It's Back! The Most Difficult Contest To Win On STEEM!

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It's contest time once again :)

We're back for a brand new STEEM Power giveaway contest! And I know, it's not the first of the month, but I was on the road most of August as well as taking part in the STEEM Creators Conference last week. So I missed the opportunity to start the contest up on time...But hey, the middle of the month is just as good and whoever wins will still get a full month of delegation!

If you are new to this contest, here are the rules....

Be warned, the rules are extremely hard to follow and most people just give up before they get started...


For the past 3 months I've been running these contests and awarding one lucky winner with 150 in STEEM Power for an entire calendar month.

The rules of entry are as follows...

1. Comment On This Post

2. Be Sure You Are Following Me

3. Re-Steem The Contest Post

I know, I know...That's a ton of work!

On Monday September the 17th I will host my Monday Night Thoughts live stream on @dlive and randomly select one winner that completed the steps to entry. And after that...They get delegated 150 STEEM Power for one full month.

Time for a little bit of transparency....

I like to explain to readers and followers WHY I'm doing this so folks will understand my reasoning behind it.

First up, I'm a huge believer in STEEM as the blockchain and a social media platform with all it's apps. So I want to build my followers over time and this is a great way for me to do it. I would love to engage with everyone and the comments allow me to do that. So yup, it's a little selfish but I want to get to know YOU!

Second, it helps a fellow Steemian! 150 STEEM Power isn't going to make you rich, but it will allow you to crush it and generate some extra upvote value and exposure for the entire month. It could be just the bump you've been looking for and could really help fire up your STEEM experience...

But wait....There's more :)

At the Steem Creators conference I got to meet Joseph Savage who is the creator of @steembasicincome

Essentially, this project aims to provide a 'basic income' for every Steemian by a unique pay-it-forward method of sponsoring...I talked to him and let him know that I would love to incorporate Steem Basic Income into these contests I run...


There will be secondary prizes as well :)

I will award @steembasicincome sponsorships to 10 lucky winners of the contest as well.

Not bad huh?

Free STEEM for life and a chance to win 150 STEEM Power!

If you are curious about STEEM Basic Income, please check out their account and give them a follow!

And with that....Good luck to everyone! Thanks for making this contest so much fun and I look forward to engaging with you...Because with you, this journey just isn't the same...

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It was really nice to meet you in Toronto!

you too sir. and looking forward to getting more involved with SBI for all these future contests too.

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That's great sir

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Rats, tough rules alright, I give up. 😋

ha ha ha right? super hard to enter.

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Please, next time consider giving a little easier route. Thanks

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The simple life rule is, quiters never win and winners never quit

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I would love a temporary boost of 150 SP. If it helps my cause I'm not a self-voter. I also love the addition of the SBI

lol it’s completely random. i literally pick a comment using a random comment picker. appreciate the interaction tho for sure.

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Awesome contest. Nothing to lose and so much to gain :)

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agreed! never can go wrong investing in the steem community.

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Wow!! Are you craaaaazy?! I mean who gives away 150SP and SbI these days?!!! Hahaha..

@twodorks you are quite right it has extremely and out of the world rules!!!

Thank you @jongolson you are indeed AWESOME! I did smell you? Sniff sniff....Hahaha 🤣😂

But seriously, i believe you are indeed a generous man. This will go a long way for any small fishes out here! It is never small when shared. Please continue spreading your love for steemit..

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HAHAHA I told you! He is super humble!!! 💕 oh yeah I can smell him from here too! HAHAHA! 😆

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You said it better.. we all love free gifts.. and this is just too insane to ignore!!

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appreciate that very much. and i’m just trying to do what others did for me on steem when i got started. best people online are found on steem.

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You got that right! There are a lot of successful steemians here who have reached far and soaring high and enjoying stardome. But only a few remained humble. Im glad the few people i know is getting more, you are added in my list.

I like your idea of giving back, it gives people a little boost, a little inspiration and a little love to keep it going..

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This is really hard indeed...

lol yup! the hardest :) thanks for taking part and good luck.

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It took me a while to complete these steps... Seriously! =P
Nice promotion idea. =)

thanks for taking part. ya. its been a blast to run these contests. loads of engagement.

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Great idea @jongolson. I'm really happy when I see people which truly believe in Steem and making bottom-up initiative for its growth. Thank you!

thanks very much! good luck in the contest.

