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The best travel writer will get 100 STEEM!
There is only one thing that I like as much as traveling. It's travel writing!
All Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to


Check out "Travel writing contest No.2" to find out who were the winners!

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  1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles which are older than 7 days may participate too.
  2. Resteem this post.
  3. [Optional] Follow Invisusmundi for more cool contests!


After 14 days (27th of August) my wife @kamile and I will personally read every single one of them and choose one which we like the most. The best travel writer will be rewarded with 100 STEEM! What is more, twenty more travel writers will get 1 STEEM each. You know how they say! Every STEEM counts! Do not hesitate and share your best article!


100% of Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to @travelfeed. Your upvotes will help to support the mighty platform and its amazing community. Keep in mind that the only way @travelfeed uses its Steem Power is to manually curate best #travelfeed posts. It is not a secret that is home to some of the best quality content in whole Steem ecosystem. Smash that UpVote button!

TravelFeed Location Search

WHAT IS TRAVELFEED.IO? is a global community of independent travelers, where it’s easy to meet new people and find information, and where bloggers can monetize high-quality posts. With full-scale manual curation, makes sure that the best posts get the visibility they deserve, often months or even years after they’ve been published. Content is monetized through the Steem Blockchain where creators get rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Since February 2018, the team has curated over 11,000 travel posts on Steem, rewarding over $100,000 to authors using the tag #travelfeed. One of the reasons why I believe in this project so much is the team behind it. These guys are passionate travelers and travel bloggers themselves. For example, Jürgen Horn @for91days has been making a living as a travel blogger for over 10 years and knows the industry in and out.

The content is manually curated by @smeralda and @elsaenroute. Discord community is moderated by @wanderlass and Steemitworldmap-curator @livinguktaiwan. The main developer behind this project is Julian Peters @jpphotography. He is a full-stack developer and budget traveler. He is currently pursuing a degree in Business Information Systems (computer science and business administration) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in Germany. However, some time ago he realized he will have to take a break from university studies to be able to develop the platform full time.


Can't wait to know more about their plans to launch Travelfeed token and reasons to delegate your Steem Power to @travelfeed?
I highly recommend reading Travelfeed's recent update posts:


My personal experience with this platform has been positive. I managed to write 3 long articles in two weeks. Those three posts alone earned me 58.65$ or 240 STEEM (+19.1$ for the curators). Keep in mind I did not use bid bots or any other type of tools.

All three articles were upvoted by @travelfeed, @jpphotography, @for91days, and other curators. They were also noticed by @curie, @blocktrades, @ocd, @c-cubed, @mariusfebruary, @tombstone, and other Steemit legends. Hey @exyle, I know that traveling is probably not your main interest in life, but have you seen this cool platform already? Is it worth to use Decide for yourself.


30 days in Iran: The land of misleading stereotypes! [$21.26: Author $16.07, Curators $5.19]
30 days in Nepal: Is it as extraordinary as they say? [$42.64: Author $32.13, Curators $10.51]
30 days in Laos: Visiting world's most bombed country! [$13.85: Author $10.45, Curators $3.40]


  1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles which are older than 7 days may participate too.
  2. Resteem this post.
  3. [Optional] Follow Invisusmundi for more cool contests!

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Tautvydas! (Tot)


This post has received a 20.0 % upvote from @boomerang.

I am not a traveler writer, but I do enjoy reading travel blogs. It makes me feel as I am also traveling along.
I am upvoting this post in support of that community and this initiative. Very cool contest. I am sure a deserving writer will receive its full benefit.

Hey @deepwaters. Thank you for your support. I think I will announce a new contest every two weeks.

We've been travel blogging for over 9 years, always keeping the armchair travelers in mind! You might find our pots very interesting.

Very cool! You do have a very interesting blog. I am now following you for more of your content.
See you around!

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This is awesome, thanks a lot for this! One more great reason to use You have amazed us with some of the best travel posts that we have seen on our platform this year, now we hope on seeing equally great content from other Steemians!

Thank you for your kind words @travelfeed. Hopefully, more and more people will join the contest and in general.

We hope so too .. thank you so much for your support!

Just started using travelfeed — through this contest post, actually, so thank you! 😄

Here's my entry:

Thank you for hosting this contest! I'm just getting started with Steem/Steemit, and I'm pleasantly surprised and delighted by how generous, friendly, and transparent the community is— at least in the creative, photography, and travel blogging spaces that I've explored so far.

