Win With Steemit Coffee SBD15 / NFP Prediction / Contest #12

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Steemit Coffee as always bring you every month 3 contests:
  • Steemit prediction
  • Bitcoin prediction
  • NFP prediction
    Steemit Coffee till this moment gave away around 175 SBD.

How To Win With Steemit Coffee !
It is so easy..
You Must Join The Running Contest.
If you like to win SBD15,
Feel free to join the contest #12.


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Our Running Contest#12 is Non Farm Payroll Prediction.
To take part in the contest you have to:

  • Must be my follower.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Make a guess for the NFP figure in the comments below.
  • Resteem this post.

Limit One(1) Entry Per Person.
Predictions must be placed before Nov 02, 12:30 UTC+00:00.
The participant with the closest prediction number will win 15 SBD.
The Winner will receive his winings on Nov 04.

What is NFP:
Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed during the previous month, excluding the farming industry.


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Job creation is the foremost indicator of consumer spending,
which accounts for the majority of economic activity.

It is released usually on the first Friday of each month, at 8:30 EST.
Next Release Nov 3, 12:30 UTC+00:00
For more info visit: NFP

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Every Month The Prizes Will Be Bigger.
You Are Never Left Alone

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Non farm payrolls in the United States increased by 261 thousand in October of 2017, compared with market expectations of a 310 thousand rise. Employment in food services and drinking places increased sharply over the month, mostly offsetting a decline in September that largely reflected the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. In October, employment also increased in professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care. The September figure was revised up to an 18 thousand rise, compared to an initial estimate of a 33 thousand decline.

The Winner will receive his winings on Nov 04.
Thank you

Hi @lordoftruth

Prediction of NFP: 140K

50% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

My prediction is 175k.

Many thanks for your Steemit Coffee.. ☕

My NFP prediction is 312K..
Upvoted, Resteemed and Cheers..

im not quite sure how it works LOL! But I will pick :

I will go with 30

my NFP predicition is 200k

My prediction: 120K


my NFP prediction: 190k

@lordoftruth - Sir I don't think it'll rise up in a single month... So my prediction is 55....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Upped / resteemed all ready following in both accounts / @momskitchen and @karenmckersie !
I guess : 170k

My NFP prediction is 303k.

nice post my friend, well my non farm payroll prediction is 200K, thank you very much for creating good contests. Stay blessed

My prediction is 190k


My prediction is 300 ,It feels nice though to predict something ;)

Thank you for competition @lordoftruth.
My prediction here. NFP- 173

My Prediction of NFP: 180K

100% like and resteem

mino prediction is 138k
(((Resteem Service)))
Thank You @lordoftruth
..........Have a great Day...

NFP Prediction is 225K

~Followed & Upvoted

NFP prediction: +25K
Upvoted and Resteemed.

200K can be reached~

prediction: 50k

Hi @lordoftruth good to see another contest up, my prediction is 163K

I guess 40k

my NFP prediction 192K
Upvote Resteem

My prediction 145k
For your post propagation.

Hello @lordoftruth,

165k is the prediction.


Upvote resteem

my prediction is (-10K) @lordoftruth


124k is my prediction! And good luck to everyone!

My NFP prediction is 130K.. upvoted and resteemed!

I linked of the first picture... I love coffee. :D

My is 31k

Trading all around 😋😋

yes it is real

Upvote Resteem

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My prediction: 100k

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great.... pls follow me @anisullah


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OK, thanks

NFP prediction is 140K

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