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RE: 'Finish the Story Challenge' - Help Choose the Winner

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I agree with @norkamoran. The talent must be valued.
There are many people who can pay money and accumulate many votes. Another case may be that of people who seek votes in other ways, begging their friends to vote their comments to try to win, there is also the possibility that they send their comment to all the people without knowing them. They are people who do not even take the time to read the story and decide to give their vote to please the user.

Another thing, the contest was closed on June 4 at 19:00 GMT at that time my story had 46 positive votes and no other one surpassed it. Today publications with more votes were awakened and one of them won the award of 5 SBD.
So I wanted to emphasize that if they give an exact date and time where the contest closes, it should be like that. You must be more attentive @corina

Much success for @maeugenia

The best story?
Vote for: @norkamoran and @edurley
Good luck to you all.


I am really sorry if this is true! My little one is teething and doesn't go to sleep the way I expected so I couldn't be on my laptop at the time of the closing! Next time I will make sure there is a co-host for the contest so they can be here if I'm not. Thank you so much for letting me know!

I understand @corina. Another alternative may be to reward the first place, the second and third. Or have a trusted friend who helps you as a judge decide the winners. Regards!

God bless your little one!

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