Thank you so much for sharing your adventures! *Fear-based media, it's what drives the masses, amirite? * Oh yes! @Kamile and I noticed it when we decided to hitchhike to Iran.

I think I will host another one right after this one is over. You are more than welcome to join it! :)

Travel Feed is a new app of Steem? Or new to me at least. I should try it. I've been blogging about my five years in Vietnam. I'm from Oregon, which is above California and under Canada.

I would love to see your posts about Vietnam ... we only lived there for 6 month, so you must have tons to share with us!

I think travelfeed community exists for a while. However, for a long time they had only the discord channel. :) The app as you see it now was born only a few weeks ago. The travelfeed team improves everything super quickly!

Does the Travel Feed app tax users when they post? I'm guessing, maybe all apps of Steem do in a way, but may be a small number which I guess is ok. I guess some people would not want to call it a tax. I look at things differently. I understand how Steem works with the pool and the upvotes and everything, basically. I guess I'm trying to compare the Travel Feed app with Busy and Steemit and Dtube and other apps of Steem.

Correct me if I am wrong @jpphotography and @for91days, but I think they do not collect any taxes right now. Their main goal is to improve the app and add some new features. I don't know how it will be in the future. Personally, I think that taxes are not a bad thing at all. (As @onealfa would say, there is no free dinner and free cheese is only for the second mouse).

The most important thing is the quality of the platform, quality of the posts (they do manual curation) and a good community. Reaching these goals takes a lot of time and effort and at the end of the day, people doing it should get somehow rewarded and the project should not be funded from their own pockets as it might not be sustainable. Actually, I really like @threespeak business model. They collect a small monthly fee. This scares spammers away. @travelfeed do it in another way. They encourage writers to write at least 250-word articles or longer.


Another way of looking at is simply what you can get out of it as opposed to calling it a tax, perhaps. It is possible that this tax thing that we are talking about in regards to blockchain is more the cost for transactions which might be part of the reasoning Steem has RC Mana as a system for describing the units for transaction costs. So, in other words, RC is not the same as what the IRS does with fiat currencies or I mean with the dollar.


One of my concerns would be if an app was to subtract funds from my wallet, the Steem, SP, and/or SBD, daily or per transaction, that is without consent or excessively or without me being aware of it. Transactions on Steem costs RC and not SP, I think. So, if that is the case, then I think that is good to extract from RC and not from SP or from what is already in the wallet. Potentially, some people could maybe go bankrupt or that direction if an app is taking from what is already in the wallet.

I am still new to, but I have put a few posts on the platform.
I would like to submit "The Great Ecuador Exodus", a 2-part series I have just recently finished. The animated gif appears to be broken on, but otherwise everything went well. Thanks @for91days, @jpphotography, @livinguktaiwan, @mrprofessor, @invisusmundi and @smeralda for all the efforts on TravelFeed.

AN IMMIGRANTS: TALE - The Khmerican Family Abroad - The Great Ecuador Exodus Pt. 1
AN IMMIGRANTS TALE - The Khmerican Family Abroad - The Great Ecuador Exodus Pt. 2

Oh man! I am so happy you decided to join the contest. I am looking forward to reading it word by word first thing in the morning while drinking my morning tea. I only checked the pictures for now. Is this your family? :O I bet you are the happiest man in the world! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, I am an American, but I have a Cambodian wife and 2 daughters. We have just immigrated to Suriname from Cambodia with "The Great Ecuador Exodus" in between. Love your videos on Dtube by the way @invisusmundi.

Wonderful initiative to support the great team of, thanks so much, @invisusmundi, here is my entry, enjoy! :)))

I don't know if this particular story is my best writing, my focus is photography and as of now I have 20 #travelfeed photo stories but it's the newest one and I loved that festival, so here is the link:

Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P


I am getting more and more interested in ancient traditions. Some of us think that our ancestors were primitive people, but I think it is quite the opposite. I've been reading one book lately. It's about ancient symbols used for national clothes and decorations. We were taught that they were only decorations, but actually, they symbolize all the mechanisms of the universe. Our traditions hide great secrets. It would be great to come to this festival one day. Bulgaria and Lithuania are far away from each other, but we still have a lot in common. By the way, tomorrow or today I'm gonna post a new video. It's about a Medieval Battle Festival which took place here in Lithuania. :) Thank you for sharing your experience. These photos are charming!


