spot the idiot contest #2, win 0.01 sbd

in #contest4 years ago

There are market makers, who make up the order book & then there are market breakers, aka idiots, who ask ridiculously low prices for a less volume to bring market down, just for fun or so they can take either a decent price later on.

Spot such bid/offer & win 0.01 sbd after 7 days. Thou shalt upvote the post to be eligible.

3 winners shall be chosen.Screenshot_2018-05-15-10-45-22-741_com.bitfinex.bfxapp.png


Who will be winning !? Maker or breaker?

Oh bro! Do you uasually use the market?buy or sell ? I dont know much about market !

yeah.. its convenient & no commission

Which market you use ?

oh.. overall.. bitfinex, poloniex, binance etc

So, the contest concludes.. no answer, no winner..

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