DnW Poetry Contest #5 New Theme and Announcement of Winners!!

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The host for the fifth-week contest wants to apologize
She was so busy jumping and screaming on the ground
For days, the joy and the smile extends and amplifies
As she witnessed her favorite rock band performs with a loud sound

The announcement is delayed for two days
But that doesn't mean she forgets the poetry
So the winner's entry will now put on array
And will be rewarded by @deeday31 accordingly.


Wear A Smile
by @devjanes

Unexpected, I was formed inside with joy
God heard you love to have a boy
He didn't hesitate to give gift to you
Using the guy you thought would love you too.

Your lips wears the biggest smile
I wanna see them as you stare for awhile
You had no idea that I was inside
Until you're unwell, you just can't hide

Your smile went away as you knew I was there
Trying to convince yourself that you don't care
You pulled me out and threw me through
I knew my dream won't come true

Mom, I was not a decease
Don't take me out, the pain I can't ease
Turned your back and leave a mile
Never had the chance to wear a smile.


Perpetual Smile
by: @lapizlazuli

Your actions so versatile
Your sharp words and striking guile
How I love to see your sense of style
That I always check your online profile

If you get bashed for a while
I'd become very volatile
My heart will rage with a rising bile
From these voices that only know revile

If I see you when I pass a turnstile
I think I would stop at my aisle
You make me happy since I was a juvenile
I'll adore you 'til I'm aged and senile

I always make an effort to compile
All the moments that I see you smile
But meanwhile, I think it's futile
Because you're only a jpeg file...


She Continues To Smile
by: @giraffeonskates

I walk into the tall building,
hands shaking, thoughts racing.
A desk of frowning faces ignores me.
I lean forward and say "excuse me, I am lost, can you please point me to room 203?"

A lady with a face full of botox and makeup,
who looks at me like I've ruined her holiday in Balingup,
glares at me as she gets off her desk chair and shows me to the room.
The room 203, where my grandmother rests, I assume knowing her doom.

I reach out and pull down on the handle,
she's laying on her bed reading a book by some woman called Maybel.
She looks up at me, and instead of looking despondent,
she beams up at me with delight and contentment.

We sit and talk and we laugh and we smile.
She doesn't stop smiling at me the whole while.
She rests her head down as I watch her eyes turn glossy.
She is still. She is quiet. She continues to smile.


Your Smile, I Won't Forget
by: @sistem

The reason I smiled within was you
A smile that’s clear like the morning dew
Everything I did, I did for you
But my heart kept asking if this was true.
The first day I saw you, I will never forget
It’s a day I choose to never regret
I was a sharpshooter but you were a hard target
When you were mine, I made you my best pet.

Two years have gone and we were not the same
I used to be your baby but now you call me by my name
To us, I would say ‘’what a shame’’
But on me, you can put the blame.

Like an angel, you had the best smiles
A smile I would run to get a thousand miles
In my tummy, I felt butterflies
Now that you are gone, I wish I took you down the aisle.


She Smiled
by: @tomogiroe

Her chances of passing were slim, but still, she smiled.
Her parents’ faces were grim, but still, she smiled.
She’s unsure if she’ll make it, but still, she smiled.
She was not ready to do it, but still, she smiled.

Every fiber in her protested, but still, she smiled.
She was not even comforted, but still, she smiled.
She was worried for her sister, but still, she smiled.
They're nervous for each other, but still, they smiled.

The bride selection has come, but still, she smiled.
For her it was burdensome, but still, she smiled.
Her sister was not chosen as the bride, but still, she smiled.
Her sister had mournfully cried, but still, she smiled.

She advanced to the final round, but still, she smiled.
They said the bride has been found, she still, has smiled.
But when they said it was her, she lost her smile.
For she knew the prince doesn’t love her, at last, she cried.


The month of February is fast approaching
and with that, this week new theme is




There will be some changes. Please do read carefully, dear Steemians!