Thank you! I am quite sure there is much more behind the festivals and carnivals we have nowadays. Some beliefs and rituals are lost for sure and sometimes the reasons behind something we do are not clear but strangely it does help :) One thing is for sure - our ancestors were much, much close to the nature and probably understood it better, depending more on it... Folklore is amazing :)

This is the festival I was talking about @lightcaptured! What do you think? :)

"Kindness serves inner growth for the person it is given to, it makes them want to be kind themselves, and for a while, they are genuinely happy." Words of wisdom!

Your words flow like a river! I guess English is your native language. Thank you for sharing you experience @thewaterygoat! :)

Thank you for the kind words:D

I actually changed the article I want to enter though, let me know what you think

Oh man! I volunteered a few times myself, but this is the real thing. For us, it was a lot of fun, but you guys were not those toy volunteers! You did the real work... It was a good decision to change the article!

By the way, are you going to change the profile picture? :)

Thank you @invisusmundi for motivating me to use the new travelfeed platform. It's great.
Here is my entry for this contest. Many thanks for hosting it.

Hey @TrudeeHunter,
Your article is amazing!
So colorful, so informative! Thank you, thank you, thank you! By the way, I've been to Australia once (WA), but I guess Tasmania is very different. It's great to have you here on #Travelfeed!

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @invisusmundi
Thanks so much for your wonderful comments of appreciation. It's great to hear that you have been to Australia and I hope you get the opportunity to visit again sometime. I haven't been to Western Australia yet and would love to, as I understand it is very beautiful.

The states within Australia vary quite a bit actually, but all have so much to offer and I really enjoy writing blogs about the places I have been fortunate enough to see and enjoy.

Have a great week ahead. 💐

i have resteemed mate and i already follow you here is my post i had some problems with it loading when published i have lots of travel post as old post too can you change to travelfeed in the tags does this count?!! [](!–Part-14-out-of-69

Upvoted your post mate. I couldn't get travel feed to publish so I used Steemit with the travel feed hashtag hope that us ok thanks

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @steemingmark. Do you use Discord? You should join TravelFeed Discord channel -> and ask @jpphotography for help.

We encourage people to use platform. It is easy to say when the article is written using it. All Travelfeed's posts have a logo on the top right corner.



Thanks I will join the discord. The publish post just never loaded.

Posted using Partiko Android

Using the #hashtag is on other platforms is fine but of course we prefer being used. What was the exact problem?

Could you please seek support via our Discord server … we want to help and fix that bug.

Thank you for sharing your post mate. It's great to have one more Australian here! :D

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Singaporean Chilli Crab!....I am Hungry Already.....

Oh, you used my picture! :D

Great news, very interesting occasion!!

Do you have any plans to participate yourself? :D

i want 100 steem!

Posted using Partiko Android

All you have to do is write an article using platform and post the link in the comment section under this post! :)

Thanks for the contest!! I would be great but i am so slow to learn how writing good jaja

Posted using Partiko iOS

Don't worry. Just try! :) As English is not my native language, it takes me ages to write a decent article too.

Exclude my entry because of conflict of interest but I still wanted to show off one of our posts for the sake of it:

What a mosque and what a Youtube channel! The only Youtube travel vlogger that I was following until now was Gabriel Traveler (Gabriel Morris), but I subscribed to your channel too.

Such an honor ... and we can't hold up the water to Gabriel :) but we're trying. Thank you again for setting up contest!

Have you ever heard of Gabriel, before I mentioned him? :) I follow Gabriel Morris for 4 or 5 years now. He did not have many followers back then. :D

I find this architecture a little bit similar to what they have in Riga, Latvia. Thank you for participating in the contest @lion200!





They indeed are alike Riga and Bruges as I see from the photo's.
You're welcome, thanks for the contest.

Hi, @invisusmundi!

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Cant wait for this!

Just try and we'll see. :D There is a good chance to win. :)

Wow you have been successful with your travel posts! Awesome work!

I don't have anything newer than 7 days, the last travel post I managed to write was this one when I travelled across New Zealand (personally, one of my favourites from the series so far):

I do need to write the travel blogs again but life and music has taken over! Hope you enjoy the journey and thanks for hosting the contest! Resteemed 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey Nicky! What a view! Currently New Zealand is not for my pocket. :D The closest part of the world that I have been to was Western Australia in 2017. More I travel more I know that I have not seen anything yet. :D However, it is nice to travel locally too. :) I'm currently investing to Steem a little bit so New Zealand will have to wait. :D Thank you for participating in the contest!

Yes it does take a bit of financing to get to Australia and New Zealand, let alone stay there for 2.5 months! Spreadsheets are your friend haha!

