Msp Music & Art Curation Contest Brought To You By Snibby the Cat! // Week 58 // 25 Steem Prize!

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Msp Music & Art Curation Contest Brought To You By Snibby the Cat! // Week 58 // 25 Steem Prize!

The Msp Music & Art account is used to manually curate artistic posts and it also gives automatic upvotes to those who delegate to it.
This combination creates a balancing act to make sure the voting power isn't being drained.

Snibby the Cat wants to upvote ALL the creative posts on Steemit, but he also has a very tiny brain and doesn't understand that it isn't possible to do so.

Team leader and sheriff, Peanut the Cat, ran the numbers and determined that Snibby should only curate 10 posts a week.

Snibby hid in the corner and upvoted all the posts when Peanut wasn't looking!


Each week, Snibby the Cat will carefully select 10 original, creative posts to curate using the MSP Music and Art account.

Jeffy, Sophie, or Snibby may even upvote more if Peanut isn't watching!

Snibby decided upon a different prize structure moving forward. There are too many fantastic submissions to choose only one winner, so Snibby will choose his top 3 favorite posts and those Steemians will split a 25 Steem Prize!


MSP Music & Art Week 57 Winners!

First Place!

GOLLUM//Trial by Comics
by @jeffersom

Second Place!

los-anillos-de-humo-de-gandalf-paso-a-paso-en-grafito-gif by @andreasalas

Third Place!

ART EXPLOSION WEEK 61: Theme BIRDS - homunculus of Allan Poe & Dalí
by @christianpoetry


MSP Music & Art Contest Rules

~Submissions must be in the form of a Steemit link

~Submit your Steemit link here in the comments

~Submissions must be original creative works: music, art, poetry, fiction, photography, etc.

~One entry per person please.

~You don't need to upvote this post, but a resteem would be appreciated so more eyes can see it!

~Snibby the Cat will choose 10 creative posts to be curated using the MSP Music & Art account.

~The Deadline for this week's submissions will be Monday, April 8th.

~Snibby the Cat will choose his top 3 favorite posts and those Steemians will split a 25 Steem Prize!


Delegate to MSP Music & Art to Help Creative Steemians....and Help Yourself!

Msp Music & Art is an initiative to help creative members of the Steemit community.
The official name of the account is @msp-music.

You can help support even more creative Steemians by delegating!

When you delegate to @msp-music you will receive automatic upvotes on your posts from the @msp-music account.

If you delegate over 100 SP you will also receive automatic upvotes from the @msp-lovebot account as well!

The delegation/upvote percentages are as follows:

51-100 SP is a 10% vote

101-250 SP is a 15% vote

251-500 SP is a 20% vote

501-1000 SP is a 30% vote

1000-2500 SP is a 35% vote

2500-5000 SP is a 40% vote

Anything higher than 5000 SP is a 50% vote

The @msp-music account currently has 8,529 SP.

The @msp-lovebot account currently has 15,760 SP.

Click Here to delegate!


Snibby looks forward to seeing/reading/hearing all of your wonderful creative submissions!


Well I have a little entry this week. minimal music almost meditative, but beautiful place in the video :) hope you like it :)

and I'm on a roll also a drawing of a baby rat

It's called The Golden Path

very new agey! LOL

Congratulations 🎉🎉
I have my artworks video:

I see you're into Art... My Coin Man must have caught your attention... I've always loved Music... I may have even come up with small amounts of Poetry in the Past... I'm not even a Minnow and I've Posted over 800 Blogs in just under Two Years...
April 2, 2019... #ssg-membership

Feel free to submit your poetry to this here contest that I run every week!
It's a basic creative contest....any creative content will work.

Everything I Write is I'm not much for entering Contests...
The Present bears Witness of the Past, and the Future shall make all things Clear...
April 3, 2019... #ssg-membership

Hello, congratulations to the winners, good works.
And now my entry:


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Congratulations to the winners! I leave this post, I like to reinvent myself as an artist. I hope they like it as much as I do. regards

BERENJENA 6 - copia.jpg

Hola! querida isaria espero les guste!

Greetings on this side, congratulations to the winners of the previous round. Here I leave content for this week.

Hi, this is a watercolor painting of a friend´s pet, thanks ;3