🏆Contest: KrazyKoin needs a Logo - Win free KrazyKoin!!!

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KrazyKoin needs a Logo

I recently started handing out my new token KrazyKoin, it has been brought to my attention that I failed to create a logo for it. A logo was not anything that I had thought about, this is where I hope some of you may be able to help me out.

To help give you guys some inspiration, you can find the description of the coin below.


This is a token that rewards people for random acts of kindness and for being active, encouraging, and helpful in the community. These tokens are used to gain an upvote from the @krazywitness account on the Whaleshares Chain. These tokens trade on the Bitshares marketplace to give those who earn them the capability to use them for equal recognition or to trade with others who have earned. It is not the purpose of this token to be used for speculative value and no value is guarantee for said value.

📃 The Rules

  • Logo must include the text KrazyKoin, entries with KK instead will also be considered.
  • Logo must be atleast 500x500 pixels, 1000x1000 is prefered.
  • Submit entries below, along with your bitshares account name.
  • You must have a bitshares account to claim your reward.
  • 2 entries per participant.
  • Contest ends at post payout on August 15, 2018.

🚀 The Prizes

1st Place : 200 KrazyKoin
2nd Place: 100 KrazyKoin
3rd Place: 50 KrazyKoin

I can not wait to see all the entries!!!

Get those creative juices flowing and most importantly HAVE FUN with it!!

Much Love-

Find me on Discord, I love meeting new people!!
I'm the super pink one
Whaleshares Official Discord - https://discord.gg/3pqBXKY

If you don't have a bitshares account you can get a free one here.


Those are nice ...thanks for entering 😀

Here ya go you lovely krazy lady! :D


Hey @krazykrista! I love this kind of contests, here's my first entry!



My bitshares account name: em3di

Hello, here is my entry,



hey @krazykrista, here is some support. :)

All entry can be fond here : https://steemit.com/krazykoin/@podanrj/iconic-logo-proposal-for-krazykoin-eb4d4da91eefeest

and my openledger : podanrj37412

Contest look investigating, I'll reciprocate with an art. Great Post! LOL

But, YAY! KrazyKoin coming to life!

Here’s a cheeky entry from me :) made from scratch using affinity designer.

Hello @krazykrista, I saw your contest a bit late but I could not stop participating so I did this for you, I still do not have time to make a post but I want you to have my design at your disposal. By the way, I love that you still use my cover, when you want I can make you a new XD
krazykoin finish.png

Hi @krazykrista 💖 here is my entry



bts: adewale123

My entry to mama krazykrista

my bitshare ; deewon23

Hi @krazykrista, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @krazywitness doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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Very observant...you are correct...but not a typo

LOL - Fucking Bots!

😂 😂 bot lurkers - mind your bizz lol

I hope I'm not too late, I just saw your blog

kk 001.jpg

Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

I am not sure the comments :) but hey please know how much I miss ya!! And glad I saw this -- I need a bit of silly. Oh the stories I have for you :)

I miss you a ton

Email me a the list of your choice of nit wits I should give my votes to or change if necessary.

Oh whaleshares chain launches soon clever <3 you should come get you an account....in fact I'll buy you one in prelaunch if you so desire <3

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