Pet Photo Contest!

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Win a free steem dollar / steem !


To celebrate my dog (Banana) second birthday in a few days, I’m making a contest to share our happiness with you!

What’s The Prize ?

Banana will give the winner free 5 SBD/STEEM! and the the winner post will be reposted by me!

How to enter ?

  1. Resteem this post, so more people will join the birthday celebration.

  2. Post your pet(s) photo using #bananapuglife2ndbday

And that’s it guys! What an easy way to earn a free SBD/Steem.

When ?

You can start posting your post right away, and the winner will be announced 3+- days after this post payout.

So start joining and claim your reward.


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Your post was fresh.You were innocent. I sent you some compansation.
Please resteem for help to stop the bully actions of @grumpycat

Sure. Thanks. But still it’s humiliating

Happy birthday Banana :D my cats Loona and Bonita will definitely join ;)
Thanks for the contest @justinansako ^^

Awesome! Can’t wait to see your post!

Good idea this contest.
Good luck to everyone !

Don’t forget to join

happy birthday to your banana pug
my pet also had his birthday in january

So who won the contest @justinansako? :)

You win Jessica. Congratulations!🎉

Yeay! Thanks so much! Hope Banana had a wonderful birthday. Sasha sure did enjoy her extra treats! :) :) :)

good idea|~

Thank you

great idea.. thank you for this. 😄 I'm in and here is my competitor

Sure is

Happy Birthday Banana!!! May all your doggy wishes come true :) Here is the link to my entry for the contest:

Thank you 😊

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 14.68% vote... I was summoned by @justinansako! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

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