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Pros & Cons associated with Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is basically an area of medicine focused on enhancing the looks or appearance of the human body. It is applicable in the areas of the head, neck, and the entire body as a whole. From recent studies, over thousands of women in europe desire to have new looks, appear younger via cosmetic surgery. It may sound interesting enough to be a victim of this medical practice but there are numerous problems associated with it which i am going to mention a few as well as advantages. Let's dive into the advantages of cosmetic surgery first.

Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Facilitates good health of individuals: Consider victims that undergo liposuction for instance, where body fats are being sucked out of the body. After this procedure, patients carry around much less weight. In return, pressure on bones and joints are relieved. Also patients experience improved breathing via rhinoplasties.
  • Increased confidence of individuals: Abraham Maslow, one sociologist ever made a statement which can be interpreted in my own words as, if one has an improved image, one get to feel better and participate fully in life. He/She gets more engaging than hiding from things. Cosmetic surgery can enable someone to feel better under his/her own skin.
  • Increased opportunities: This may sound a bit funny but honestly from society's point of view, attractive people always get the top positions in workplaces, offices and places alike. As cosmetic surgery improves one's image, it opens doors for more opportunities in life though, opportunities come but once.

Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Numbness: Did you know that some cosmetic surgeries may result in nerve damages? This can only result from careless or naive practice of this medical procedure. A damage to any of the nerves may be permanent.
  • Black sheep of the society: I come from a part of Africa where people do not play with their religious beliefs. To the religious people, one cannot decide to change what their supreme being has given them as a default feature. To them victims of cosmetic surgery are violators of a solemn vow between then their object of worship. Society frowns on cosmetic surgery victims. But are they right? The answer is with God.
  • Skin Breakdown: In rare cases, individual experience a skin breakdown post surgery. In this scenario patients have to undergo another round of surgery to remove the broken skin leaving them with visibke scarring and probably infections.

Natural beauty is also lovely


I perfectly agree with you.


Btw, for men goes the same. But then I have to ask my wife to choose a picture.

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I guess you should post a natural male beauty.