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Hi Everybody.

I'll give you a tour as to what a Rebus is :

Let's start first the meaning of a word rebus defined by Merriam - Webster :

  • A word rebus is a representation of words or syllables by symbols whose names resemble the intended words or syllables in sound.

So, we were like solving a puzzle here using symbols! Each of symbol will be a key to form the word. The term for solving it is "Decipher" and as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary : Decipher is to make out the meaning of despite indistinctness or obscurity.

Summary of Deciphering notes

Here are some notes which you can use. How to Decipher Rebus :


  • on, or, per, under, over, at


  • is, as, even, equal


  • rate, off, of


  • in, on, close


  • in, on, close, lock


  • some, more, add, plus, positive


  • less, few, minus, negative

X or x

  • err, not, no, ex, ten


  • female, ma, girl, woman, lady


  • male, man, gent, boy


  • raise, high, up, power


  • cost, money, price

Capital Letters

  • high, top, up, big, cap

Small letters

  • low, small, down

Symbol made twice

  • bi, di, two, twice

Words placed inside words

  • in

Example :

I'll show you some samples on how the game is made. I hope you'll understand it fully for us to have fun! :)

pizap (15).jpg

Correct answer : Merciless

x = err
"-" = less ---> Merciless

pizap (14).jpg

Correct Answer : Tremor

Three M

"/" = or ---> Three M + or = Tremor

Game Details :

10 Questions will be posted on the #classical-rebus channel at SteemPH discord server.

1 Steem each for the person(1) who will get the first correct answer.
2 Steems each for the person(1) who will get the first correct answer.

Total prize : 15 STEEM courtesy of @donkeypong.

Note to Everybody

Symbols may represent a lot of meaning, answers should be the same as mine to get the correct answer.

See you this evening! We will start exactly by 10:15 pm (Philippine Time) at @Steemph Discod server. To be redirected Click Here. Also, since we had enthusiastic members from SteemPH discord

See you people!

All the best


This would be a lot of fun.

Game! Fighting !😁

Yay excited for the next game!

May ganito pala.lol

Thanks sa game.:)

Ahaha. Di ko nakikita lahat. Ang bibilis mag type. Mga hyper.

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