[Updated] Why keep steeming? Survey & 100% 1 SBD + 10 SBD Lottery giveaways!

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Why keep steeming? Survey & SBD giveaways!

We have many steemers from all around the world! But we don’t know who these steemers are, and why they keep steeming. Of course everyone wants to earn STEEM. But there are many other reasons. We’d love to hear why you keep steeming!


Some of you pointed out that the questionnaire was rather lengthy(over 5min), and the response rate of the questionnaire was somewhat lower, so we raised the compensation amount to 1 SBD to reach the 500 questionnaire result that we aimed.. (I will also give you 1SBD for those who already answered the existing questionnaire.) It will be a big help if you resteem it. Thank you!

Please join us in this campaign by completing the survey. It takes about 5-10 minutes! We will give away lots of SBD!!💎💎💎

How to join us?

  • Just complete a survey by clicking this link: https://goo.gl/H1XeJi
  • At the end of the survey, you must enter your SteemitID in order to get a reward of 1 SBD (for the first 500 people) ,and have a chance to win the drawing.
  • All multiple choice questions! Yeah!!
  • There are some questions that will sound similar (this is intended; it’s not an error!)
  • Additional lottery: Resteem this post to your followers. We will select 10 people and award them 10 SBD each.

What kind of survey is it?

  • Basically, we are asking you a bunch of simple multiple-choice questions about why you keep steeming, and whether you have any concerns. For example, we ask you to rate how much you agree with this statement: (why are you steeming?) “To meet new friends”
  • To respond, simply choose one of the following items: 1 – Strongly disagree, 2 – Disagree, 3 – Neither agree or disagree, 4 – Agree, 5 – Strongly agree
  • We also ask questions about demographics at the end of the survey
  • Don’t forget to enter your ID so that we can transfer the 1SBD rewards!
  • We will check the validity of your answers

Survey period: Sept 1 - 7, 2018 (AoE)

💰Raffle selection💰: We will transfer 10 SBD to each of the randomly selected steemers, by Sept 8, 2018.
📊Survey results📊: After the survey, I’m sure that you will be very curious about how other steemers responded to the survey. We will post the results of the survey by the end of September!!

Who I am: I’m a #researcher at a public university. I’m currently conducting research to understand why people are steeming. I’m hoping that this research can help better design blockchain-based social media. The collected data will be only used for research purposes and your answers will be not be released/shared. If you have any questions about this survey, please send me an email ([email protected])


Interesting survey, look forward to seeing the results.

Enjoyed remark by @ervin-lemark - one does need to understand what slots into various areas.


A lot of questions. I am curious how will you group and correlate them.

Sorry but I have to say it - you are doing one fundamental mistake.

Steemit is not Steem!

Do your research on this topic and learn what the distinction is.

Hi Ervin, thanks a lot for your clarification. You're absolutely right. We fixed some typos: steemit blockchain => steem blockchain. But it's hard to separate them when we casually speak about that though. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


I always try to remember myself to use terms like Steem blockchain or Steem platform for the ecosystem and the term frontend for Steemit, busy and other interfaces.

The challenge is that there is a company called Steemit Inc. which people take as a synonym for the platform. Which once was true yet it is no longer so.

Steem as a platform is much more than Steemit Inc., lukcily. Without the third party tools and without the community this platform would be gone by now.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! That's really helpful. It seems liek the term "Steem Platform" sounds more comprehensive than the Steem blockchain.

Yes, it covers much more.

Blockchain is the bottom layer, the base technology.

Platform is the base technology and the upper layers.

Ecosystem is platform with third party tools, users, community, ... everything.

OK, these definitions might be a bit vague but they are pretty good, I think.

That's much clear! Many thanks for your help!

nice post plz upvote back

A very interesting survey, polling the participants' interests of the of this emerging social network! looking forward to see the results!

Done even the resteem, although you should check some concepts about steem and steemit, all the rest is good

Where will you be getting your reward payout from? I notice you have no sponsors and very little STEEM in your current wallet.

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Hi I'm his co-worker! We will distribute Steem Dollars -- He has over 400 SBD in his wallet! If you can join the survey, it would be great!

That's wonderful news!

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Survey completed...

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did survey... resteemed aswel

Thank you sir! good day!

finish encuest done @gr3g0r

Spent 10 min. and then it did not get through. Problems with the site...
Will not try again, thats for sure!
Otherwise the idea is great, good survey questions, I do support your project, and wishing to you good luck!

Voy a participar en la encuesta

I will participate in the survey

Mi link: https://steemit.com/@delvapin

My link: https://steemit.com/@delvapin

Done @guurry123
Survey and resteem

Survey complete! Are you planning on sharing the results with the Steemit community?

@eoj Of course! We'll share the survey result the end of September :)

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I already finished my survey and resteem

I answered all the questions.

I hope my answers help

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Ans done as @minhaz007

And restreem

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completed survey and resteem on 13000 plus members

I think it is fake.Because you don't have any steem in your wallet

Hi, I'm his co-worker! In his wallet, he has about $170; and he will transfer more money tomorrow for this research (there's transfer limit per day at the bank). If you can spare some time and join the survey, we would really appreciate that!

That's great,i wish your intention comes true

Hi @minhaz416! Now 440SBD in my wallet. As @netssenger said, there's transfer limit per day at the bank. I'll transfer to SBD every day as much as I need for survey :)
This post is purely for research purposes(It is not a purpose for making money!).
I will be very grateful if you answer the questionnaire because We need many participants(almost 500 people). Thank you!

It is real! I'm his co-worker, and we really need your input to do our research.. Please help us! If you can re-steem this article to your friends, I would really appreciate that!

Completed the survey and resteemed @lifeisgreen. Very interested in your results.

answered and resteemed

Done and done!


Great initiative!

muy buena información sigue creando post instructivo continua así

i done it . !

I really enjoyed this.
It was great taking part in the survey.

Come across this survey after finish my daily trading commentary at steemit here. Support for such great idea and effort you have done. Cant wait to see the result.

ill try it and see if im one of the 500

Yes! You're one of the 500; we're still far behind. # participants are less than 250 at this point. If you can encourage others to participate, I would really appreciate that!


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