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Pleased to meet you. I am your new follower and I resteemed this article.

awesome. great to meet you too. thanks :)

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Very nice Contest presented to you. It really is very good for you to follow the rules in your Contest Just follow you on your post and you have to make comments. It is a simple matter. I still love this work.

I complete your work

This the easiest way to do giveaway and Aldo the best way for payback to community. Thank you very much for this

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Thank you for this opportunity @jongolson We started our blog here in january and we haved been growing an at a steady pace but a bump for more exposure it's needed. I do my best to post art everyday spending long joyful ours of creativity a day to bring some humor and color to this communty. This is why we are here and this is what we loved. Thank you very much!

absolutely!!! so important to love and find joy in what we do here. makes it so worth it.

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Keep it up

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We all need to help the community grow

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Yes! It's a collective effort.

Hey Jon, it was so great to meet you. I loved the goals that you shared. So straight-forward and simple, yet inspiring. I'm still puzzling out what I'm doing here but I will figure it out and it will be great! :)

likewise :) yeah i still have no idea what i’m doing lol until then i’m just gonna show up at offline events lol thanks so much for the kind words

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I will tell you what you are doing here,

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Awesome contest Jon! Working on my own thing to support Joseph and steembasicincome. So, there's my comment. :-) Keep it going!

ha ha ha thank you sir. much appreciated :)

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I think this is a great idea and very generous of you!

I think this is a
Great idea and very
Generous of you!

                 - aperterikk

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

thanks. ya i hope it gets people more involved in steem.

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@jongolson This is very generous of you! This is the first time I've heard about your contest and stumbled upon it actually by mistake. I will try my hardest to tune in tomorrow! Good luck to everyone who entered and followed the rules! This sounds very interesting and while I have some SBI, it's not much to amount to anything so this would help out tremendously.

really looking forward to rewarding people with sbi

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I like this idea of delegation. If I understand it correctly, it's like an interest-free loan that I can invest as I see fit. If I win 150 SP, I can have the power to upvote anybody for a whole month, but when time is up, my account goes back to whatever it was before plus whatever goodwill/interest I generated through investment.

I've been on Steemit for almost a year with a rep of 49, but my votes are still almost worthless (a fraction of a cent). I don't understand why. Maybe winning would help finally raise me to minnow status?

Thanks for running this promotion.

yup. exactly. so it would allow you to earn with an extra 150 sp for the month. but more important i feel like it would get the winner much more active and engaged.

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I missed this maiden contest, please, d mention me @jmcakademy in the next contest. Thanks. Let's build the community together

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I think you should do more hard work on steemit

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good to see you got a lot out of your trip to the conference and look forward to learning more of what you learned there..

thanks carla. and good luck :)

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Oh my! This is SO hard to do! :)

Good to see you expanding the contest so MORE people can benefit from what you have learned @jongolson. And with the upcoming plans, this is but the beginning.

Keep rocking it!

thank you sir.

yup....extremely difficult ;)

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We really should not miss good opportunities. This contest is somewhat complicated but fun LOL. Best regards @jongolson

appreciated. yup. super complicated ;)

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Make it easier next time

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Good things comes the hard way

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Great, Steem basic income. I find that fascinating because I'm also for basic income for all people.

absolutely. it’s a must.

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What a great idea! Thanks for doing this! Hope I get all the steps right ;)

appreciate it :) and good luck!!

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You should

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A warm greeting @jongolson friend, I am very happy that you are growing positively and you are expanding in what you are doing, it is excellent that you show what you do and have learned to other people, it is the only way to leave a legacy with strong roots.

appreciated. thanks very much for the kind words.

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Great contribution

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The new SBI addition to your contest will probably catch the attention of more people, since there are more prizes to win. Nice! :)

By the way, shameless promotion on my part lol, I also have a contest running, 1 SBD giveaway to the winner! Ends tomorrow.

for sure. the idea is brilliant and i’m able to give out more prizes. win win!

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Hola amigo @jongolson soy nueva en esto, pero tengo muchas ganas de participar y ganar. Gracias por la iniciativa. Saludos y Éxitos.

gracias por participar. y bienvenido a steam! ¡buena suerte!