  1. Your poem must be original.
  2. Upvote and resteem this post.
  3. Use #dnwpoetrycontest as your main tag and #poetry as your second tag
  4. Your title must start with "DnW Poetry Contest #5: + Your own title."
  5. Comment you entry link below.
  6. Any types of rhyme are acceptable.
  7. Every participant must draw an image that is relevant to the given theme. ( No pressure on this part. We just want you to use your own header image.)
  8. Your poem must contain four quatrains. Each quatrain contains four lines.
  9. Deadline runs until Tuesday 20:00H (8:00 PM, February 6, 2018, Philippine Standard Time)


Note that from Steem I changed it to SBD since the value of Steem overtakes the SBD and the prizes that I'll be sending to you come from my own wallet. Hope you understand.

First Place - 4 SBD
Second Place - 3 SBD
Third Place - 2 SBD
Consolation - (2) 0.50 SBD

Prizes may increase depending on the support we receive.


Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

Relevance to the weekly theme20%
Logical Structure (Shows a coherent and smooth transition)50%
Synchronization (Header Image and Poem Entry)10%


✏️ kneelyrac ✏️

Hi everyone!!
I encourage you all to support and vote
Terry @surpassinggoogle, @blocktrades and also @precise as your witness.
Just click here and type 'steemgigs', 'blocktrades' and 'precise' on the first box.



Hello! Happy to join your contest! Here is my entry: Hope you'll like it


Thank you for joining. :) Best of luck!

Thank you also for organizing this contest :)

I cannot help but notice that all winners had a rhyme.

Any types of rhyme are acceptable.

This means that Freeverse poems (no rhyming) are not accepted for the contest?

It's acceptable :) Any form of rhyming will do as stated in the rules. You did the freeverse poem with a digital art right? It was good. I love the story, we love it. However, it's not only me who evaluated the entries.

Yeah, that's fine! As long as it is accepted I will be posting a free-verse again (most likely). I know that there are many poems, and many of them are of incredible quality, so I am not too bummed out about not winning ;) I just did not want to be disqualified, that's all :D

Yes, just follow the rules. We didn't disqualify you. I really appreciate that you keep on asking questions for some clarifications. Thank you for joining and we'll be expecting your entry for this week contest.

Congratulations to the winners. I guess mine wasn't original enough. I'll work on that for the next one.

Hii!!! Thank you for always participating on our dnwpc. However, there was a problem regarding the rule#7. We accept calligraphy and any form of art as long as it is yours. A simple one will do.

To all the participants on the last week's DnW Poetry Contest, I just want to say that all the entries are tabulated after 3-4 readings.

Yes, you read it right. It doesn't mean we don't understand the poem, we jusy need to thoroughly weigh the entry. And we evaluate each entry separately just like what normal judges would do.

Any rhyming will do. Freeverse, aabb, abab, aabc, abcc, abca, etc etc etc, we accept that. We didn't evaluate base on the rhyming, we evaluate each entry base on the originality, relevance to the topic or the concept of your story based on the given theme, synchronization of your simple art to your poem, and the tie breaker and the hardest part is the logical structure (that is why it's 50%.)

Thank you everyone! I'll be expecting more entries!!! :)


congratulations winners! And to all who participated with our #dnwpoetrycontest.


I will be sending the prizes this 6pm 😊

Thank you ate @deeday31 and @kneelyrac! You make me gals very happy!!!

Ipagpatuloy hehe

Congrats sis! Woot

i am not good at poetry but i will resteem your contest... :)

Thank youu!! :)

thank you :)


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Congrats ate @tomogiroe and to all the winners! You all did an amazing piece. More power. :)

Thank you for joining lady. :)

Oh,just learnt about the contest... I would be on the watch for the next one.

Oh, too bad. I'll expect your entry on the next dnw poetry contest. :)

Alright,already on the watch

I will join, just want to try it again. ^_^
God bless us and I am so proud for those who won for the last week's theme. Congratulations, guys and keep it up! <3 <3 <3

PS: Loving the hosts <3

We'll be expecting your entry :)

waaahhh hoping i can submit my entry today hehe :D

Thank you for joining. :)

thank you for joining :D

Like I said, I'm not really good at this but.. at least, I tried. And I tried my best. Here's my entry...


You did your best and came up with an entry poem, you should be proud of yourself.

Thank you for joining. :)

thank you! you did great!

