PUML Photo Contest Winner!🏆🥇📸🏋️‍♂️🍀

in #contest8 months ago


And the winning photo is....

Twitter handle: @ anyobservation $100 USD BTC and 1000 $puml coming your way!🏆

We absolutely loved this photo, working out, while on vacation and with your kid is ticking all the boxes!!! 🤗💚💕

Thanks for all the other entries, great shots that were all worthy!


Check entries here: 🤾


And stay tunned, more surprises coming to PUML! 🎁🎈 Learn more about this cool health & fitness new dapp: https://www.puml.io


Wow! Very generous rewards, and quite a funny photo too. Congratulations to the winner!

Yeah!🎈🤗 stay tunned for more Contests!🎁🎉

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