Hi Jon. Sounds like an interesting contest and I'm going to check Steem Basic Income. I saw on Facebook that you got snow this morning lol... I never really been to Canada except for a day but I want to visit sometime.

ya. the snow really ruined my day lol but it could always be worse :)

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We are welcomed

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Excellent proposal brings us this month a very good contest to participate and win @jongolson

thanks. appreciate you taking part :)

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wow this is mind blowing i would not give up, i believe in embracing opportunities, i hope i win. 150 STEEM can help me grow well on steemit and encourage me more to do more art works, it's not easy posting and not getting good up-votes thanks for this contest @jongolson

awesome. thanks very much for taking part and good luck :)

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thanks bro

did all the part that rule says.
even gave a worthless upvote what your rules didn't say.
steem on.

lol appreciate it. never a worthless upvote. i appreciate them all :)

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Lol this is extremely hard got me @jongolson , Its really hard indeed Opportunity like this should not be Missed .... Thanks man

thanks for the comments and thanks for taking part :)

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I think I can do this one... it is challenging... Let me see... I have 1... no 2 of them out of the way! Now what was that 3rd one... hmmm... oh yay... I think I remember... ! :) Kewl thing to work with @steembasicincome as well! Next stop is to check it out!

absolutely brilliant project. i had to support it.

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Sounds like it... I will have to learn more about it!

Love it just hope I didn't mess everything up lol

lol good luck and thanks for taking part. means a ton!!

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Wow, the tittle really caught me off guard. I hope this will be my lucky day. Follow, comment and re-Steem. By the way I also pivoted this post.

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yup :) it’s meant to be a fun contest but extremely hard to enter ;)

Posted using Partiko iOS's just too hard...….can't...OK, I did.

lol ya. figured lots of people would give up lol

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I almost strained my finger clicking my mouse, but I managed. Now I can sit back and wait for the rain from Florence to hit.

urgh. stay safe.

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Contest Rules I do follow you
I am commenting on your post. I also redeem. Anymore hard work lol

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lol and entered into the contest lol pretty tough stuff i know ;) thanks so much.

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Thank you for supporting the Steemit community especially those who are just starting and need a bit of help.

:) my pleasure. i believe in steem so it’s the least i could do.

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Hope to see more dapps come to steemit. Thanks for being an inspiration to stay here on the platform keep it up @jongolson

appreciate that. yup there is so much being developed here. it’s a very exciting time.

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More power to you @jongolson so you can continue helping the Steemit community.

thanks for the support and kind words. good luck :)

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Thanks for another possibility of me gaining SBI. I was always in search of SBI contests because I appreciate what an SBI can do

oh i absolutely love the concept. it’s such a cool way for everyone to get rewarded in steem.

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Followed all the rules,it was tough to follow the rules though i tried!😂

hopefully it wasn’t too much to ask ;)

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All steps completed! I am pretty new here, but I am definitely loving it so far. I never thought I would enjoy as much as I have so far. Still trying to figure out some things, but learning everyday. Thanks for the contest!

best way to do it :) learning everyday and growing in your journey. steem is pretty awesome and you will meet the best people online here for sure.

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Excellent prize that you offer, gives me the opportunity to vote with more power to my faithful followers. Thank you for making this type of contests that help the community to continue growing.

no no. thank you for taking part :)

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I am in, very awesome contest my friend! Need to take a lesson on how to get this much visibility on my giveaway posts!

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it really works. i think the sbi is a huge bonus too. i’ll do a follow up post this week about the entire thing.

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Still new here so finding my feet. Steembasicincome sounds very interesting! Look forward to following along!

it’s awesome. such a cool initiative. and thanks for joining my journey as well :)

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Haven't been joining contest recently but I want to also share this with my followers thank you so much @jongolson! Will be following and checking on @steembasicincome as well! Thanks again.

appreciate that. thanks for taking part :)

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It's my pleasure @jongolson!😊

It's really hard for me as a newbie but I love taking challenges. It would be a nice experience for me, contesting for 150 steem power. I know it's definitely going to be difficult but success comes through hard work.
Thanks so much for the opportunity @jongolson.

good luck :) and thanks so much for taking part!

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nice contest sir. It will be helpful for the newbies.

appreciated. good luck on the contest!

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I speak Spanish but it is a good idea and very difficult to do.... :)

steem power knows no language barrier :) good luck.

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I had fall in love with steem basic income since the first time I heard about it. I have been searching for post that offer sbi share because I can't afford to have a lot myself.

I found your post link in @steembasicincome post and I'm glad that you are also offering a chance to win a delegation of 150SP.

It sound like impossible for me to win some because I rarely win on anything but it is better trying than doing nothing though.