Wow!! This will be my second contest on this platform. But this will be the first @kneelyrac contest I will participate in. Let my pen starts bleeding. Thanks so much for this @kneelyrac

Hi! I'll be expecting your entry. :)

Thank you for joining. :)

Thanks for the prompt :)

thanks for joining! i am in somehow can relate to this too LOL

hehe crypto infatuation !!!

Thank you for joining. Best of luck. :)

thank you mam........have a good day

hey mam when are the announcements?

HAHAHHAHA! Maybe tomorrow. :) Sorry for the delay. Too many deadlines to meet.

no worries mam.........otherwise enjoy your day

Congrats to the WINNERS and more power @kneelyrac and @deeday31


Thanks for the upvote from my intro post :) maybe one day I'll try the drawing challenge. Keep it up :) have a great day

There are lots of drawing contest here in steemit. Check @sirsensei, @jacinta.sevilla, @kennik, @deemarshall, @sparkyez, and a lot more.

This is my entry :https://steemit.com/dnwpoetrycontest/@poetrybyjeremy/dnw-poetry-contest-5-under-a-tree-s-shade

It was quite fun to draw again! I love that it is a requirement. Also, even though I could write Freeverse, I wanted to try a rhyming couplet (without syllable counts). Hope you enjoy reading :)

Wow, syllable counts. A haiku is a big achievement for me and it's quite hard. How much more 4 quatrains with syllable counts. I want to try that.

But anyway, thank you for joining again. :)

The more professional rhyming couplets are 2 lines per stanza (so wouldn't be quatrains) as well as written with a specific meter (both syllable count/length and emphasis on syllables is similar). Having said that, I never write it that way hahaha. Rhyming is already hard enough. I never learnt about meters and the emphasised syllables, it's not in my brain!

Ang mga poets dha, @patttyyy ready na? Hehehe

@shairanada sshh! Mura sad tag kabalo. Di raba. Hahaha

Hi there! Thank you for joining! Good luck :)

thank you for joining :)


That is my link above.
I love this; it is a good way of improving and building poetry community in on steemit!!

Thank you for your kind words and thank you for joining! Best of luck. :)

thank you so much for giving our poetry such a sweet notice and appreciation :)

Hi, thank you for joining this time! Best of luck. :)

I wanna try! hmmm... I'm not that good in writing poems tho... but still I will try. There's no consequences in trying.. thanks for the contest!

Yes! There's no harm. :) I'd love to read your entry for this week!

Finally! miss @kneelyrac and miss @deeday31 here is my entry. hehe. It is not that special but hoping for your positive response. <3 <3 <3


Treat your poem a special one. You work for it and that what makes it special.

Thank you for joining again. Best of luck. :)

aww <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much and I really appreciate it. ^_^ God bless you all~


This is my entry for the contest.... @kneelyrac, thank you for this opportunity..... I hope you'll enjoy reading it

Heyyyy! So excited to have found my way here after just a few days on Steemit... overwhelmed with the community here and quality of content and writers! Feeling so blessed to be here :)

Here is my entry for the competition and the post has been upvoted and resteemed. I hope anyone that reads enjoys it!

--> Even the Brightest of Stars can Implode

Thank you!

With love
Hart Floe

The Price of Infatuation:

Infatuation comes and infatuation goes,
And a lover’s passion will always flow,
From a one-night stand to one-year fling,
Then love either dies or exists in full swing.

Infatuation can lead to a deeper bond,
And cupid may wave his magic wand,
The lovers may decide to tie the knot,
Then either live in peace or fight a lot.

When a relationship ends,
Infatuation again,
To sow new seed in a lover's game,
And find new passion one can tame.

The cycle begins and ends again,
Until eternal love lasts to the end,
As men grow old their love turns cold,
Buried with the women they once behold.


Hi there. This comment is to let you know that your contest has been included in @moneyinfant's Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #11. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest list I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

Have a Steemy Day!

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

thank you for joining :)

It's a privilege. That's for bringing the contest up to bring the best out in us

Hoping and fingers crossed ^_^ Linked here is my interpretation to the theme, "Infatuation".

Thank you for joining. Best of luck. :)

yung maka-best of luck si madam, kurog na ko.hahaha

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