[Question] Mathematics × Programming Competition #5 [問題] 數學 × 程式編寫比賽 (第五回)

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Mathematics × Programming Competition #5

Designed by @nicolemoker

26/8/2017 UTC 17:00 - 2/9/2017 UTC 17:00

For Chinese version please scroll to the bottom. 中文版請見文末。


Complete the 4 × 4 puzzle above using the numbers 1 to 16 without repetition, subject to the following constraints:

  1. A, B, J, K can only be filled with the numbers 2, 4, 6 or 8
  2. E + F = 26
  3. K + O = 9
  4. B + K = 14
  5. A + L = 9
  6. C + I = 25
  7. A + G = 13
  8. C + P = 24
  9. B + M = 9
  10. A + K = 12
  11. D + E = 25
  12. | E - N | = 4

Answer submission

Please submit your answer through this link. Type your answer as a list of numbers from A to P separated by commas, for example “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16”.


  • This competition will last for 7 days. After that, no more submission will be accepted.
  • Participants who submit the answer as a comment below this post will be disqualified.
  • Participants can submit an unlimited number of solutions, however only the latest answer will be considered.
  • You have to upvote this post in order to be eligible for the competition.


  • Prize pool balance carried forward = 0 SBD
  • SBD payout of this post will be added to the prize pool.
  • The first 3 participants plus 5 randomly chosen participants who gave the correct numerical answer will share the prize pool equally. Thanks to @steemstem who kindly sponsored this competition, the first, second and third participants who gave the correct numerical answer will get additional 7.5, 5 and 2.5 Steem respectively!
  • Those who resteemed this post will have 400% higher chance to win in the lucky draw!
  • If not all prizes are given out, they will be accumulated for the next competition.
  • @kenchung reserves all the rights to disqualify any suspected cheating players and to decide the distribution of prizes among the winner(s).

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數學 × 程式編寫比賽 (第五回)

Designed by @nicolemoker

26/8/2017 UTC 17:00 - 2/9/2017 UTC 17:00


以1至16完成以上之4 × 4 拼圖,數字不能重覆,並需符合以下限制:

  1. A, B, J, K 只可由 2, 4, 6, 8 四個數字填上
  2. E + F = 26
  3. K + O = 9
  4. B + K = 14
  5. A + L = 9
  6. C + I = 25
  7. A + G = 13
  8. C + P = 24
  9. B + M = 9
  10. A + K = 12
  11. D + E = 25
  12. | E - N | = 4


請經此連結提交答案。請將你的答案由A至P順序列出並以逗號分隔,例如 “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16”。


  • 此比賽為時7天,其後將不會再接受新答案。
  • 嚴禁在回覆公開答案,否則將被取消資格。
  • 參加者可以重覆提交答案,但比賽終結時只會考慮最後提交的答案。
  • 你必須upvote此帖方能參加比賽。


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  • 另外感謝 @steemstem 的贊助,首三名給出正確數字答案的參賽者將獲得額外的 7.5, 5 及2.5 Steem!
  • Resteem此帖文者將有額外400%的得獎機會!
  • 若有獎金未被發放,將累積至下一次比賽的獎池。
  • 本人保留一切最終權利,包括但不限於取消任何疑似作弊者的資格並決定獲獎者的獎勵分配。

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voted, resteeeeemed and correct answer submitted... like last time :P

wish that you can win again! :P

I will give you a little hint about tools you should use. Take a look on prolog programming language which is great for constraint logic programming :)

Excellent post..

Submitted. Hope I got it right this time!

Thanks for joining!

Nice and relatively simple logic puzzle. Entered and upvoted

| E - N |

What does that mean??? Is it just normal E - N or what else could it mean???

that's the absolute sign, a mathematical symbol

it turns negative values to positive. e.g. | -2 | = 2, | 3 | = 3
for more properties of this function you may try to google it

Ahhhh Thanks!

Thank you for the contest! Since I graduated a year ago I don't do many logical thinking problems anymore so this was super fun for me! 😊

glad that you enjoy it! :)

Excellent contest, and send my answer, @kenchung

great, thanks for joining!

I hope to stay in the finalists, the numbers are my passion @kenchung

Someone got it done in minutes?? Not me. Took me about an hour or two.

Submitted answer, upvoted, and resteemed. :)

ye I dun think I can do this in minutes too! Never mind the good news is you still got the answer eventually :)

I solved the problem using prolog 😼
Happy to provide the code once the competition ends!
Submitted answer, upvoted, and resteemed.


great, please do provide your code after the competition ends! I have heard of prolog but forgot how to write already haha

Hi, I posted my prolog solution to the problem as promised 😼

Hope you like it! If you can, please help spread my post to others. I'd like to do this even for future contents if you think this could be a good idea for the people that read and try out these problems.


Great thanks! I will include your solution in my next post. A very well-written post!

Love mathematics and problems. Glad that I come across that post. Excellent idea. After like a 15 minutes I participated. :D

Greetings from Turkey!!

Hi there! :) So glad to see this competition has reached the other side of the world haha
Best of luck, wish you can win!