My Dream Job, Be come a Teacher !!! That's

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Hello steemit lovers, I tried to search and read some articles on steemit then I found an article that held a contest about the dream job contest. This contest is held by @rubilu123 in the community.

Alright, I'll introduce myself first. My name is @jasmadyunus from Aceh, Indonesia, my job is student and freelancer. In accordance with the instructions from #ghcontest about dream work, in this post, I try to discuss it a little bit.

In childhood, our views on work may be different from adults. When we were little, we were asked what our dream was, maybe we would answer to be a pilot, doctor, police teacher, and many other professions, everyone would dream of it.

However, over time when we become adults, it turns out that these ideals are sometimes not what we expected, which we expect to be a pilot, so we become a taxi drivers.



Likewise, my dream used to be to become a teacher but until now it has not been achieved. The question is: Why do I want to be a teacher? The explanation is that being a teacher is the noblest job but at this time I am still trying to achieve it because it is a job that I dream of so that when I become a teacher maybe I will share the knowledge I have, especially knowledge of better life to students.

Now I'm studying, even though I'm at a university majoring in education, I haven't become a teacher, maybe when I finish college I'll be able to teach at a school, that's my dream job to become a teacher.

That's my post about the job I dream of. I hope this article can be useful for you, especially friends who aspire to become teachers, continue to reach their goals. and those who are in the teaching profession should share the best possible knowledge with your students. enough and thank you.

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Bro unfortunately the contest has ended long ago.
Am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Ok. I will wait for next contest, thank's @rubilu123

Yep am running another contest here is the link and please make sure to make your entry through the steem Ghana community.

Thank you.