I've not been to Western Australia yet but I think places more local to the UK will be explored next 🙂

Good plan on investing in steem, I'll be getting a bit more in the next few months to build my account whilst everything is so cheap!

Posted using Partiko Android

My plan is to power up steem that I have while keeping a part of it at Steem Engine (in case there will be good investment opportunities). It would be great to buy some more steem until the release of Travelfeed token. However, until next month I can not afford to do any big investments. :D If price goes up it will be a good and a bad thing at the same time.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes I am powering up everything I get at the moment and any steem engine tokens I accumulate are being staked as well. The tribes are really cool and give other ways to earn which is great!

Yea travelfeeds own token is going to be amazing as well. It sounds like they are doing everything right with their approach to it though to build everything on solid foundations.

I know how you feel! If price can stay down enough so I can buy some and then it can do whatever it wants (preferably upwards) 😀

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow this is a great chance... i would participate and visit

Posted using Partiko Android

That's great. :D I'm looking forward to reading your post!

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I have failed to log in. some sort of error notification i get

Could you please join Travelfeed Discord channel and ask @jpphotography for help?

Please let us know about the error, we're trying to sort it out asap and get you travel blogging on

I wish I could do more in this category unfortunately where I am travelling is not really for tourist to go. Haha.

Posted using Partiko Android

Life is a journey itself. :D My grandmother used to live 7 kilometers away. That winding road is as familiar as salt to the tongue. However, every single time I drive that road I see something new, I realize something new, I feel new smells and hear new sounds. Usually, you won't find many tourists there, but like every place on Earth, that road is unique. Writing about it would be travel writing too. :D I am looking forward to reading your articles about places which are not for tourists to go.

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@invisusmundi, Poetry have any space in this Contest Economy?

Thank you.

Posted using Partiko Android


If your poetry is about traveling and it is posted using, then yes.
There is definitely some space for it in this contest! :)

Thank you so much for letting me know.

Posted using Partiko Android

I guess I'll make a new contest every 2 weeks. :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Good to know that and keep up the great work.

Posted using Partiko Android

Good job 👍🤝🤔

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you king. :D

@bossel vielleicht kannst du ja daran teilnehmen.

I really like travelfeed because there are lots of things to learn from every travel post. It is enjoyable how we share our experiences and stories.

Here is my share. Cheers!

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow! What can I say? What a view! I can see now it won't be easy to chose the winner. What kind of camera did you use?

Posted using Partiko Android

Everyone is deserving. It's a tough one. 🤔🤔😁

I used Nikon D5000 for these shots..

Posted using Partiko Android

I think my sister has one too. :) She uses it for marketing reasons mostly.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's cool 👍👍 as least it serves a purpose.

Posted using Partiko Android

Resteemed...recalling me travels...

Posted using Partiko Android

Will particiipate for sure, as a traveller. but you could make some smaller prizes too like 50 steem 2 nd prize, 25 steem 3rd prizes etc.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's great! Yes, I will have this in mind for the next contest which should happen right after this one. :)

That is a cool contest, thanks for sharing with us!

great one, 🙏 so glade can post in travellfeed success, hopely iam will be the winner, thank you.

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome contest! I got here a bit late to resteem, sorry. Here's my entry anyways 8-)
Thanks for the contest!!

Thanks for your job @invisusmundi

Here the link to my PicsOnBike Day post:

I resteem immediately your initiative!

Posted using Partiko Android

You got a really cool contest and a great way to promote platform! Here's my entry: Feeling a world-class heritage under my feet

Resteemed as some of my followers might be interested in this certain topic

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, you can participate too. :D As you can see there is s high chance to win that 💯 STEEM!

Can I post a travel post, which I shared five days ago on Steemit, via

Posted using Partiko Android

Yea, sure. It can be five months old. It doesn't matter. ;)

Wouldn't it be a duplicate post?

Posted using Partiko Android

Sorry, I did not understand your question in the beginning. It would be best if you make some changes so it would not be completely the same. Maybe you could improve something? :)

Thank you @hanggggbeeee. Are you from Hanoi? I've been there about two years ago. :) One of my favourite places in South East Asia. It looks like every person in this city exercises regularly! How cool is that?

atsisiųsti (1).jpeg

Hi men. i would like to learn use steemit. could you help me? thank you☺

my profile. i speack spanish, but i can understand english☺

I was in Hanoi in 2013 and liked it. I prefer Saigon.

What's the main difference between Hanoi and Saigon? :)

Saigon is more Americanized than Hanoi. Saigon is almost like the Hong Kong of Vietnam.

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