Free Steem Bucks giveaway winner and new giveaway

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I'd like to congratulate our winner, @kay1 for their guess of $6.25. The price of steem at the 7 day mark exactly was $6.16. While there were two other guesses of the same amount, @kay1 was the first one of them to post, ergo declaring them the winner. Congratulations to you!

As for the new giveaway, same rules apply. Upvote this post, follow me and guess the correct price or closest price of steem 7 days from now and win 3.5 steem dollars. Also, if there are multiple guesses of the same price, the first one to post will be the winner.

The closing time for guesses will be 5 days from now so you can't jump in last second and win the giveaway. Also, if you resteem you get an extra guess.

Good luck to you all and happy steeming!



congratulations to the winner

Thank you very wonderful contest I wish success to all. I expect it will keep about 6.50 $

5.50. Sorry, I think it's going to come back down.


Congratulations to the winner.

Congratulations on the winner. The closest price of sbd is going for 7.8

STEEM in 7 days: $7.89

Thank you so very much...I thank all the contestants too and goodluck to everyone first guess will be 5$

My first guess is 4.16
My second guess (resteemed) Is 4.72

It's going to be 5.89

woow... lucky people ...amazing, this giveaway, good luck to you all ....and enjoy

Sure, I'll play. I'm going with $7.

1= $6,65
2= $6,55

Steem in 7days: 6.9


4,61 USD ? do i win @jgullinese

The source I used to show the price on the market cap showed me 4.36. You were so close! I'm putting up a new giveaway as we speak, so put your guess on the new one and follow the same rules. And of course, good luck to you! I'm rooting for you.

4.46$ or 3.65$

$5.94 and $5.82

Steem= 5.56$
Steem= 5.34$

Resteemed my second guess 4.44

My first guess is 5.15
Resteemed second guess 4.53

1st guess: $7.14
2nd guess: $4.20