"Sabang Islands 0 Kilometers of Indonesia" | The Famous Place that I have Visited 💕💕

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Hello stemit lovers.....
Today I will write a post about a famous place that I have visited, according to the theme of the #ghcontest, who knows I will be an option in a contest held by @rubilu123 from the #ghcontest community.


Crossed to Rubiah's Island

Alright. I live in Aceh, a province that is within the territory of Indonesia, Indonesia itself has thousands of islands, the island that I live on is Sumatra Island, where this island is an island located in the western of Indonesia.


Malahayati ports

Usually, when referring to Indonesian territory, people refer to it as "from Sabang to Meuroke", Sabang is Indonesia's 0 point kilometers and Meuroke is Indonesia's endpoint, well. Sabang is a famous place that I visited because Sabang is 0 kilometers from Indonesia.


My friends enjoying boat


me at iboh's motel


my friends at iboh's motel


iboh's beach views

To visit Sabang island, an Indonesian 0 kilometer island, we have to cross the Malacca Strait with a slow ferry because it takes about 2 hours and its taken ticket price of around Rp. 40.0000,- for adults, and I went to Sabang with my friends. But if you don't like the slow ferry you can use a fastest ferry but the ticket price is a bit expensive.

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iboh's beach motel views

When we arrived in Sabang, we didn't waste our time by visiting beautiful places in Sabang, apart from the 0-kilometer point, we also visited Iboh Beach, Sabang which is famous for its beautiful blue sea and underwater. We can enjoy this by diving or snockling in Iboh.


iboh's beach motel views

In Sabang, we stayed at a motel right on the shore of Iboh Beach, although our time was limited, we only had a 2-day vacation over there. and we have already visited the starting point of Indonesia.

Finally, after 2 days we were there we went home by crossing the Malacca Strait in the afternoon which took about 2 hours by sea and in the middle of the Malacca Strait we also saw dolphins entertaining the ship's passengers by jumping on and off. beside our ship.


Riki enjoying iboh's beach at night

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Finally, This is my post about "the famous places that I visited", Sabang, 0 kilometers and Iboh beach Indonesia. maybe you are also interested in visiting it and enjoying your vacation, I hope steemit lovers like my post and if there are things related to the content of the post that you want to ask, please leave a comment!

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