Contest🎇🎉🎆 Contest 🎉🎆 Contest🎉 Nature photography contest. 20 steem prize.

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Hi all the steemians. How are you all? I love nature and i also love capture beautiful nature pictures. This community is for all those nature lovers of this world.

I am going to organise a contest for the first time in this community. You are all welcome to partipate in this contest. Prize pull is 20 steem.
So guys lets go out capture beautiful nature pictures and make a superb post. Apply markdown to make your post beautiful. Use what3words for location link.

Picture source-Link

Total prize pull is 💰20 steem💰.


1-All the steemian can participate.
Community link

2-Only your genuine work is allowed. Any kinds of plagiarism will not be tolerated. You can't use photos from internet

3-Only one picture is needed(A short description is warmly welcome).

4-Resteem this post.

5-Make a post with the picture and submit the link of the post in the comment section of this post(mandatory)

6- Payout of this post is the last time to submit your post link.

7-Use @steemit-nature tag in first three tag.

Prize 20 steem

1st7 steem
2nd5 steem
3rd4 steem
4th3 steem
5th1 steem

Cc- @pennsif
Cc- @steemcurator01
Cc- @steemitblog
Cc- @stephenkendal
Cc- @endingplagiarism
Cc- @rme
Cc- @cryptokannon
Cc- @belenguerra
Cc- @rex-sumon


Thanks for your participation. Keep posting in this community to get support when arrive. Make at least three post weekly.

Please what is the name of the community?

Everyone participate in this contest.

Me uno porque me gusta la naturaleza

You have invite me why did you don´t accept our post in our community if you have invite us. Sorry, i don´t understand. And you have block us. It was one member of your community that have invite us. Really..

Saludos, me uno a este concurso,al igual que usted soy amantes de la naturaleza.

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