these weekly contests so that at minimum participants will receive increased rank and a small amount of Steem. If each participant ALSO up-votes the others here, we will form a small community of little fish helping each other out! Participating here involves actually reading the post and making a reply, which is what the platform is asking us to do.

Each week's contest will require entrants to select a number between 111 and 666.


How this contest works

  • The contest is intended for lower-ranking members who could use the money (whales and dolphins are encouraged to upvote and increase the prize pool and/or comment rewards. Your support is greatly appreciated!).
  • The contest will run for 1 week and close on Feb. 7, 2018.
  • Entrants will select a number between 111 and 666 and in the replies to this post they will write, "ENTRY GUESS" followed by their chosen number. This should be the first thing they write, followed by anything they feel will add value to the post. This can be something as simple as a famous quote you copy and paste from the Internet (as long as you provide attribution), something of interest to you that you would like to share, a joke, etc.
  • The winner(s) will have guessed all 3 numbers in the correct order and if nobody guesses correctly, then at least 2 of the 3 numbers rolled by 3 6-sided dice rolls must be achieved or the prize rolls over to the following week. (NOTE that there will be no numbers 7, 8, 9 or 0). Example: Dice rolls = 456. Players guessed 152, 256, 416, 555, and 645. Guesses 256 and 416 would split the prize for each having 2 of the 3 numbers in the correct places.
  • The prize pool will consist of ALL the SBD earned by this posting PLUS 50 Pocket tokens Plus the total prize pool not won previously (now at 4 weeks worth!).
  • In order to win, you MUST have upvoted the original post, resteemed the latest #happystore post and written something interesting. Suggested topic: How would you promote the #happystore ?

Upvoting this posting will increase the prize pool, so be sure to ask your friends and followers to upvote, even if they are not entering!


Dice rolls were: 3,1,4 for 100% SBD Give-Away 0034 (last week) and nobody guessed at least 2 numbers correctly. The prize amount from #0032 to #0034 will be added to the prize amount for #0035. (At time of writing, worth over $15 USD)


To vote for a witness, you need to be logged in with your active key, so have it handy when you are ready to vote. To vote for witnesses not in the top 50, simply insert their name into the text box at the bottom of the witness list and click on the VOTE button.



I sincerely thank you for your input!

In case you missed it, you can buy chain-link jewellery here using Steem!


Entry guess 346

and i am shearing this, one of my work

Good job on the sketch.
The re-steem is actually supposed to be for the #happystore post, NOT this contest post.

Thanks for helping out the minnows.
No guess for me -- put I'll upvote.

Much appreciated. I wish I was able to do more. It will come eventually. I'm growing slowly but steadily and already my votes are making a small difference.



looks at rolls from round 34...
goes back through archives of older contests...
Discovery found in round 20.


The pi I ordered was apparently fulfilled by "RNG Delivery Services" and arrived over 3 months late. :P

The first valid entry!
And yes, the number of Pi came up late. Not only that, but 314 is for #34 and #33 was 315 (almost identical numbers!) I must have strange dice.

3,1,3 ... Its bound to happen I mean 3,1,5 then 3,1,4 ..... I was going to go with a 3,6,3 as I think we are due for a 3 on the end.... Anyways back to the happystore. What about adding a link for last weeks happy store so that people can go back and see what was there the week before.

I thought I posted this earlier this week... Apparently I had a bandwidth issue and never posted earlier.

Just made it in time then!
I'm not adverse to link drops if they are part of a conversation or are relevant to something being discussed. I was simply advising you earlier that SOME people are fussy about link drops and that you needed to be careful with using them. I'm generally fine with links as long as the entire message is not just SPAM advertising. Thanks for thinking about me! Good luck in the rolls tomorrow!

Entry Guess- 356
I an new on Steemit. Recently I joined. So many things I couldn't know. day by day try to get know. if you have any suggestion about Steemit please tell me. Its my 1st contest apply.

Actually, the re-steem is supposed to be for the #happystore post. If you click the link it will find the store. Since you only have 4 followers, it won't make much of a difference and I can say that you did TRY to follow the rules, so I will accept this entry.

I suggest that you read the posts of other people and try to add some comments that actually add to the article written. DO NOT put "GOOD POST" or something simple like that... it will likely get flagged.

Search for the #contest tag and see if there are other contests you can enter. It is a good way to earn some Steem. Keep playing my zombies game for daily rewards and as my SP goes up, so do the rewards.

Don't worry about writing your own articles until you have a lot of followers. Just get your name out there by commenting with GOOD comments (at least 3 to 4 sentences). Try to find articles you are interested in to comment on, so that you have something worthwhile to say.

Entry guess 263

Needs more than that to be valid.

Well, have always been optimistic about any contest.But seeing this i have strong feeling am going to win. Thanks @happyme for the opportunity. God bless.

Entry guess 136

To validate your entry you need to resteem the #happystore and write something interesting along with your guess.

Do you know
"What's the difference between snowmen and
snowladies ?"

I don't know the difference. Tell us, please.

Also, to be a valid entry, you must upvote and resteem as per the instructions.

I looked at your blog and there are a lot of images with no text. It seems people don't like that and might explain why your reputation is down to 5. If you wish to succeed on this platform, you need to put more effort into your posts. I understand that English may not be a language you are comfortable with. Since there are people from all over the world here, I wonder if there are enough to make posts in your preferred language? I suggest you use the tag for your language and see what kind of response you get (or have you already tried that?).

Well, have always been optimistic about any contest.But seeing this i have strong feeling am going to win. Thanks @happyme for the opportunity. God bless.

Can't win if you don't follow the rules. It would be a shame if you guessed well but failed to comply!

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