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Are you good in guessing things? Are you good in looking things in a different way? If yes, you can join my first ever steemit challenge. This is my first time to conduct a contest. There are lots of contest out there and all of them are fantastic and very engaging. So today I want also to conduct my own contest which is open to everyone.

Today March 2, 2018 I want to launch my first contest ever, I hope that many people will join and enjoy this contest. Before I give you the mechanics, I want to give you my intention why I am making this contest and how I come up with this.

Last week I decided to practice photography 101, I am editing some photos and I bump into a mosaic effects and that time I ask my wife to guess what is the object behind the blurred image. Since that day I decided to offer this funny time of guessing things to more people. That is the birth of "Guess what challenge". Today I want to bring the fun and thrill of doing this challenge to all of you.

1 . Total amount of upvotes will go to the winners. In case there is more than 1 winner, the total SBD will be divided to all winners.
2 . If there is no winner for week 1 we will carry over the total amount to week 2 challenge. Meaning the prize pot will go bigger if there is no winner for that week. But if there is a winner he will solely take all the prize.
3 . This contest will run until March 8, 2018 11:59 AM Manila Time. Those who will submit their answer after 11:59 AM manila time will not be counted.
4 . On March 9, 2018 9:00 AM Manila time, I will release the correct answer and will send the prize to all winner/s.

1 . Upvote and Resteem this post so that many people have the chance to join
2 . Use the tag #guesswhatchallegeweek1
3 . Put your answer on comment below
4 . You may follow me

1 . Just guess what is the object in the blur image.
2 . The nearest answer could win the game.
3 . One guess per steemit account, no multiple answer.

Here are images to "Guess What Image for Week 1"

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Hmmmm, actually I'm not good in guessing stuffs so it takes time for me to make this comment hahahahaha
Hmmm, Week 1 of your steemit contest challenge, and we are in the steemit community. So I think this would be a good idea for your 1st Guess What Challenge. I think its . . .

3 Person using laptop (More like writing/reading steemit posts)

@coderzairos thanks for joining, I like your detailed answer :) Yep, Ohana rules. Let see if you'll take all the SBD on March 9. Keep posted and enjoy :)

i guess that's the old steemit logo

@poorguy21, thank you for joining. Be excited who'll win the first challenge. Hope to increase more the pot :)

I'm guessing those are picture of Binder Clips. The one you use on bulk of papers when paper clips are impossible to use. :D Hope my answer is right. :D

Thank you for joining @carloniere, I will release the correct answer on March 9, keep posted!

3 coke zero bottles on a white background/table.

Thank you for joining @jacinta.sevilla. your name is sounds rich :) hehe, I will release the correct answer on March 9 :) let's see if you win the prize.

Thank you lol makalumang pangalan xD

Nope, malakas ang dating ng pangalang sevilla

naks hehe salamat :)

Hi @d-isko.very thank you for joining. Keep posted for the winner/s.

3 bucket of chicken lol ;)


Hi @gyn you make me feel hungry. Chicken is my favorite. LOL
Keep posted for the winner/s.

Hi @gunter01 thanks for joining, Keep posted for the winner/s.

Hi where will we know the winner here?

I just release the winner.

Whats the answer hahahaha where can I find it?

Updated: I saw it already :) I'll join again

Just keep on joining, it is just for fun. Thanks for joining.

yes sir sumali po ko ule baka makatsamba hahaha God bless po. I know you have a good soul :)

My guess is that this is a picture of three binder clips. #guesswhatchallengeweek1

@arishatariq thank you for joining, keep posted for the correct answer <3

Hi @arishatariq congratulations you won our guess what challenge for week 1. Keep guessing.

YAAYYYY!! would love to participate in the next contests in future!💗🌟🌟

You can join the week 2 and the prize pot is higher than week 1. :)

is there any hint ? its so hard to guess.. hahaha

Hi @junebride, hehehehe I know you can guess it. Just give it a try. Follow what is in your heart <3 LOL

I think it is a picture of 3 boxes of some electronica layed out(musicboxes?)
Trying to put laptop on the other side of the room for better view.. tried it.. not working haha so save your effort :)

@annes-art thank you for joining. So cute when you said musicboxes hehehe. Let see ;)

Hi @cheche016 cool great guess. Let see on March 9 who'll win ;)

3 empty Coke Zero Bottles with their cap on! hahha very specific.


Thank you mentor @maverickinvictus, very specific ah. Let's see

Hi @lalasison my lovely wife, you don't need to join all my SBD is yours <3 hehehe

@abrahamcera, Almost there? Hehehe let's see on March 9.

Come on man. All I see are three people sitting. Or squatting. Hahaha

Thank you for joining @iamkrystela, I will release the correct answer on March 9, keep posted!

I guess it's 3 kids sitting next to one another.

@onenecha thank you for joining. Are you excited to know the answer? Let see on March 9:)

3star and a sun

Thanks @grayhaunds for joining, keep posted on March 9

flowers in the base...

@Tonie thank you for joining. Are you ready to know the answer? Let see on Thursday :)

A person striking a two thumbs up pose.

@alyciakiss thanks for joining. Very detailed answer. Let's see the correct answer on March 9.

I think it is a 3 small bottle and has a black inside :)

Thank you for joining @ezraabas, I will release the correct answer on March 9, keep posted!

Could this be A picture of three woman or man in a coffee shop enjoying the company of each other on a coffee break session after work?😁😊 this is really a fun contest can't wait for March 8, the unveiling of the image riddle hihihi😁😊😁😁 Congratulations on hosting your first contest!!😄😄 #guesswhatchallengeweek1

Hi @stephey thank you for joining. March 8 is approaching and all of us are excited :) Let see if you win the prize.

2 lovers siting on both sides with wine on the center table!!!hahaha:) lol!!

Hi @reginecruz :) I am happy every time I saw you in my post :) Let see tomorrow if you got all the SBD :)

THanks for joining and supporting :)

This is quite fun @joeysison. I love challenges like this. My guess is:
Three people or kids sitting and watching TV.

Hi @raquelita, good I love challenges too :) Brain exercise.

Hmm..a vehicle, not sure if its a car . But yeah my answer is it's a vehicle #guesswhatchallengeweek1

@wanderinggian21 your name is so cute :) heheheh like your answer kinda wondering. Peace, I am just joking. Tomorrow we will reveal the image :) THanks for joining dear

Hahahah... Thanks boss @joeysison

Table wd laptop then one person sitting on the chair.
Good morning thank you.

@olivia08 thanks for guessing, let's see tomorrow :) Thanks for joining.

three black rectangular baggage 😀😀

@nekenekai tomorrow we will see the correct answer, may be your answer is correct :) Let us see

I think that's three faceless people having a meeting hehe

@joyjoyharb hello, thanks for joining. we'll see tomorrow :)

I want to join but... Did you know I have seen this post from the very first day you've posted it?? But until now, I still can't guess what the picture is...

It's difficult... 😵

@maylyn09 hehehehe I like your honesty, hehehehe.

@jebsmith, thanks for joining. tomorrow I will announce the winner.