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RE: Punday Monday 74! If you can't laugh at the crypto crashes, you'll cry. So come laugh! Comedy Open Mic Round 39

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Wow, thanks for the POCKET and SBI! I have no idea how to access these, or use them, but I'm sure it's awesome, and I'll figure it out. Especially if someone explains it to me.


The post I post every Friday explains how! If you still don't know after reading that post, that will be useful to know! I think I explain it clearly, but no one's told me either way.

I read it. And I'm sure you explained it well, but I didn't see how to keep track of or use it or access it.

You just use it by writing the command in any comment on the blockchain. The confirmer bot will come by and tell you how much you have. That's all there is to it! (and that's really the only way to "use" it, which is why I use it for voting. It has no other value.)

Easy as PIE, it is a new form of digital currency here on Steemit it but many still DOUGH know all about it. Allow me to just to add to Brendan's explanation. POCKET is Steemit's first token and it was designed to last for the next thousand years. Unlike Steem and Steem Dollars, there will never be any more POCKET tokens created so it really is like digital gold here on our platform. Folks that have accumulated a lot of POCKET tokens are known as "Sea Otters" here on Steemit. You can trade the tokens outside of Steemit on Bitshares for other cryptocurrency and the value is somewhat less than Steem at the moment.

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