Thank you for the offer @jongolson. My english understanding is not that good compare to my writing, so hopefully I have done all the requirement that is needed to be entered into your contest.

english sounded pretty good to me :) and ya i agree SBI is awesome. looking forward to supporting them going forward.

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It still a long way for me to go before I can support anyone but looking foward to do so someday.

Fourth time i'm writing this comment. Still don't know what to write...


could be your luck day? good luck!

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actually all done :D it was very hard to participate :D but you are good bro you are helping new steemers like me thank you for sporting in advance :P

lol i tried to make it super difficult. and thanks for the kind words. :)

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Pleasure to meet you @jongolson. Thank you for offering this generous offer.

awesome to meet you too. thanks for taking part!!

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thank you sir for this contest,minnows like us need help from whales like you, thank you sir I do hope I win.

a whale? oh wow. i could only dream lol

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It is a great idea to point out @steembasicincome! I will start some contests myself to distribute sbi-shares.

it’s fantastic. such a win/win for everyone.

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I'm in agony from entering this contest!

lol ya. it’s pretty rough.

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Hola me parece genial este concurso, aunque digas que es difícil completar las reglas y la mayoría de las personas simplemente se da por vencida antes de comenzar , todo es cuestión de atreverse y aceptar el reto. Arriesgarse no cuesta nada y me gustaría ganar steem y me encanta esa oportunidad que estas dando por lo tanto hay que aprovechas y arriesgarse. Saludos desde Venezuela.

muchas gracias por los comentarios y buena suerte en el concurso

Thank you very much for doing this, @jongolson. I need to understand the idea behind @steembasicincome, too.

for sure. thank you for taking part :)

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JON!!! I am commenting here, I don't really know what to say except you have inspired me. I have started using this thing. For now it is technically my blogging platform, but in reality I am using it to pitch my idea for a TV series!!!

perfect!!!! cbs or fox??? lol

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WOW even better than before. Upvoted re steemed I will have to go and see what steembasicincome is. Glad to see you home. Hope you did not get to much snow up there.

lol dying up here. horrible.

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I always love your contests. A good way of engagement.

thank you sir. always a blast putting these on. enjoy it so much.

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It's nice to see this post on my feed today. I am happy to see Steemians who continue to engage with one another and the platform not only because of the monetary reward but because of the community building aspect. Thanks @jongolson

for sure. the money will always come when you treat people well. that’s why the ‘people’ are what matters on steem.

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Very inspiring @jongolson so many people that I follow already went inactive which is kind of demotivating for someone like me. I am happy to see your post today very positive and encouraging for me to keep going

oh i completely hear you. when i got started here there were loads of people i followed and thought they would be here for the long run. sadly they have left and become silent on steem.

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Thank you @jongolson for paying it forward. Being new here I need some little help like a small SP delegation or SBI share to get me going.

Posted using Partiko Android

absolutely. and i hope t helps if you do win.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I won yay. Thanks once again I really do appreciate it.

Posted using Partiko Android

yup! hope you enjoy the upvotes from steem basic income :)

Posted using Partiko iOS

good luck. don’t forget to follow ;)

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The most difficult thing to do well is simplicity.

ain’t that the truth!!!

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Hey! @jongolson me di cuenta que hablas español, ya entré a tu concurso. Si estás interesado en apoyar proyectos que buscan ayudar a los usuarios, me gustaría que habláramos. Por ahora simplemente, te dejo mi voto y sigo las reglas de tu concurso. Buena iniciativa. Salud!

garcias :)

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You don't speak Spanish, do you? LOL

not at all lol google translate lol

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This is what I said literally on my first comment. Hey! @jongolson I noticed that you speak Spanish, I already entered your contest. If you're interested in supporting projects that seek to help users, I'd like us to talk. For now, I simply leave you my vote and follow the rules of your contest. Good initiative. Cheers

my bad. yeah i tried to be savvy and use translate. ya i do these contests every month. gets people excited and engaged.

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I think it is a very good initiative. I would like to do the same. If you want to help me supporting, upvoting and resteeming good content, check my project's blog. @votomasivo. You can help us joining our trail, fanbase or even delegating SP.

I have done everything
Waiting for the result,though my luck is not so good

never know. could be your lucky day.

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Hello @jongolson. Thank you for this contest. I have followed you and resteemed this post. Hope you will have more contest like this in the future.

for sure. thanks very much. and good luck to you.

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You come with helpful giveaway for all every month

good luck and yup. hope it helps whoever wins :)

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